Chaffee Lead Shrinks to 30. Things Are Looking Grim In Leftyville.

At close of day 11/07/2010 Pat McKinley’s lead over Chaffee was reduced to 34 from yesterday’s high in the 50s.

At close of day 11/5/2010 Pat McKinley had vaulted his agile self back into the lead – by 36 votes.

As of last night Doug Chaffee’s lead over ex-Po-lice Chief Pat McKinley in the Fullerton City Council race.

With absentee voters generally leaning to the Republican flavor it looks like the desperate hours are about to set in for Chaffee backers, especially considering the anti-Chaffee hits unloaded by the local GOP.

Maybe the repuglican cartel that backed the over-pensioned relic McKinley can put the champagne back on ice, after all!

Did Fullerton’s Yellowing Observers Cost Doug Chaffee the Election?

The fourth drink made me do it!

Well, technically it’s not over yet. But the trend since election day is going the wrong way for Doug Chaffee. In second place on election day and looking good for the second council opening, Chaffee has seen his slim lead shrink and then disappear in the ensuing days.

Which leads me to reflect upon Fullerton’s liberal clique, and the choices it makes. You will recall that in 2008 the Fullerton Observer endorsed the egregious Doc Heehaw, who came in ahead of dyed-in-the-wool liberal, Karen Haluza. Sure, you you remember. We wrote about it, here.

And this year? We posted a piece about how ex-Police Chief and astronomical pension-puller-downer Pat McKinley was getting support from some of Fullerton’s most prominent lefties, most notably Jan Flory and Molly McClanahan.

I'm a trustee. You can always trust me.

I visited the Fullerton Observer website and noticed that according to to its editor, second place support by the herd of Yellowing Observers was split between McKinley and Jesse la Tour! Could support for the hand-picked boy of Ed Royce and Dick Ackerman, a career cop, really have been that high among the hardest core Observers? Is Ralph Kennedy rolling over in his urn?

Of course Sharon Kennedy will blame out-of-town money used to hit Chaffee. But how many of Fullerton left-leaning tribe are starting to regret their second vote?

2010 Fullerton Election Results

Updated Thursday, 5:00 pm.

There are an unknown number of absentee ballots yet to be counted.

CITY OF FULLERTON Member, City Council, Full Term

Vote Count Percentage
* DON BANKHEAD 9,391 21.1%
DOUG CHAFFEE 8,068 18.1%
PAT MCKINLEY 8,038 18.1%
GREG SEBOURN 4,907 11.0%
BARRY LEVINSON 4,722 10.6%
MARTY BURBANK 4,305 9.7%
JESSE LA TOUR 3,678 8.3%

CITY OF FULLERTON Member, City Council, Short Term

Vote Count Percentage
BRUCE WHITAKER 9,021 37.7%
ROLAND CHI 7,076 29.6%
AARON GREGG 5,552 23.2%
ANTHONY N. (TONY) FONTE 2,255 9.4%


Vote Count Percentage
CHRIS THOMPSON 12,728 28.1%
* BEVERLY BERRYMAN 10,992 24.3%
AARUNI THAKUR 9,257 20.5%


Vote Count Percentage
* ROBERT A. “BOB” SINGER 19,800 23.7%
* ROBERT N. “BOB” HATHAWAY 19,531 23.3%
* MARILYN BUCHI 19,115 22.8%
VICKI R. CALHOUN 15,594 18.6%
NADIA SANCHEZ 9,656 11.5%

M – Fullerton, Term Limits

Vote Count Percentage
Yes 21,252 79.8%
No 5,380 20.2%

View the complete results at the Orange County Registrar’s website. The next update is scheduled for 5:00 pm tomorrow.

The Hits Keep on Coming

Some new mailers came in this week. In addition to fresh copies of the Roland Chi and Aaron Gregg fliers that we saw earlier, our mailboxes were stuffed with: A brutal comparison of Pat McKinley’s pension to the city of Bell’s Robert Rizzo; a stop-the-unions slate, a comparison piece on Whitaker’s behalf, a large piece of cardboard put out by the Republican Party against Chaffee, and finally, a lame comparison piece that tries to make Roland Chi look special.

Enjoy, and click to enlarge.

Dereliction of Duty. The Case of the Missing Media.

The only reason FFFF sprang into existence was because the people who pretended to be professional reporters stubbornly and steadfastly refused to do their jobs.

Their jobs. The jobs to which they accrete a professional aura, a sanctimony, self-righteousness, and institutional importance that demands as a concomitant an objectivity that is exercised in the public interest.

Of course all that stuff is pure bullshit. Oh, yeah, these people want to be treated as if they actually performed a function that allows them to claim an official title: “Fourth Estate.” But in reality their work is almost never objective, never diligent, and often downright incompetent. And the closer you get to tour own community the worse it gets.

The Great Unwind.

But back to FFFF. We started in the fall of 2008 because F. Richard Jones, the Braying Donkey of Raymond Hills, the man for whom no issue could not be used to spin off, dervish-like, on an insane rant, was getting a free pass. Twelve years of insulting people from the dais, weird, barnyard rantings and raving, backtracking on key issues, and generally insulting the collective intelligence of the City was ignored.

And this being Fullerton very little has changed. Consider 2010.

The chicken was ready for plucking.

Does “the press” inquire into how candidate Roland Chi got rung up on criminal charges by the DA for serially ignoring health inspection failures? Or ask why he is using a 501(c)(3) to prmote his political ambitions? Or even ask this miscreant how long he has actually lived in Fullerton?

Hey, that vest was not designed on company time.

Does “the press” ask Pat McKinley about his $215,000 pension payout – far more than he ever made actually working – and his ability to make rational pension decisions?

Aw, Hell. Close enough.

Does “the press” ask Aaron Gregg why a guy who skipped out on $75,000 in back taxes and stiffed local creditors though bankruptcy is qualified to manage the city’s $100,000,000+ budget?

The Mayor's Prayer Breakfast took longer than anticipated...

Does “the press” inquire into what appears to be Don Bankhead’s increasingly diminished capacity to participate in, let alone conduct, a public hearing?

Of course our local reporters never said boo about the carpetbaggery of Hirsute Sidho or Linda Ackerman, either.

For some reason people who work for the Times and the Register would rather look the other way than admit that the emperors have no clothes on. What are they afraid of?

And so we soldier on…

The Strange Case of The Doug Chafee Hit Piece

Not long ago this hit piece against Doug Chaffee hit Fullerton mailboxes.

Standard crapola. But notice who sent it? California Homeowners Association? What the Hell is that? Well, let’s take a gander at who just plowed some dough into this obviously bogus outfit for the purpose of hitting Chaffee:

View the Late IE Report

Whoa! That’s not our local “firefighter” union. Who is it? And why do they give a damn who is on Fullerton’s City Council? Why are they contributing to an IE hit piece in Fullerton? Fullerton’s fire crew are already backing RINOs  Bankhead and McKinley.

Hmm. Let’s reflect upon what’s going on up in Brea right now, where the “firefighters” are making a big stink about joining the Orange County Fire Authority.

What’s going on here? Is there something we should know about any deals behind the scenes?

Selected Reviews from Roland Chi’s Market

Last night one of Roland Chi’s buddies came on to our blog and tried to convince us that “the food taste great” at Roland’s market, and that the food poisoning “90% is the people’s fault.” Well, blaming others for one’s failure is a par for the course in Fullerton, but blaming the victims? That’s a new low.

If only there was a way to use the Internet to see what the rest of Roland’s customers think…

I'd like to talk about something else now.

Oh wait, that’s easy. Scroll through the supermarket reviews on the popular, and you’ll find that Roland’s friend was partially correct: most of the reviewers do like the taste of the food. But when the subject turns to cleanliness, things get ugly:

Photo of Tiffany B.“Dead Korean Halibut in a big fish tank?”
“This place is pretty dirty & smells horrible” – Tiffany B.

Photo of Ran C.“The place seems unusually dirty for a place that sells food for consumption”
-Ran C.

Photo of Andy P.“Seriously, this place is getting more and more dirtier each time I come here. The floors next to the meat department is disgusting and unsanitary.” – Andy P.

Photo of john t.“ended up buying some spoiled milk WTF my fault for not lookin at the expiration date but damn….. put that spoiled shit away!” – john t.

Photo of Eri H.“I purchased some meat to make dduk bo sam… dang the meat smelled funky when I opened the package… and it was rotten… ” – Eri H.

And so the amateur critics generally seem to agree with the county health inspectors and the DA: health standards at the Chi family supermarket have been serially ignored. Eat at your own risk, and hopefully you won’t be one of the unlucky customers who end up on the bathroom floor or in the ER.

Sadly, most of these reviews were posted in 2010, well after the DA made Roland promise to clean up his act. Can this guy be honest about anything?

Mickadeit Already Running Cover For Lame-O DA By Floating Trial Balloons?

Three days in the monkey cage left lingering damage...

Yesterday,  OC Register homunculus and repuglican lackey-chronicler Frank Mickadeit wrote up a story about possible contenders to a Todd Spitzer 3rd District Supervisorial run in 2012 – as a prelude to a Spitzer DA run in 2014.

The big names – outgoing assemblyman Chuck DeVore and Dick Ackerman deserve special attention, and we’ll get back to that in a bit.

But first let’s relish Mickadeit’s effort to stir up anti-Spitzer sentiment for the benefit of our Do Nothing DA who is actually endorsing serial law breaker Roland Chi in Fullerton’s city council race. As is well known, Mickadeit dances to the tunes fifed out by GOP bigwig Michael Schroeder and his wife, DAs spokeshole Susan Kang. In return for providing this entertainment Frank gets to smoke cigars and sip brandy with the Schroeders.

It seems not unlikely that besides the congenital name-dropping instinct, Frank is throwing out these big names as a counter to Spitzer’s own vaulting ambition, as in: not so fast Todd, boy.

Will nail down the Eagle Scout vote.

DeVore wouldn’t be a bad supervisor and might actually bring some refreshing relief to a County operation dedicated to doling out medical and social services compliments of the federal government. But he needs a job. Now.

Dick Ackerman? Well he does live in a “top secret, gated community” in the 3rd District which s a far cry from his claim to have moved to Fullerton last year so his old lady could run for the State Assembly. Apart from that he’s got some explaining to do. Such as the Pacific Policy Research Foundation scam we reported about here, years of RINO accommodating votes, his dubious behavior vis-a-vis the OC Fair sale. He’s also 70 and we sure have seen enough geriatric retirees at the County over the years.

My top-secret gated estate is in the right district. Now if only that white van would quit following me around.

Worst of all, is Ackerman’s perpetual backing of the worst kind of liberal, staff-stooge candidates here in Fullerton.Pro-Redevelopment, big government chuckleheads like Don Bankhead, Doc HeeHaw Jones, Pat McKinley, Aaron Gregg, and a long list of similar tools, simply selected to keep the scary Dems out – Democrats whose political philosophy is practically indistinguishable from Ackerman’s RINO herd.

The fun part of this is that either one of these worthies running would put a serious crimp in Der Pringle’s master plan of putting Orange’s dreary RINO Carolyn Cavecche into that seat.