Chaffees Buying His and Hers Campaigns

I’m not sure what’s funnier, that Doug Chaffee is hiring canvassers to beat Tim Shaw in the top-two general election race or that he and his wife are spending an equal amount of money to help her buy a seat in District 5 in Fullerton.

It’s going to be hilarious to see how much money Doug blows to be outvoted 4-1 every meeting.

As for Paulette, you’d think with such deep roots in District 2 5 she’d be able to get grassroots support instead of simply paying for AstroTurf. But hey, you know how those his and hers gifts come as a packaged deal.

Chaffee Gigs
His and Hers Campaigns

We should also take note that she “prefers” that you live in 92831. Kind of like it’s only preferred that Paulette lives in and is not carpetbag into District 5.

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  1. Creepy opportunistic carpetbagging family. This is absolutely disgusting. Do they offer health care and paternal leave?

  2. Nearly half the voters in the Fullerton ballot measure for district elections voted against “segregated” elections.In the case of District 5 the the two other candidates that live in this district don’t represent the nationality in their district. This is the essence of the lawsuit brought against the city by “kitty” Jamario which represents disenfranchised Asian and Latino voters. If candidates are representing an ethnic group that do not make up the a significant part of their district , then its hard to refer to one of the candidates ” disgusting, opportunist, carpetbagger” for moving from Fullerton to Fullerton… over a broken election system. Council member Silva also publicly requested to bend the rules of the district lines so that he could be re-elected. It seems the system before was better as it draws on the best talent available for city leaders from a larger pool.The city could now can now be preocuppsied with racial issues when their really was no race based problems to begin with. Thanks to the true opportunist, disgusting, carpetbaggers who moved racial division into this city The person who filed this lawsuit can now use her ethnicity as an excuse for her failed campaign to the city council.

    1. “the two other candidates that live in this district don’t represent the nationality in their district”
      They’re not American?

      1. Yes, they are
        American.I think you missed the point. yes, as irrational as this sounds, it was the basis for the lawsuit, that ethnic groups within the city are not properly represented based on ethnicity, so based on this nonsense candidates are doing whatever it takes to get elected.

  3. It’s incredibly insulting to Fullerton residence, especially to the District 5 folks, that the power-hungry Chaffee duo is trying to pull one over on us. Do they think we are all so stupid to think Paulette Chaffee actually moved out of their immense, long time residence in wealthy District 2?! Please!!!

    The most important thing DA almost-Elect Todd Spitzer has done is say he is going after Carpetbaggers like Paulette, this will actually be a crime! CAMPAIGN RESIDENCY FRAUD. The real people of District 5 will get the intel to take her back out of office.

    We all know Paulette has been / is the puppet master here, and will no doubt be Chief of Staff in the 4th to Doug if he wins–God help us all if he does. These two just love wearing the name tags and being somebody; truly in it for all of the wrong reasons.

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