On The Road, Again

We just received a present from a Friend. Last week one of our keen-eyed observers snapped this picture of moving day at the Sidhu residence on Lucky Way – a day or so after his latest humiliation at the polls.

Who knew you could empty a two-story 3000 square foot house using a little pick-up truck? Click on the image for a closer look.

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  1. So Harry moved to the 4th just to run for office and NOT because he wanted to help improve the quality of life for its residents. Shame on Harry! Go back to you estate up in the hills. Good riddance to another elitist self-serving politician.

  2. Why are so concerned with an Indian Man that just got worked in the election. Why don’t you spend 1/4 of the amount of time spent on Sidhu on Nelson. There is a lot to write about. His pension flip-flop, his ownership in several bars, his BK in a Brea bar but you won’t. he is white and a friend. How about Norby. Sleeping with the bums, spending campaign funds,4 marriages and a host of others but you won’t. he’s white and friend. Harry got beat move on. Seems like a very racisit site. My guess is you’ll have a write up against Chi or a female soon. Why not write about Sebourn or Levinson getting spanked. You won’t because they’re white and friends.

    1. If Sidhu wasn’t such an assclown none of this stuff would have happened to him.

      He’s the author of all the ridicule he gets.

    2. Miranda, the last time I checked there’s no crime for owning a bar or for getting married 4 times, but there is one for signing your name to a voter registration form swearing under penalty of perjury that you live at the Collabria apartments when you don’t live or never intended to live there.

      1. Owning a bar in Fullerton where you were a sitting city council member seems to be conflict of interest. Have you been around downtown Fullerton after 11PM it’s a big piece of shit. Thanks to our fine city leaders. How about his Sky Lounge in Brea that had all kinds of financial issues. This guys on the County of Orange BOS……..great. Not to mention his pension turn around.

        4 Marriages and this guy is an assemblyman………great

          1. Actually, if it weren’t for the bogus “Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights” the crooked cops would be tumbling out of the closet like a battalion of skeletons…

  3. miranda, you and compton love to throw the “racist” card in anyone’s face who doesn’t like your candidate of choice. maybe you should report FFFF to the orange county human relations commission executive director rusty kennedy of good ole fullerton, California.
    Hey, rusty how is Margo now anulese kennedy of sandpoint, idaho doing these days?

    1. I have read enough to see what Miranda is talking about here. I don’t know who Rusty Kennedy is but I may look him up.

  4. EEeeewww.

    I’m telling Dan Chemiliwinski on you guys!

    You’re following a canidate and he’s a “real” reporter, he’s got the sherriff’s card to prove it!

    Dan’s gonna be pissed. He’s might write a post and the three union stewards that read it are going say really mean things, boy you’ve really done it this time!

    Keep up the good work FFFF!

  5. Miranda,

    Has it occurred to you that the whole point is the Sidhu campaign was a lie? Literally the whole thing from start to finish.

    He never lived in the district but kept up the charade claiming the whole time that his critics were wrong. He really wanted to live in the 4th district. Anyone who questioned his sincerity about those statements was called racist by the likes of you. Now that his claims are proven to have been outright lies you scream racism.

    I have a better question. Why do you want so desperately for this site to stop exposing frauds like Mr. Sidhu?

    P.S. Pat McKinley is not white or female. I haven’t seen him get any different treatment on this site than your favorite.

    1. How about the other white males who have baggage like Norby, Nelson ect. Not a word or a token one because they are personal friends but very unethical individuals. This site is a shill for Tony’s friends. People didn’t buy it in Fullerton with Sebourn or Levinson. Whitaker may be an outstanding city council member but I’m very skeptical based on his association with these extremist people.

  6. i think all miranda is saying is that nelson has things that he should be called out on, and this site generally fails at doing that. Is that racist? i dont know, maybe. I certaintly think there is a bit of cronyism going on, considering bushala is former neighbors with the guy, and they “coach” pee-wee football together, how could bushala be truly objective?

  7. Create your own site asswipes and put whatever bullshit you want on it.

    Good luck with that. You have to be able to write!

  8. Frank McKenzie, Jr. :
    Actually, if it weren’t for the bogus “Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights” the crooked cops would be tumbling out of the closet like a battalion of skeletons…

    Or “The Blank Check to let Your Natural Impulses Run Wild and Get Off Scott Free.””

  9. My master is one to talk about ex-wives and domestic turmoil! And, Rudy, how’s that Seabourn deal working for you?

    PS: It’s dark in here

  10. uhh Fullerton Titan, Tony proudly talked about helping shawn coach pee-wee football on a sunday. Ill get u the link if you really want it, i believe i commented that it would be dangerous to allow tony around children, but hey, who’s to worry, he already has a good lawyer buddy to get him outta any trouble.

    1. Nelson has coached for Fullerton Pop Warner since 2006. Tony Bushala has never been a coach on his team. Careful what you believe from the internet or news papers.

      Also, for what it’s worth, Fullerton Pop Warner practices Monday thru Friday with games on Saturday. Sunday is not part of the schedule.

  11. Tony Sez….
    How many of you dumb cops have multiple ex-wives in the closet?

    Don’t know but had your o’lady in the back seat of a old Ford one night.

    She digs guys who hate brick veneer.

  12. Tony remember when you were scared shitless by that Chippy who told you to get your hairy ass off the Yorba Linda overpass.. that was some funny shit.. post that clip again Tony…..Please.

    I am slumlord and I hate brick veneer.

    1. That was so funny shit. I remmber how Tony tried to make it like the Chippy was shaking and afraid. So flipping funny that the only one packing it up and shaking was Tony and his boys. By the way what were you doing up there. Oh I remember Bill Hunt for Sheriff crap.

  13. miranda, get it right(s). you attack the character of nelson not his actions as county board of supervisor, you defend sidhu because of his ethnicity while ignoring the blatant fact he lies about his legal residence only to gain political power. explain your logical thought process so I may better understand your point of view; a man who so far has shown to be honest as a county board of supervisor is worse than a man who lies about where he lives to illegally gain political office

  14. honest? nelson lied to all of you when he took that pension. he also lied about his eminent domain positions. His chief of staff is a sign thief just like the evil Roland Chi, and yes Nelson has plenty of character issues of his own.

      1. Speaking of Losers how is Sebourn handling the lack of support from this nutty group of extremists? He’s keeping a low profile. Maybe in 2 years he will have seperated himself enough from you and this site to garner a better than 4th place finish

        1. 4th place for a first time candidate is outstanding. Next time he may just win. And then watch the FPOA scrotal clench!

    1. I’m not sure how to be polite about this but did you actually read the article? This appears to be some sort of county sponsored sports day for kids. Pop Warner Football was not a participant.

      This has nothing to do with Pee Wee football and Tony Bushala still has never been a coach on one of Shawn Nelson’s teams, let alone this year. Just setting the record straight. Any questions about this can be addressed and or confirmed with the league president Jimbo Wright. The league also has a website if you need contact info.

    1. Again Tony way too many names for you. Why don’t you stick with one of your pretend friends name and work with that. Although I’d like to know why you spend upwards of 20K on this election. wonder what’s in it for you?

  15. Rent-a-bench is a great name for a cop union stooge. But by 2012 your gig is going to come to an end. HeeHaw and Bankhead can’t hang on forever, even if senile.

  16. Pee Wee is a division of Pop Warner.

    The article you cite references a sports day at the park. It appears you dont know the difference.

    Showing up at the park one day to help a county sports day does not make one a coach of anything and certainly does not involve Pee Wee Football.

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