Dan C and Art of Careful Reporting

Dan C.

Quite recently Dan Chiemlewski of the deadly boring LiberalOC blog put up a post about censorship and civility or something. I noted this pearl from the self-righteous and sanctimonious Dan C., who styles himself a real reporter:

Comments on FFFF are a free for all and so is sock puppetry (thanks guys for that visit to my home by the Anaheim Police Department on the day of my son’s graduation for a comment by a “Dan Chimichanga-Cub Reporter” who threatened to cut Harry Sidhu’s brake lines.  I’m sure you found it hysterical),

Well, here’s what the commenter actually said.

#9 by Dan Chimichanga, Cub Reporter on June 16, 2010

Sidhu better check his brake lines every time he gets into a car between now and November. That’s all I’m saying.

Now the context of the post (and others like it at about the same time) were all about how Dan Cs carpetbagging darling Lorri Galloway had vaulted back into third place in the 2010 4th District Supe’s race. Mr. Cub Reporter got the message and commented: if Hairbag Sidhu were to pull out of the race, then Anaheim Hills’ Precious Princess might assume the second position in the fall run off against Shawn Nelson. Hence the warning about brake linings was a snide shot at Galloway’s vaulting ambition perhaps playing out by disabling one of Hairball’s BMWs. That’s perfectly obvious to anyone who put the comment in context. It was joke.

Okay it wasn’t very funny, but it sure wasn’t a threat. And anybody who tried to make it into one was either disingenuous or a damn fool. And anybody who keeps persisting in this nonsense is deliberately lying. Not the sort of behavior you’d expect from a proud member of the OC journalism corps. Come to think of it I wonder what part Dan C. might have played in reporting that alleged “threat” to the Anaheim PD in the first place.

Sock puppet, out.


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  1. That’s a good one. Call the cops over a phony crime you cooked up, then bitch when they show up. Then drag your kid into it.


    1. Wow, you’re right. I originally thought that this swipe was so gosh darn important that the cops consulted with him whenever a crime was committed on his beat.

    2. 1. Intentionally create a threat. Check.

      2. Get the brain-dead cops to investigate. Check.

      3. Get annoyed when brain-dead cops show up the day you’re kid gets a diploma from the Bryman School. Check.

      4. Regurgitate the whole load of horseshit eight months later to try to make FFFF look bad. Check.

      5. Demonstrate to anyone who cares that you are a worthless piece of crap. Check.

      6. The Dan C. story.

      1. And the award for the most self righteous pretend journalist and all around pathetic tool goes to…………… Dan C.!

  2. C’mon now guys. Give the kid a break. He’s got no job and no future. He peddles the nonsense of crooked Dems out oh his upstair john. I think he calls it Suite C.

  3. Oh, and by the way, we’re supposed to swap ideas and intelligent discourse with this chimp, real civil, like.

  4. What’s the beef here? The guy’s not a reporter, he’s a partisan blogger. Who cares if he just makes stuff up?

  5. english major, so apt to quote macbeth one of shakespeare’s sneakiest, conniving characters who would say and do anything to advance himself to king, even (character) assassinate those who meant him no harm(the king) and instead entrusted their safety to him

  6. I feel so sorry for him. I know I shouldn’t because he’s the engineer to his own personal train-wreck. But seriously, anyone with half a brain on the dem side just pity’s him so badly.

  7. Dan C. is a big Tom Daly supporter who will continue to be silent even when Tom Daly continues to waste taxpayers money.

    Dan C. come on now 2.1 million dollars purchased for a building that is not even ADA compliance. The homeless would not even lived there.

    Charges should be filed against Tom Daly for misused of public funds.

  8. Minor correction…his kid goes to Brywood Elementary. Unfortunately, I have to share a town with that windbag bootlicker for Boss Agran.

  9. Dan also said in this post:

    “Matt Cunningham and I have debated right and left issues before a couple of community groups; we have similar business operations and we’re like minded when it comes to our families. ”

    Yeah, they both operate sham PR firms out of thier homes. Can’t afford rent??
    They both are tools for their handlers, but not so much so that they would sell out on values:

    JUBAL on Kids getting buttfucked by men, and then publishing thier names INTENTIALLY. Or perhaps working for GOP public enemy #1 Rob Riener, for a quick buk.

    Dan seems to fancy his Baseball, he is partnering with KFI’s resident racist, blowhard (it’s an act folks) Jon Koyboylt and his OC FLYERS. But, thats just business, it does’nt matter.

    What a couple of swindlers. Seriously, do they pay taxes on the office space, who else are the ripping off?

    1. Really?

      Which community groups. The Brutal Throwndown at Fullerton Library?

      Come on. At least your co-blogger pays union dues. you just take.

  10. The cops showed up at my house in regards to the “brake line” comment. I am sure Chmielewski was the one that sent them.

    1. That guy’s got a lot of nerve bitching about FFFF being responsible for all that to do when he was the jerk who instigated something out of nothing.

      What a steaming pile.

  11. Sean,

    Dan continues his flawed logig that you and I are one in the same. I’d like to remind him, that it’s Matt “JUBAL” Cunningham who plays like that, not me.

    Before the Winter Classic 2010 I had never heard of the “Drop Kick Murphys”, they are too loud and I am too old for that.

    This guy is way off base. and the more he types the more I believe he and Matt Cunningham are one in the same!

  12. DKMFAN,

    I just saw this little nugget from Danny C:

    “We think DKMFAN is Sean Mill for several reasons: 1) He hates Matt Cunningham. 2) He is a Drop Kick Murphys Fan 3) Loves the Green Bay Packers (a team DKMFAN has mentioned in comments he loves) and 4) Sean Mill posted in comments to an OJ Post that someone was using sock puppetry to pose as DKMFAN; since Sean doesn’t have access to the Blog any longer, how would he know?”

    That is so funny.

    I don’t hate Matt Cunningham or anyone else for that matter. I think he is a scumbag, but I don’t hate him.

    The only thing that I know about the Dropkick Murphy’s is that Jonathon Papelbon of the Red Sox enters the game to their music.

    I am San Diego Chargers fan and have no love for the Green Bay Packers.

    Lastly everyone can tell your writing style and they don’t need access to the OJ to spot a phony.

    Dan and the other fellas seem to be obsessed with Art Pedroza and myself. They see us behind every negative comment about them. It is bordering on lunacy.

    Move on Dan. The obsession and hatred will kill you.

  13. What’s Chimichanga’s obsession/fetish with sock puppets? Shari Lewis made millions of dollars entertaining people with Lamb Chop for years. Next thing you know, he’ll be putting down Senor Wences.

    I hope he’s not one of those Irvine community swim team parents.

    1. I chuckle at his faux outrage over “sock puppetry” myself.

      If it weren’t for sock puppets and “junior” aka Mike Tardif that blog would not have any comments at all.

      Chris, Dan and Claudio like to pontificate about their “terms of service” in regards to comments and yet they only seem to enforce them on their critics. If you attack Pedroza, Mill, Bushala or the FFFF those terms don’t apply to you.

      That’s what makes Danny’s latest screed s laughable.

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