GOP Repuglican Represents and Supports Democratic Candidate

Why is John Lewis, whose own partner, VP Matt Holder, is an alternate on the OC GOP central committee supporting, endorsing, and working for a Democrat? It isn’t as if this was some up and coming blue-dog Dem that has a chance of converting to the red side either. This is the notorious Tom Daly whom FFFF has been reporting on for several months as perhaps the most egregious and dubious waster of public funds that OC tax-payers have seen in a long time, maybe ever!

Clearly John Lewis isn’t doing it because he believes his own rhetoric…or does he? This mailer/advertisement says Daly is a “tax fighter has cut wasteful spending…” I suppose John Lewis has missed the news: Tom Daly has cost OC taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars of needless spending for the sole purpose of satisfying donors, their friends, and their families.

No, I think Lewis got that memo. In fact, I think Lewis is a big part of that waste, though I don’t have any tangible proof. I have only heard the rumors about Lewis hanging around the OC Hall of Administration looking to get into the budget meetings of Daly, et al. But the new security system makes it tough to sneak in and grease the wheels of department heads. Less the contrary be shown, these are still just rumors.

Regardless, why is this former California GOP State Senator working for Daly? According to his website, Lewis has worked on sports facilities. Does that include sports museums and sports hall of fame like what Daly has been working on? One can only guess.

The only reason I bring any of this up is because the OC Register did a short piece on this. In the article, Lewis says he doesn’t know why OC Assessor Webster Guillory’s photo was not included in the ad. That seems like a big OOOPS for a firm who touts being consultants to guys like Congressman Ed Royce and Assemblyman Chris Norby. The “mistake?” seems like something a high school intern might make, not a big time GOP (sometimes Democratic) consultant might make. So what gives?

And I haven’t even mentioned Sandra Hutchens, who, according to the Press Telegram, hired Gilliard-Blanning as her political consultant. I tell you, some of these “Republicans” sure get around. Maybe Guillory should call Gilliard so he can get his face out there to voters.  Until then, here is Webster Guillory.

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  1. I received a slate mailer “Republican Only” and Tom Daly was on that slate. This is pathethic and deceiving to the Republican voters who don’t know that Tom Daly is a Liberal Democrat.

    Tom Daly is the biggest lying piece of crap!

    Please pass the word so the true Republicans will not vote for Tom Daly. We need to vote this guys out of office.

  2. Tom Daly is a loser who is desperate for votes.

    This is so wrong that a Democrat can be on a Republican slate mailer.

    Tom Daly it’s about principle and being true to your party. You brag about being supportive of the union but on Tom Daly webstite he refuses to list Union supporters.

    This guys is a moron and a big liar.

    Let’s vote this idiot out of office.

  3. Look for Cunningham to start up a NEW blog as soon as his “Non-Compete” expires.

    It will be like an infomercial for Lewis’ clients.

    These guys are merely in it for the money. Because as the GOP Governors primary proves……There are Millions to be had. And it beats the shit out of a car wash (or an El Pollo Loco!)

  4. The Republican Party label is so diluted as to be meaningless in California, and in Orange County the sickeningly phony adjective, “conservative” is by now just a huge big turn off.

    I thought that Chris Norby was a Liberal Democrat for probably the first ten or fifteen years that I knew of him (as he was politically active in our city). I supported him even when I didn’t agree, because he carefully evaluated issues and explained his thinking-rationale for each voting decision. I was amazed to learn that he was a Republican not too long ago.

    But generally, the folks who call themselves Republican are just big government pushers who pretend that getting some sort of a deal or kick back for a local constituency is kind of like limited government (i.e. only the in crowd bribe payers “get” the taxpayers’ money, rather than wasting it on larger groups).

    We have such a long way to go to make the Republican Party worth while or meaningful again, the only course I can suggest is to remove ALL incumbents from office.

    For example, the Republican Party Platform is officially PRO-LIFE (anti-Abortion), yet this profoundly fundamental issue of basic limitation and CONTROL over the (evil) power of government (making murder “legal”) is ridiculously reduced to quibbling over which candidate is least supportive of “partial-birth Abortion” – which is clearly infanticide.

    YUCK! What total PHONIES !!!!! the pretend limited government “conservatives” in fact are.

  5. Rain,

    I feel your sentiment, no doubt the easiest litmus test to determine if someone should have the power to “rule” in our government is whether or not they are willing to agree that an unborn child has the right to life. From my perspective if we can’t agree that life exists in the womb, (and by the infanticide murderer perspective children in the womb do not have the right to life.) then when do I become useless to them? This is the easiest decision to make, and if one cannot support life, then how can I trust any other judgement that is made by any “representative”.

  6. The reason why the GOP is losing the limited goverment war is because of defectors like Lewis/Holder, they are only playing for money, principles mean zilch.

  7. Tom Daly is a goof. He uses any and every way to deceive Voters. With his outdated photo and misguided information Tom Daly is out there to steal the votes with his Title and BS. It’s a shame that ppl like this stay in office for so long. It must be nice to have a job with NO work.

  8. Tom Daly is a crook. He should be prosecuted for wasting taxpayers money and giving bogus contracts to friends and contributor.

    The DA should investigate this guy immediately.

    We need to remind people who haven’t voted not to vote for Tom Daly.

    Let’s vote this guy out of office.

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