Paulette’s Betrayal

Here’s one of the more curious pieces of mail we’ve seen in town.  Check out what landed in a friend’s mailbox in District 5 over the weekend:

According an October 8th 2018 e-mail from the Chaffee campaign to supporters and the Fullerton Observer, Mrs. Chaffee suspended her campaign.

If she suspended her campaign on the 8th then why were people getting mail supporting her campaign on the 13th?

Did she think we wouldn’t notice?

Several people have floated the idea that Paulette Marshall Chaffee didn’t really suspend her campaign but simply made a few overtures to calm the storm surrounding her sign pilfering.

“Never trust a Chaffee,” wrote one source familiar with the family. “After Doug’s shameless betrayal of his supporters concerning Coyote Hills and Measure W, it’s quite clear the Chaffees view promises as maliable and voters as disposable. Paulette’s sign antics are completely consistent with the values Doug put on display for the last six years.”

While it’s true that she has shuttered her website and closed down her campaign Facebook page, she hasn’t paid to have her signs removed and now people are getting her campaign mail, new and fresh off the press.

We know that she cannot be removed from the ballot so was her campaign suspension nothing more than a ploy? Is she now just running a stealth campaign hoping to benefit enough from her husband’s name also being on the ballot?


We won’t know for sure until she is forced to release her campaign financials. Excuse me, Paulette, but can we get receipts with that official-if-you-lie-you-go-to-jail-campaign finance form?

I do like some of the nonsense she’s peddling, although I can’t get past the first point. Her husband has been on council for 6 years and yet “fixing our broken roads” is a huge priority for her. If she couldn’t convince her husband to put our infrastructure ahead of public pensions I’m not sure how she planned (plans) to convince two other council members.

Work tirelessly to save the Hunt?  The same Hunt Library her husband Doug has insisted we should sell?

“Come join our campaign . . .”

How do you join a suspended campaign? Do we all just hang out on the corner waiting for Godot?

This fits in nicely with her withdrawal email complaining of “toxicity”. We agree. Her behavior has been toxic.

Thief? Check. Caught on video. Twice.

Liar? Check. Expensive multi-page mailer sent after she promised to suspend her campaign.

Anyone want to guess what’s next?

29 Replies to “Paulette’s Betrayal”

    1. As a cis-heteronormative self identifying part of the anglo male patriarchy, I see nothing worth voting for zher.

  1. It took Paulette over a week to taker website offline. That only happened because commenters caught her on it and I suspect, so did reporters.

    Voters disposable? Yep: useful for a bit, then out they go. Like toilet paper.

  2. Note that all the people in the picture are minorities. yet liberal Paula snuck into their district, set apart for a resident minority, to illegally take away their seat on City Council!

    1. White people aren’t allowed to run for city council in certain districts? That’s news to me.

      It would be nice if they could at least send a genuine candidate instead of this Paulette fraud.

      1. No, they are allowed to but as the city did not object to settling the lawsuit that divided up the city into districts based on, largely, race, that’s where we are. I don’t agree that a person of one skin color cannot represent a person of another skin color, either, but take it up with Lawyer Kevin Shenkman.

    2. Sure doesn’t look like the demographics of the 5th District. I’m sure the Chaffee Crime Family doesn’t know any of these people. She is so insulting to the actual residence of the 5th District, how would they ever vote for her?

      1. Go to Dougie’s website. He hired five or six ethnic actors and even a couple of little kids of color. The same people are photographed in clumsy, obviously staged set pieces.


  3. “Several people have floated the idea that Paulette Marshall Chaffee didn’t really suspend her campaign but simply made a few overtures to calm the storm surrounding her sign pilfering.”

    No, no overtures were made, either. All she and Dougie did was dive into the bushes so they wouldn’t be annoyed by answering any questions from the public or the media about her thievery. The campaign “suspension” was just eyewash to explain her absence. The carpetbagging campaign went merrily along as before.

      1. Those are probably her paid precinct walkers, who were fired when the police started investigating Paulette for theft. I wonder if they are back on duty? Their names and addresses are on her campaign expense disclosures. Give them a call.

  4. “I will assure a balanced budget…”

    Uh, yeah. Do what your loser husband failed to do for six years? I doubt it.

  5. Doug is obsessed with “fixing Fullerton’s roads.” He has mentioned this a number of times when campaigning for the 4th Dist Supervisory seat. He talks about taking the money promised for infrastructure and parks, and fixing Fullerton’s roads. What an ass. Six year on that Council and Mayor twice, this loser couln’t get it done then. Now Smaulette is using the same rhetoric?? I actually hope Smaulette wins and is just badgered and heckled in public, she deserves it.

    I doubt Fullerton residence will let it die out. After all, this is the group who ran off council stale old men for doing nothing during KT, and basically recalled Sen. Newman over the gas tax. Do you think Smaulette gets away with this and is doesn’t become a joke to the good people in Fullerton? Sad.

    1. Pilferin’ Paulette climbs the Pine Forest stairs evvvvery morning with the pictures crew. Up and back, then to the new Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte!

  6. I got a mailer today for Dougie. Said he was for Low Income housing. What a crock! What people don’t know is he allowed Registered Sex Offender John Murray into Klimpel Manor. (And knew he was a twice convicted sex offender, but still rented to him!). And then sold the building shortly thereafter. I’m sick and tired of Fullerton Council members standing up for John Murray! First there was Floozy, then Felz, now Chaffee. John Murray goes way back with council members. He is currently suing the new owners of Klimpel Manor. This is after he sued Fullerton City Lights. The city has been letting this sex offender ruin people’s lives. But he could never cause me any grief. I got him kicked out of City lights. 🙂

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