Sidhu Supporter Gary Miller, Ethics Under Fire

Word has it that Diamond Bar’s Gary Miller wants to run for Congress in our newly minted 40th Congressional District. Remember Gary? He’s the same guy who endorsed Harry Sidhu the Carpetbagging Crash Test Dummy last year. Here’s Gary:

It’s funny how true the old saying, “birds of a feather flock together” really is. I just received this video clip from a Friend who remembered that Harry Sidhu was recently crowing how he had received the endorsement of Congressman Gary Miller. Watch this video and decide for yourself if you believe Gary Miller is as corrupt as CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) believes he is.

Sound familiar? It should. Harry Sidhu also used to list Municipal Water District Director Brett Barbre and County Treasurer Chriss Street as his proud endorsers. We busted Barbre getting a $48,000 do-nothing payoff from Tom Daly, and then kicking back $1000 to Daly’s campaign; and Street recently got busted by a judge for misusing a bankruptcy trust fund. See a trend?

Both Barbre’s and Street’s names have mysteriously disappeared from Sidhu’s list of “honorable” supporters. How long will it take for Gary Miller’s named to be scratched? And will we soon discover that Sidhu has no ethical followers, at all?

18 thoughts on “Sidhu Supporter Gary Miller, Ethics Under Fire

  1. Joe Sipowicz

    And don’t forget that tool Bob Huff who’s been sniffing too much Redevelopment glue. Huff was a big Ackerwoman supporter against Norby so I’m starting to see a trend here courtesy of the Repuglican Government Con Artists from Diamond Bar.

    1. Anonymous

      Definitely! Must keep close tabs on Bob Huff who is a huge supporter of Redevelopment. Ugh!

      Huff also voted to put Proposition 1A and other taxes on the ballot in 2009.

    2. Johnny "LT" Payback

      “And will we soon discover that Sidhu has no ethical followers, at all?” Spot on admin; Janet Nguyen, Gary Miller, Bob Huff, all hung in there till the very end. Sad and pathetic, but they did.

  2. Tony Serra

    Dirty Garry is in a class by himself. This guy’s actions make Matt “Jubal” Cunninghams and his canidate Sheriff Corona look like small potatos.

    Dirty Garry needs to GO.

  3. Christian

    Funny how the reporter really hits a nerve with Miller. He goes 0-60 with his condescending attitude in just a few short seconds. Dare I say, he looks like he is about to snap? I bet after that he made sure to have his handlers around to play interference.

    Gary and Harry: Two assclowns we cannot afford to have in office.

  4. David Su


    Please check out my website. I am running for US Congress in the Ca-42nd CD. I will be one of the youngest minorities to run under the GOP Banner.

  5. No No Mr. Su

    Mr. Su,

    This is not the place for you. The lukers on this site are anti-Asian Racists. You do not want the support from this group. Before you seek their support you need to read some of the postings here. One Furry monkey responsible for this site has even tried to fight with very old Asian men for sport. No No Mr. Su not good for you.

    1. The Fullerton Savage

      I don’t think that’s true. Nobody here cares if someone is Asian or not. It’s a matter of character, conviction and platform. I think people around here would welcome a responsible Asian candidate. I know I would.

  6. 4SD Observer

    Miller is one of the wealthiest members of congress. According to Open Secrets he is listed as the 7th wealthiest member of the House of Representatives.

    I’m impressed that only $30K worth of contributions is enough.

    If this allegation has legs, the legal fees will probably cost him more.

  7. Anonymous

    We must remind ourselves that all of these offices belong to the people not the politicians!

    It is imperative that Gary Miller should be reminded that he lives in Diamond Bar who should run in the district he lives in.

    These repulsive electeds want me to gag!

  8. Anonymous

    Hoowee!! The Tonya Harding of the oc blogosphere already trying to kneecap anyone who might get in-between Chris Norby and a never-ending job in government!


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