It’s SB1421 Day

Today is the Day.

Today Police records are supposed to become a little more transparent and officers with “sustained” complaints (and a few other issues) get to share with the world their bad deeds by virtue of some Sacramento mandated sunshine disinfectant. With SB1421 to the rescue we might finally get to see what happens behind union closed doors when officers misbehave.

The law changing and becoming effective today, owing to the holiday, convinced some friends to put in a few records requests based on suggestions which we complied and others which were emailed to us after this post dropped.

Thanks to everybody who shared what they knew and pointed us in a few interesting directions. I was copied on the request and it contains over 40 officers both current and former, most of whom we believe to have had sustained findings against them. Because police departments refuse to tell us who has findings against them we had to take quite a few guesses based on the best information we could obtain. That or pay FPD $250+ to maybe compile a list per their Public Information Officer.

Being that we’re volunteers who don’t run ads or try to monetize FFFF we opted against the $250 check to FPD.

With the requests in the virtual mail we should be seeing some interesting things provided that the records aren’t obfuscated, buried and denied. We’ll keep you posted as things come back or don’t.

We’re also always open to suggestions so if we missed anybody let us know the details in the comments or via email. Who did what and where should we look? What officers had sustained findings in other departments? We’ll send requests for those records as well.

The list for Fullerton is as follows:

Baas, Bair, Bastreri, Baughman, Bolden, Boline, Christopher Chiu, Chocek, Cicinelli, Corbett, Ray Flores, Hugo Garcia, Gharah, Gibert, Goodrich, Hagopian, Haid, Hamel, Hampton, Hendricks, Michael Hines, Hughes, Irish, Lemoine, Lira, Lyman, Mater, Mejia, Frank Nguyen, Oliveras, Paez, Tim Petropulos, Radus, Ramos, Reynoso, Rincon, Steven Rodriguez, Roesler, San Angelo, Sellers, Francisco Sepulveda, Siliceo, Song, Tong, Wolfe, Wren.

With a separate request sent off to Anaheim for Interim Chief Robert Dunn.

73 Replies to “It’s SB1421 Day”

  1. Most police departments destroyed all files that are more than 2 years old. Kept only things required by law. If any PD didn’t do that, they are morons LOL. Only thing accessible should be current and future files.

  2. interesting that you list names with no reasonable reason. I am sure that you wouldn’t want your name on a list of bad apples if you weren’t one of them.

    1. Ahahahaha! Those names all figure prominently in the pages of this very blog for their misbehaving. Go cry elsewhere. And take Alby Al Rincon with you for backseat entertainment.

      1. All the files of the names listed are all destroyed anyways. I bet Fullerton has 2 completed files right now for access. A big nothing burger again.

    2. I listed them for the very simple reason that WE DON’T KNOW who all of the “Bad Apples” are in Fullerton so we have to take some educated guesses and rely on secondhand information. We asked for a list and the FPD PIO told us to pay $250+ to maybe compile a list which wouldn’t be reliable in the first place.

      Nobody from FPD was sending us a list or being forthcoming AT ALL. NOT ONE OFFICER came forward publicly or that we know of privately. NOT ONE. We get our information anonymously because most of the people who talk to us are afraid of retaliation from the very people you’re worried about upsetting.

      Any “Good” apples on that list can blame their own union and the Blue Wall of Silence for their inclusion.

      1. What would you consider a “bad apple”?

        There’s a reason they didn’t give you anything. Law.

        Now they can give you some things. Not everything.

        You still won’t agree with the levels of discipline given on all cases. No one ever will. That’s solely up to the Chief. At all PDs across the State. Or maybe you think you will find a coverup?

        IN the end I think most PD’s cleaned house of all files with this coming. No reason to keep them.

        Will be fun to watch.

        1. There’s a reason they don’t give us anything – guys like you using the badge to lobby politicians to cover up your dirt. Now they have to give us info on sustained complaints so of course agencies went on a shredding spree because god forbid we learn if there is a problem or any coverups. It’s almost like they have something to worry about and need to destroy the evidence which wouldn’t be a problem if cops were, you know, honest.

          It’ll be fun to watch but guys like you will always apologize for corruption and guys like me will always look for more transparency and honesty in a profession apparently allergic to it.

          1. I agree with some of what you said. Problem is that if you and I look at the exact same thing, you want them fired and I want to give them 10 days off. You are extreme and biased because you hate cops. I’m more fair and look at things as mistakes of the mind or of the heart.

            As Michael Moore said the other day. If all PDs have to reproduce every single sustained complaint, some will have to hire several city employees and cops and attorneys just to do it. Answer? Minimize what they have to reproduce for people on nothing but an opinion witch hunt.

            I hate bad cops. But because i crash a car or say the word Fuck, doesn’t mean i should be fired. Because i use force and you say it’s bad and the investigation shows it was within the law, i shouldn’t be fired.

            It will dofinitely lead to some good debates. Do PD’s have to say what discipline was rendered? Or just founded or unfounded?

            Will be fun to watch it all play out. I think Fullerton will be a boring example though. Your only hope is that due to ever changing leadership, they forgot to shred files and everything is there for the last 25 years. That would be fun.

                1. I’ll being this web page out of the depths of death like I did before. LOL 🙂

                2. You’re immune to logic. I said I hate bad cops and their apologists and you read that as “all cops” which logically means you think all cops are bad or apologists you nitwit.

                3. Don’t make excuses for hating all cops. Just say it. It’s been clear as day since day 1. That’s what this blog is all about. Hate for cops. Keep it up. Be proud.

                4. Admit it, you love bad cops and hate anybody who dares question that shiny trinket they wear. It’s okay, you can be a proud apologist. It’s okay, keep it up.

                5. LOL. Bring Travis and Bushala. You will hear the same things I’ve said here for 10 years. I’m not shy.

  3. I’m just glad my files are all gone. Mickey wouldn’t be happy if he saw my files from a few years ago and all the ones from my career. Donald Duck still loves me.

  4. The dense, dirty beard of perceived social justice needs his ass kicked. Someone request his work history. Call his mom, she keeps it in her panty drawer I’m sure since it only consists of bullshit jobs like mowing lawns.

        1. O’Malley, seriously, you really have nothing better to do with your life than sticking up for rotten fruit? You are one sick mother fuki’n loser!

          1. I’ve always wanted to be this O’Mally guy you clowns speak of. Sounds like a solid dude. For now I’ll just he me and keep calling out cop haters like you (Josh), Travis, and Bushala. It was nice seeing Bushala become relevant again. His Mullet was looking sweet on the news.

            1. “I’ve always wanted to be this O’Mally guy you clowns speak of.”

              Haha! Aim low enough and even a GED tub o’ swine like you can hit something.

              1. The guy is a legend here. You guys have talked about him for years. I’m gonna try to reach out to him now. Take him to the SlideBar.

                1. This is hilarious. You think the anonymous commenters, with no evidence, are me even though I post/comment under my own name while at the same time denying that you’re this O’Mally guy these same anonymous commenters are claiming is you.


                2. Agree. It is hilarious. No one will come have a drink with me at SlideBar either. I’ve offered it for 9 years. Pussies. Let’s party. I love this shit. I’ll keep this dead page active and keep yohu clowns on your toes.

                3. I’ve offered it for 9 years.

                  Wow. That’s quite a track record of a miserably worthless life. So sad. Almost unfair. Life could have been kinder, I guess.

                4. Totally. Screwing with Liberals is my speciality. Button pusher. Makes my day. Everyday.

  5. Says the spineless anonymous oinker who hides behind POBAR as cover from his crimes. Take away the badge and gun and what do you have? A low-life without a badge or a gun.

    1. I disagree Mr. Cameron. What you would have without my badge and gun is a happily retired officer proud of his career. You will still be a whiny bitch. I would be glad to meet up with ya….for a beer of course. Lol.

      1. I would be glad to meet up with ya….for a beer of course. Lol.

        Okay. Sidebar tonight for happy hour. I’ll be wearing a red carnation. You’ll be wearing pink panties.

      2. No, I would have an ignorant, foul-mouthed coward who barely got out of high school and who is hardly any different than the criminals on the street he pretends to be protecting us from.

        1. LOL love the standard liberal cop hating phrases always used. High school. GED. Bullied in high school. Dorky. Epic. Liberals rule. Bring more.

      1. Sorry, I don’t party with dirty or lazy cops. I might party with an honest or hardworking cop. Where is he?

  6. “Actually confronted”? I’ll say the exact same things to your face without fear. Why? Because what’ll happen? You’ll admit that I have the facts on my side or you’ll take a swing at me and you’ll end up as somebody’s bitch in prison like all tough guy cops who find themselves on the receiving end of the law.

    1. Sorry. It’s California. Liberals made laws have no punishments. Punching someone isn’t prison or jail, it’s nothing anymore. Free for all. Thanks to liberals like you. Swing away.

  7. Officer Jose Paez on the list……served as a SRO at Fullerton Hs last school year but not there again this year. Can anyone provide details why he is included on this list?

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