Harry at the Library

Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu surfaced last year in this image used in his scampaign for 4th District Supervisor (a district in which he didn’t and doesn’t live). He seems to be in a kiddie library listening to an unseen story teller. Unfortunately our guess is that the rest of the class learned a lot […]

Jobs Jobs Jobs!

That was Hide and Seek Sidhu’s campaign mantra. And it seems as if his pals at the OCEA are serious about creating jobs, too. Here is an entry from craigslist a helpful Friend forwarded: Communications Coordinator Date: 2010-06-23,  9:07AM The Orange County Employees Association was established in 1937 and represents many employees of the County […]

Bill Campbell Weeps For Human Relations

Self-styled conservative 3rd District Supervisor Bill Campbell, who supported Harry Sidhu and who sits atop the Children and Families Commission – where he directs public largess to his pals and cronies, supports the OC Human Relations Commission. Does he ever. Here’s a clip of Big Bill actually choking up over the possibility that the Board […]

Lorri Galloway in 4th in the 4th

A way back, when her carpetbagging candidacy actually seemed plausible in some circles, Anaheim Hills’ Precious Princess unleashed a video campaign that portended  all sorts of unintended hilarity. It was called “Lorri in 4th Gear” and was supposed to feature the Precious One in meaningful dialog with her would-be constituents. The first video was so […]

Is The Show Over Yet?

The other day we shared this image of Harry Sidhu supporter and Orange County Business Council boss Lucy Dunn leading a gaggle of ‘pug “insiders” in a sing along. In the final act of the eponymous opera, Tosca throws herself off the prison wall. Is Lucy getting ready for the final aria and the big […]

Just Like We Thought

Now that the rodents are leaping off the sinking SS Sidhu, word is starting to leak out from former crew members that the non-paid “volunteer” John Lewis, was neck deep in the Sidhu scampaign for county supervisor in a district in which he doesn’t live. In fact, that way we hear it, The Lewis Group, […]

And Now For Some Real Comic Relief

The Voice of OCEA, Norberto Santa penned this gem yesterday about a gathering of useless RINOs, government parasites and supposed “insiders.” The thrust of the story is that these creeps predicted a Sidhu victory. Why? Just check out this image borrowed from The Voice of OCEA site: Yep, there’s the useless pension spiker Bill Campbell […]