Chaffee Surrenders to Chiefee

Glub, glub, glub...

Word from the OC ROV is that recent council election show horse Doug Chaffee has given up the ghost in his recount against place horse Pat McPension.

It was a forlorn hope to begin with but Chaffee wanted to give it that one last shot. He’ll be trying out for the Dodgers in the spring.

Of course OCs RINO elite is pleased as punch and God bless ’em. It’s been a tough 14 months.

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  1. It is sad and unfortunate that Fullerton voters chose Pat McKinley and Doug Chaffee at nearly the same rate. However, this was to be expected considering that both are fiscal liberals who are quite content to raise taxes.

    The 2012 election cycle will be starting up in just a few months and conservatives will have an opportunity to replace two liberal council members, F. Richard “Dick” Jones and Sharon Quirk-Silva.

    Jones, a registered Republican, and Quirk-Silva, a registered Democrat, are both fiscal liberals. However, Quirk-Silva has voted NO on more expenditures than Jones, making her more conservative than the self-avowed conservative Jones.

    Take time to know the candidates and then support them by volunteering your time and money.

    FFFF has it right more often than not.

    1. It would be interesting to know the reason why Mrs. Quirk-Silva, a Democrat, decided to NOT endorse the only (I think) registered Democrat running in this last election.

      If Mrs. Q-S had disputes-disagreements on specific issues that would be good to understand about her positions on those issues.

      I view Mrs. Q-S as more of a “conservative” than most of the RINOs who make me barf when they speak of being “conservative OC Republicans.”

      I ought to learn more about Chaffee too.

      The RINO Party is just phony garbage in CA.

      Perhaps there is more hope among the Democrats (But, Yikes! Abortionists, Homosexual Marriage, anti-Man, anti-Family, anti-children, Socialists, Feminist-phonies, corrupt unionists, stupid-phony “envirnomentalists” ??? what on earth possesses ANYONE to affiliate with such horrid “issues” ??? ).

      This is why we have such phony rubbish as “Republican” candidates and officeholders.

      1. I inadvertently sent that comment (above) without filling in my blog “name.” Sorry for any confusion with the other person who has commented here as “Anonymous.”

    2. “Take time to know the candidates and then support them by volunteering your time and money”.

      And where was your boy Doug Chaffee Mr. f*ing Admin for the last year and a half?

      Where was Doug when Kelly Thomas was murdered by McKinleys boys in blue?

      Where was he when the water rates were proposed to be increased?

      Where was he when the city of Fullerton was in turmoil?

      I’ll tell you where Doug Chafee was: Nowhere to be seen!

      It’s now very clear. Chaffee, is all about Chaffee. He really doesn’t care about justice, he really doesn’t care how much Fullerton’s poor residents pay for water, he really doesn’t care how much money the city manager get’s paid, and what he gets paid to do or not do.

      He really just wants to sit up there and play Mr. City Councilman. Sound familiar?

      “Take time to know the candidates and then support them by volunteering your time and money”.

  2. Tough break for Chaffee, but it was over for him as soon as Sharon Q-S endorsed his opponent McKinley. The retired cops are probably still laughing.

  3. Over at the red county blog somebody calling himself john lewis is criticizing Chaffee as a rich dude who refuses to quit.

    Could that really be john lewis, the same douchebag that supported Sidu the rich guy that refuses to quit??!!

  4. Rain, she did endorse Chaffee. She also endorsed McKinley. At least some voters, presumably including SQ-S herself, cast ballots for the two of them, adding to the tally of Repiblican/RINO votes for McKinley. With Bankhead a no brainer for re-election (in every sense) anyone could have predicted that the Chief would edge Chaffee out. She either didn’t think strategically or wanted McKinley to win out in the end.

    1. Thanks very much for reporting that fact (i.e. her endorsement of Chaffee) and for explaining that voting strategy goof-up (which I’d have made as well, if I’d been inclined to vote for either Chaffee or McKinley).

  5. TFS, I’m not sure how you can cast McKinley as a “fiscal liberal,” when he’s made no statements and has no voting record for you to make an informed opinion.

    If Chaffee has officially thrown in the towel, you will have four years of the Chief’s record to compare when his is up for re-election in 2014.

    1. It’s easy, McPension wouldn’t have been tipped to run by, endorsed by, suported by, and now aligned himself with the usual cast of crooked characters were he not one of them.

    2. Nipsey is right. McKinley’s true colors were shown when he accepted the union endorsement, which he received over the endorsement of the non-closeted liberal.

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