Looking Back on His First Campaign

Local art gallery owner Jesse La Tour just blogged an honest retrospect on his grassroots campaign effort for the 2010 Fullerton city council race:


Whether you agree with him or not, it’s hard to ignore a refreshingly forthcoming guy who jumps in as an unfunded but creative underdog, gets licked by the moneyed interests, but then dusts himself off and vows to return again.

And five thousand votes for a $1,000 ain’t bad at all. See you in 2012, Jesse.

18 Replies to “Looking Back on His First Campaign”

  1. Vicki Calhoun did very well with very little money too! Watch out big money here they come!
    One comment on Jesse tho, dig deeper into the issues, learn more about what they are before attending the candidates forum, “I am here to learn” will not cut it.

  2. What is there not to agree with, and yes, we should endeavour to maintain our traditional highly knowledgeable council members with deep understanding of the complex issues without whom we would not have ascended to this pinnacle of good governance..

  3. Yes, I admire his willingness to put the effort into running.

    However, almost all of his essay is either confused, wrong, or hilariously boohooish.

    Citing the Observer as anything other than a bird cage liner demonstrates a complete lack of discernment. Identifying Bankhead and HeeHaw as conservatives shows more befuddlement.

    And of course he refuses to acknowledge how Spasm sold Fullerton down the river for a boat ride, drinkies, and a few thousand developer bucks for her Collaborative.

    Here’s a good summation: The gallery turned out to be a huge success, not financially, but in other ways.

  4. Yes, Jesse has a lot to learn. Will he figure it out? Doubtful.

    C’mon. A college professor who goes on state unemployment every summer? He is not a leader. He is a mooch.

    Then again, that seems to qualify one for greatness in Fullerton.

  5. u guys are so lame, I didnt know alcohol consuming stoners could be so outta touch and not see LaTour for what he is, a kid trying to make a difference in a positive way. but hey I guess you always find out new things. oh, and the penn and teller video, very funny. Cracked me up for an hour. Thanks!

      1. Interesting observation VD, since you are surmising Jesse’s age and guessing at compton’s.

        True, compton writes like a be-pimpled teen who’s never taken an English class, but I digress.

        Jesse’s core tenets are those of the ageless boohoo – ideals that are never really tested – just clutched fervently to the bosom. It’s a Rock Candy Mountain perspective that always seems youthful because statist liberalism is just so darn innocent and optimistic.

        He could be well into his thirties or even forties and we would behold a callow youth.

        Your garden variety Fullerton Observer has yellowed well into seven decades of blather.

  6. So the moral is: Spend little money, be a complete novice, get trounced, declare victory!

    Another great liberal spin.

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