8 Replies to “Carpetbaggin’ Rhamadu. Separated at Birth?”

  1. Make sure you put the name “Rahm Emanuel” as a name tag, so that Chicagoans can understand that Orange County went through as they research him and Harry Sidhu!

  2. What is it about these characters that drives ego over common sense.

    Of course Brother Emanuel’s got a real shot at winning. Brother Sidhu couldn’t take a leak outside of Anaheim, and even there might not be able to get re-elected at this point.

  3. Why do you keep calling Rahm Emanuel a “carpetbagger”? The guy lived in Chicago for 20+ years before briefly taking a little job in Washington. Since the job in DC was just a temporary gig and his intention was always to return to Chicago, he maintained his Chicago residency.

    When I think “carpetbagger”, I think of someone who moved into an area just to take advantage of the political scene, which is obviously not the case for Mr. Emanuel.

    1. Yeah, well he may have had an address in Chicago, but he didn’t live there. Sure, he used to live there. Just like Linda Ackerwoman used to live in Fullerton. Was ain’t is. Saying it is only encourages political egomaniacs.

      1. Those are 2 valid but irrelevant points. I’ll concede that 1. That Rahmbo didn’t “live” in Chicago, and 2. That he’s an egomanic. Neither one of these things makes him a carpetbagger.

        A voter’s place of domicile is defined as wherever “a man has his true, fixed and permanent home and principle establishment, and to which whenever his is absent he has the intention of returning”.

        This is what distinguishes Rahmbo from Ackerwoman: he took a temporary job out-of-state with the intention of returning to Chicago. She flat out moved to Irvine and came back some time later to take advantage of a political opportunity. She’s a carpetbagger; he is not.

        I’ll also give you your second point (that Rahmbo is an egomanic). He may be a power-hungry blowhard with an agenda, but it does not make him a carpetbagger.

        I’m afraid that we’re cheapening the definition of “carpetbagger” by throwing it around so easily. It is a powerful word and it should be reserved for people like Sidhu and Ackerwoman.

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