In a May 12th memo sent to the Board of Supervisors by County CEO Tom Mauk, it was confirmed by Mauk that Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly was less than truthful with regards to the acquisition of the $2.1 million money-sucking building that he decided splurge on with tax payers’ money.

Mauk says that “…it has become apparent to me that the Board was not provided with all the information known to staff at the time given the June 29th RDMD A&E memo among RDMD and Clerk-Recorder staff.”

In that sentence, Mauk confirmed what we have known for a very long time… that Tom Daly is deceitful and that he believes it’s OK to lie to the public and the Board of Supervisors.

Tom Daly lies so much that he can’t keep his lies straight.  For example, in the same memo Mauk was told that “Since the acquisition of the property, the thirty-four spaces have been utilized and saved the County approximately $26, 100 a year due the ability to reduce the number of parking spaces the County leases from the private sector.”

We received several calls from Clerk-Recorder employees indicating that only one Clerk-Recorder employee parks at that parking lot.  Guess who it is? Low and behold, it’s the wife of Disneyland’s Manager of Government Relations Chris Lowe. As reported in a previous blog post here, Disney has contributed to Tom Daly’s campaigns since 2002. Apparently the scampaign contribution not only led to a job for Lowe’s wife but also prime parking space. This has several long-time Clerk-Recorder employees fuming.

The truth about the parking lot is that it is being leased by Daly to a private company. The parking management company leases the parking lot and pays the Clerk-Recorder Department about $1,500 a month to manage the lot for profit.  Any revenue above the $1,500 mark is kept by the company.

Does this sound like a fair trade off? Daly spent $2.1 million of tax payers’ money for a return of about $18,000 annually and 34 parking spaces.  The math doesn’t add up! Daly is really putting his English major from Harvard to work here.

Look at the photos. The lot is clearly marked for public parking for $5 a day. This is a blatant lie to the Board and to CEO Tom Mauk.

The other baldfaced lie is that according to the memo, the department has reduced the number of spaces leased from privately owned parking lots for its’ employees.  Since 2008, Tom Daly has been leasing about 17 spaces from Mike Harrah’s parking company Sycamore Parking Concepts to the tune of about $1,200 a month or $14,400 a year.  This lot is located behind the run-down YMCA building on Civic Center Dr.

The best outcome for the money sucking building is that it be sold. If the tax payers are lucky they will recover the cost of the property and break even. However, the condition of the building is horrendous, per the memo. So I find it odd that Tom Mauk would say that “…having the property in our inventory is a positive outcome.”  Is Tom Mauk covering for Tom Daly? Or did good-old friend of Tom Daly, Rob Richardson, write this memo without clearing it with Mauk or even verifying the information given.  All Mauk or Richardson had to do was take a little stroll to the parking lot across the street and see that it is public parking.

Tom Daly is a red-faced liar and deserves to be voted out of office.  Daly and company are running a misinformation campaign not only to voters but to the public, the Board of Supervisors and CEO Tom Mauk.  Supervisor John Moorlach needs to call for audits of the Clerk-Recorder Department to see what other lies are uncovered.


  1. It is for the reasons outlined above that we have checks and balances. FFFF has done the checking for us tax payers and now it’s time to do some balancing by voting Daly OUT of office. Clearly his abuse knows no limits.

    I believe what Daly has done is criminal. Too bad our DA wont do anything about it. Worse yet, too bad no one, except FFFF, is challenging what appears to be abuse of power in nearly every single major office of our county government.

    As I have said before, it is time to clean house and get our affairs in order. The People deserve at least that much.

  2. It looks like Dalys nose is.growing longer, that’s what happens when a person lies too much..

  3. Moorlach won’t move on this, he’s a eunuch when it comes down to chasing rats like Daly. Maybe it’s a job for the Grand Jury, although they might not be much better. They did do a number on Don Papi Pulido in today’s Reg and LAT which might cause Mayor Greaseball some heartburn

  4. Tom Daly is a crook. He is abusing taxpayers money.

    This guy should be voted out of office.

    Where is the grand jury?

  5. This hack is pathetic. Does he really think he can keep lying to the public? This guy has no ethics whatsoever and a big ego. Its a shame that he probably has yes men and women as managers who are incapable of telling it like it is to this jackass. Vote Daly out!

  6. I think everyone knows that Daly is not honest (or competent), but why is the rest of the county so silent. Doest the Board or County Manager care that they’ve been lied to? Are they disgusted by his actions? I don’t think so. They either condone his actions or they are covering for him. It’s insulting how the government constantly tells the taxpayers how efficient and how they are wisely spending our money, but when graft and government waste surfaces they are strangely silent. It seems they all protect each other!!

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