Illinois Court Sides with FFFF on Carpetbaggery

We just received the following note from a visitor named “Otis T. Jacksone”:

In a belated blow to Linda Ackerman and Assclown Sidhu supporters, the Illinois court ruled that residency requirements are enforceable and Rahm Emanuel is therefore ineligible to run for mayor of Chicago. After years of rulings that created all sorts of loopholes in the 130 year old Illinois law, the supremes employed a little common sense and removed Emanuel from the ballot due to the fact he had lived in D.C. for the prior year. Illinois law requires a candidate to live in the district for one year before the election.

California should take note. The California constitution has long required a candidate to be a resident of his district one year prior to filing. The Sidhus and Ackermans of the world have ignored the law feeling it was unconstitutional. Maybe Illinois is on to something. No Carpetbaggers!

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  1. Odd that one of the most corrupt cities in the U.S. will not have an opportunity to screw the voters once more.

  2. Both Sidhu and Ackerwoman were utterly rejected by voters. Justice has already been served. Please stop tormenting these lost souls.

  3. About damn time a group of jurists decides to tell a prospective candidate your ass need to be parked in a district before running for office not hunting for an office!

    Watch for the looming 2012 Elections as the Redistricting panel finish their work on the new districts this fall, then we need to watch those running for office.

  4. thanks to FFFF, the public is given excellent examples of “carpetbaggers”, “hairballs”, “yellow journalism”, government cronyism, backroom deals. One of these days , FFFF will find itself part of a political science college course

  5. The Appellate Court ruled Rahm couldn’t run. We have to wait and see what the Supreme Court of Illinois does.

    Sorry Tony this post might be a little too early and a lot of wishful thinking.

  6. (AP) CHICAGO – The Illinois Supreme Court put Rahm Emanuel back on the ballot for Chicago mayor on Thursday, unanimously reversing a lower court’s ruling.

  7. Admin, looks like Otis T. Jacksone got it all ass backwards.

    Your site is generally good about getting the facts straight.

    1. My bad. Typo. It was Otis T. Jackson. And now I’m starting to think Otis was tokin’ some of the medical doobage!

  8. Sidhu did live at his address, tony bushala even ran into his wife there, and before that Sidhu lived a couple miles outside of the 4th were he went to work every day serving over 40 percent of the 4th districts voters. You guys blew it way out of proportion. Could race have been a factor?

    1. Hey compton did you obviously don’t know what carpetbag means. It means to move into a district in order to run for office. Now we may charitably acknowledge that Sidhu lived on Lucky Way (I don’t believe it, myself); that makes Assclown a carpetbgagger.

      As to prior residency, you conveniently forget the Calabria; there is absolutely no doubt he lied (twice) about living at the Beautiful Calabria apartments behind the pool hall on Lincoln Avenue.

      And that makes Hairsack a sack o’ crap. And when they find out, voters reject office-hungry scroungers like The Hairball. You can forget all that 40% bullshit – no one ever bought into that pile of road apples.

      Joe is right. Ignorance and incompetence do not constitute a race.

    2. Assuming for the moment that Linda Ackerman also “lived” in the back bedroom at Dr. Dolan’s house both she and Sidhu were both scoffing at the California Constitution which requires a candidate to live in the district one year prior to filing.

      Compton, facts matter little to you but try this one. In December of ’09 Sidhu invited people from all over Orange County to his holiday party at his lovely home, the Yorba Buena Estate. Two months later he filed to run in a different district. Linda Ackerman also had trouble with holiday time exposing her residence in the form of a video produced by Jon Fleischman.

      Race has nothing to do with it. Both Ackerman, an anglo catholic and Sidhu, an Indian Sikh were similarly situated as carpetbaggers. Both were equally called out for the dishonesty they were perpetrating and both got their butts kicked by the people of the districts they were running in.

      Remember this compton, your friends are the hardest people to lie to. They know the truth. In the case of Ackerman and Sidhu, both knew that they had to start their races by lying to their firends. Not the best format for success.

  9. For being Sikh That Assclown has short hair no beard and doesn’t seems to get any of the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and why isn’t his turban covering his kesh. There are a lot more problems with him being Sikh, I’m too offended right now to go into it.

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