Congrats to The Fullerton Reformers

Although it’s a bit late, I want to add my voice to the chorus congratulating Chris Thompson and Bruce Whitaker for their impressive elections to the Fullerton School District Board and the Fullerton City Council, respectively.

Chris Thompson out-polled every other candidate in Fullerton by a mile, despite his opponents’ support from the teachers union.

The Fullerton School District Board of Trustees has been a sinkhole for years, poulated by liberals and Ed Royce RINOs. And of course the Fullerton City Council…well the less said about that the better, but Whitaker will be running that show in no time.

I expect good things and real, effective change from both of them. I know I won’t be disappointed.

6 Replies to “Congrats to The Fullerton Reformers”

    1. Good point.

      2011 is going to be fun. In 2012 we will get the word out. The elderly RINOs and Boohoos will be ushered into the convalescent home.

  1. And congratulations to Greg Sebourn, too who busted his ass and came in a respectable 4th place while actually talking about issues.

    Watch for him in 2012!

  2. Change in Fullerton comes at a glacial pace, if at all.

    I can’t remember the last time two candidates who were really informed, knew issues, and were not just staff lackeys got elected in the same cycle.

    We may be on the edge of a revolution.

  3. First things first, we need to come together as a community and get hid of that swine of a crook
    Gio “lie, cheat, & steal” crookos. He and Greg His flunky Greg Swindle “lie” man have ruined enough of our community’s children’s lives. What’s those punks home phone numbers and home address’s? We need to man a post in front of their homes and not allow them to come out until they are arrested, removed from their positions within our community’s education programs and sent packing!

    1. Shall I not ask ’67 Fullerton Warrior to explain who the heck “Gio “lie, cheat, & steal” crookos” and Greg Swindle is.

      Oop’s, it’s too late I already asked.

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