Paulette Chaffee Gets Slap On Wrist for Stealing

Ah, privilege.

Raise your hand if you thought that Paulette Marshall Chaffee getting caught on video, TWICE, stealing campaign signs was going to result in justice.

*Raises Own Hand*

Yup. I really did. I thought that getting irrefutable evidence that the Mayor of Fullerton’s Orange County Supervisor’s wife, a candidate running for office, blatantly broke the law to stifle the right of others to freely express themselves during an election was going to result in some sort of real justice.

I am that stupid.

Paulette Marshall Chaffee pled guilty to two charges of petty theft.

Her sentence? A small fine and a few hours of community service and restitution to the victim of $20.

If this wasn’t bad enough, after completing the terms of her plea, the District Attorney will completely wipe the event from history.  Paulette will legally be allowed to claim the incidents never happened.

This isn’t justice. This is a Chaffee getting away with cheating, because that’s what rich well connected politicians do.

Best of all? No one is doing to do a damn thing about this. Because in Fullerton what you do isn’t what really matters. It’s who you know and who you call a friend.

That’s the shallow self absorbed city we really live in. Because if Paulette was a crazy homeless person in a parking lot, she wouldn’t be spending Christmas dinner at her big home in District 2 feasting on roast beef and a side of steaming hot victory.

She’d be dead in a gutter while her husband told the media how fabulous the Fullerton Police are for dealing with the criminal element undermining our beautiful town.

21 Replies to “Paulette Chaffee Gets Slap On Wrist for Stealing”

  1. Realistically, this is the sentence that anyone who’s a first time offender would get. I laugh though when people say the case will be thrown out, wiped clean, because technically that’s not what happens. Visions and a “RAP” sheet will forever show she was arrested and charged with two counts of petty theft. It will also show she pled guilty, then once the terms are met (comm service), the case will be dismissed….. its kind of like buying something from Best Buy; if you return it, Best Buy will still have a record of you buying it(in this case stealing it) and anyone who knows how to read court notes or a RAP sheet know this…. The defendants though like to say “my case was dismissed.” Lol

      1. “Those in the government and connected to government should be held to a higher standard.”

        Momma say we’re all supposed to be held to the same standard.

      2. Don’t you really mean unreasonably high standard or is it just a standard that you just won’t hold yourself to

      3. it happened at the plymouth rock landing. why should it not happen now? i believe it was said” white man talk wit fork tounge” but then today “it’s not what you know or WHO you know but who you blow” maga??

    1. Who cares. What did you think was going to happen for a first time non violent misdemeanor not to mention the unblemished reputation of the owner of the crap she took

  2. Sunny Yong Sung Park was arrested for stealing carpetbagger signs against her in Buena Park does anybody know how her case is going?

  3. Like NJC said, the penalty for any first-time offender probably would have received a similar penalty. Buy beyond that, I think the real penalty is that she comes off looking like a low life degenerate for resorting to that sort of asinine behavior. I generally think of petty theft as an act committed by a homeless person or a teenager. I would probably respect her more if she attempted to embezzle thousands of dollars like other politicians do.

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