2010 Fullerton Voter Guide

The generally non-partisan bloggers here at Friends for Fullerton’s Future have come up with a handy election guide for Fullerton voters. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or independent voter, everyone hates to see public resources mismanaged and squandered by political opportunists, bureaucratic excuse-makers and drowsy incumbents. These recommendations are based on a preference for candidates […]

The Lineup, Part II

Here’s a picture we found depicting Roland Chi and some other guy who looks a Hell of a lot like the the little creep who was caught stealing campaign signs, here. Drat the luck! We can’t read Korean. Can any body help out here? Who is Mystery Man who was caught on film stealing signs, […]

Roastbeef on Loretta Sanchez

This just came in from David Jerome, who is a Fullerton resident and the author of the Rick Dees-acclaimed novel, “Roastbeef’s Promise.” I love that there’s finally a close race in the 47th Congressional district. Even more than that though, I envy the citizens of South Fullerton who have the opportunity to vote Liberal Loretta […]

Back to The Bat Cave!

When I was just a young Peabody there was a show on TV called “Batman.” It was campy and stupid and highly entertaining. One thing I never quite understood, though, was how come nobody ever followed the Batmobile back to the Bat Cave – you know, just to find out who Batman really was. Fortunately, […]

The Lineup, Part I

We’re not too sure how diligent the FPD is going to be in its investigation into the political sign theft ring that is operating out of Roland Chi’s van. So, ever helpful, we thought we might be able to facilitate things up a bit with a little help from our Friends. So let’s roll back […]

Sunday Afternoon Pilfery

So what do you do on Sunday afternoon after church and you don’t give a damn about pro football? I know! Let’s go steal some campaign signs! Let’s hope this was not the message of Sunday’s sermon! An alert Friend snapped this image of a respectable-looking, necktied gentleman who was taking down “Bad Chi” signs […]

Roland Chi: Thief

When you’ve already been busted for poisoning folks, ignoring what you did, and then, finally having to give the DA a sample of your DNA to plea away your problems, what do you do for an encore? Roland Chi seems to have decided to resort to petty theft. A helpful Friend just sent in the […]

CalPERS Delays Scary Pension Reports Until After the Election

A senior CalPERS attorney just told me that the annual pension liability reports for local agencies, which are normally distributed every October, have now been delayed until after the November elections. The delays are allegedly due to furloughs, but conveniently prevent local pension watchdogs from using the data to promote fiscally conservative candidates and pension reform […]

Another Chi No-No: Using a Non-profit to Promote a Political Candidacy

Tomorrow the Roland Chi campaign is inviting supporters to an event hosted by his non-profit. Unfortunately for Chi, using a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to promote a political candidacy is illegal according to federal tax law. Here is is in the IRS’s own words: “All 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or […]

Marty’s Commercial

Here’s the ad that Marty Burbank has been running on local cable channels: Getting government out of the way so businesses can flourish seems to be a popular message this year.  Local business owners love to share their city hall horror stories, providing ample fodder for candidates willing to speak out against the bureaucratic nightmare that Don Bankhead […]