Hairbrain Sidhu Still In the News!

Turn to the side and cough...

Repuglican Jon Fleischman’s “Flash Report” blog unleashed a poll recently about potential 3rd District Supervisorial candidates.

It addresses a possible Third District candidacy of Chuck Devore, the over-aged boyscout from Irvine and his chances against Todd Spitzer.

But that is of little interest to us. What’s really interesting is that the poll includes Hairbag Sidhu, who as we all know lives in the 4th District. At least he left a long, shiny trail of voter registrations in the 4th District last year.


16 Replies to “Hairbrain Sidhu Still In the News!”

  1. For now, wouldn’t it be appropriate for every republican poll to included the name Sidhu? Clearly the guy has proven he is willing to run for any race no matter the requirements.

    Assuming the poll was done by a professional pollster it no doubt also showed he would get soundly defeated just like the polls in the race for State Senate, Assembly (several seats) and Supervisor.

    The polls have never been able to ward him off before so who knows.

  2. I thought he lived in a little car with a bunch of other clowns. They just drive it around to whatever district is having an election.

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    1. regrettably, with the coming cuts to state spending, obvious mental health issues are going to be cropping up all over. I guess the blog was in no position to be spared dealing with the fallout. Welcome to FFFF Mad Nerd. I hope your services and medication are restored soon.

  4. Please provide some definition or at least a bit of detail about how you developed your dismissive “over-aged boyscout” opinion of Chuck DeVore.

    1. It’s that aura of squareness that the guy exudes. All too often it accompanies an attitude of self-righteousness and philosophical absolutes.

      On the plus side Devore has always been willing to engage his constituents when his colleagues hid behind spokesholes,

  5. Chuck DeVore isn’t the worst thing that could happen to the 3rd District — he didn’t spike pensions or vote for a PLA. And thankfully, he’s no Bill Campbell either.

  6. Watch the ‘pugs go at it! The T-Rack/Schroeder crowd will back anybody but Spitzer. And Spitzer will get the phony “conservatives” like Hutchens and Cavacche and the Lucy Dunn types.

    Should be lots of good, clean fun.

  7. Unfortunately, a million bucks doesn’t always by a lot of smarts (just ask Charlie Sheen).

    Spitzer should shut up and not take the bait. The so called poll was of 300 people. too small of a pool. It is a trial balloon or a tactic by TRACK/Schroeder to draw him out and get him moving.

    He’s better off remaining quiet, raising his profile in other areas, letting the machine eat thier own.

  8. Well so much for my advice, looks like Todd can’t avoid the limelight.

    Have’nt these guys ever heard of slow and steady wins the race?

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