Doc Hee Haw For Mayor?

It’s that time of year again when Fullerton council selects one of its own to preside over the crackpot, klutzy and expensive meetings it holds.

We count on the hare-brain, corn pone braying of¬† F. Richard “Dick” Jones to supply us with the material we need to keep our ratings up. And so to the question of whether the hot-headed Jones should take up the gavel and lead us into the teens we say: Hell yes!

The entire genus Equus, approves...

And let’s not forget that like us, Jones, too, received Weekly OC recognition, but not in a good way.

As a teaser we provide this council-clip of a constituent of marginal competence; it culminates in the inevitable ravings (Ahma Colonel) and crazy gesticulations of Dr. Dick, in response. Rather than let the poor bastard have his say and go away, Heehaw leaps into the breach to defend the honor of…well, of something. He ain’t gonna take no shit from some whacked-out dog face, nuh-uh, noooosirree!

And so we say: Go Doc, go!

10 Replies to “Doc Hee Haw For Mayor?”

  1. title this episode “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” my property taxes and everyone who owns real property, a business or does business in fullerton must give money to this irrational city council , It was obvious the speaker/vet had mental/emotional challenges and should have been treated with compassion. what is wrong with this city council? it is populated by Goofy(Keller), Hee-Haw(Jones) and taking our money to the bankhead. the second triumvirite of keller, jones , bankhead will ruin our city

  2. Mayor Hee Haw? God no!!! I mean yes, please!, no don’t let it happen!, oh please make him mayor!! Oh holy crap keep him away from he mic! Turn it up, I can’t hear!

  3. It’s the Docs turn, remember the city council voted in a rotation policy. It’s Jones’ turn, he HAS to be our new Mayor, it’s the law!

  4. “The Bus Station’s fine, the Boys Club’s fine…” this guy’s smarter than the entire council who think that both the bus station and Boys Club needs to be bulldozed.

  5. “I see more waste of money..”

    “Little hoodlums running around with their pants down around their ankles…”

    “Nobody gives a shit about veterans!”

    It’s hard to argue with him.

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