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That is the question of the day.  We have previously reported here that Tom Daly likes to give jobs to relatives or friends of campaign donors.  But this hiring takes the “Manager of the Year” to a whole different level. According to department insiders, Tom Daly hired the wife of a City of Anaheim employee who also happens to be a personal friend of Tom’s.

Even during these tough times at the County, Daly has been budgeting at least $200,000 per year for extra-help hires. Despite revenues and workloads being at their lowest levels ever, Daly feels it is more important to keep his friends employed than to protect the interests of the public. Extra-help employees are basically at-will employees and can be let go at anytime.

Not surprisingly, Daly hired his friend’s wife under this category which means no competitive recruitment was held to bring her on board.

Clerk-Recorder employees tell me they are upset because this person speaks very little English.  Due to her lack of English skills, this person is given very menial work but is getting paid the same as others who do much more.  Word has it this person doesn’t seem to posses any qualifications or skills or even a verifiable high school diploma, the minimum educational threshold for the county, but was even given a raise over all the other extra-help employees in the department.  How does this happen?  Loophole-finding Tommy boy allows the assignment to expire and then re-hires the person at a higher position thus earning higher wages.

Other extra-help employees have been told by department HR that per County policy they were not entitled to raises.

Even more disturbing is that Assistant Clerk-Recorder Renee Ramirez approached several staff when this person was being hired and asked them “do you know how to hire an illegal alien?”

Is this a liability for the County?  Is Tom Daly opening himself to a lawsuit where the taxpayers will have to foot the bill?

This clearly demonstrates that Tom Daly feels he can do no wrong and that no one will hold him accountable.  Let’s show this CAREER POLITICIAN that we are watching him and that we will vote him out of office sooner than he thinks.


  1. Hello Board of Supervisor, HR and CEO.

    Tom Daly is out of control. County employees are getting layoff and this guys continues to hire friends.

    Please DO NOT VOTE for TOM DALY.

    We need to VOTE this guy out of office.

  2. Does this assclown do anything right once in a while? Who is advising his dumb ass? Daly is a cluster in everything he does. Manager of the Year? Really? Did anyone notice that Stan Oftenlie presented the award? Really a campaing contributor presented Tom with the award? Only proves it was a sham award but we all knew that right?

  3. right on Derek.

    Where is the Board of Supervisors on this? Is this correct or not? They sit there and dont say a word. If these reports are accurate, they should take a stand so we know if they too are part of this. They want people to believe they are working in the best interest of the tax payer, but a lot of stuff is going on under their noses. If i recall correctly, it was the employees had to go to the Grand Jury about John Williams (the Public Gardian) who was wasting money and miss managing that department, because the Board and CEO did nothing. They also sat and did nothing when Carona (the X-Sheriff) was running a muck. I thing all of them should be vote out of office alone with Daly.

  4. Isnt there laws against this. Doesnt the County’s HR department do any kind of review. How hard is it to check a green card or a diploma. ….or maybe they are in it together.

  5. Dont know if she is illegal or not, but she couldnt speak a lick of english when she was hired. And tom put her in the back doing nothing.

  6. He hired another person named Gloria C. who also doesnt have a diploma.

    You’ve only begun to scratch the tip of the iceberg with tom’s hiring practicies. This guys is as corrupt as they come.

  7. Someone please tell this IDIOT that he is breaking the rules. Tom Daly must be voted out of office.

    Please help me pass the word and let people no NOT TO VOTE for TOM DALY.

    He is a scum.

  8. Tony can you guys forward this blog to the Board of Supervisors , HR, CEO, OC Register and OC Weekly.

  9. Dulce & gloria without diplomas can work more and better than some others in that office, they do what they have to do without whinning and complaining about stress.. Oh oh sorry I don’t want to hurt anybody feelings.

  10. How sad.. Moral in this office has to be a tragedy knowin your coworker doesn’t have education and know that they’re capable of doing the same things you do. Hu hu I really feel your pain CR workers ha ha.

  11. Oh Please Lizzie, or should i say renee. Only an idiot like you and tom would say something like that. Those two dont complaint about anything because they dont do anything. They are given meaningless jobs and they have no skills. Oh, the reason you didnt hear Gloria complain is because right after you hired her she went on medical leave. Great hire! like all the rest of the people you hired. Everyone else has to pick up the slack because they dont do anything!!

  12. Lizzie, you ignorant slut! If these two employees are so great, how come they couldnt get jobs anywhere else??? That’s right, they were unemployable until tom and Renee gave them jobs over laid off employee and people with degrees. Dulce couldnt even fill out the County application, it was filled out for her. Oh, do you know what her qualifications were? IF you guessed none, you are right. she doesnt have any or any experience. None! nada! Zippo! The same with Gloria.

  13. As I said u guys need to get a life or should I say another job how do you have the time to know all this things, I can see how hard you work people I guess you learned it in the university where u got your degrees.. Bitter.. Seriously look for help!

  14. Ha! Ha! Lizzie is so important she has no time to see the truth or she is just plain stupid with no college degree neither since she thinks getting a college degree is a walk in the clouds. The truth is that the Naked Emperor Tom Daly doesn’t like to hear no so he surrounds himself with a bunch of non-degree having Uncle Tom’s who will be too scard to tell him no. Who are these people? Renee Ramirez, Aja Tucker, Mary Jack, Terri Nissen, Richard Mendez, Mikki T, Martha Arteaga and Rosa Chavez. All these people are morons and will never tell Renee nor Tom the No word. I expect to hear them say “Yes Masta!” to all of Naked Emperor Tom Daly. You tell them no and next thing you know you’ll be in North County just like Cabrera. He has a degree and didn’t mind telling Tom no and in return he gets exiled to a branch office to do entry level work and under that dumb ass Aja. Thats is the type of loyalty you can expect from Tom and Renee. They think we don’t know cabrera filed a retaliation complaint against Tom and Renee. It is only obvious after all these people got called in for an interview. Good for him. Tom thought he was going to roll over and be an Uncle Tom like his other minions.He screwed Dana too abd with a smile in his face. Tom Daly is an a__hole in disguise. I can see throught his charade. No one likes you Tom and you know it. Please stay in your office and close the door like you normaly do. We like it when you close the door or when you don’t come to work. I love the billboard in Cabrera’s truck too. Now there is someone with a college degree who learned to express his opinion. Dumb ass Tom gave Hieu free publicity throughtout Anaheim and Fullerton by sending Cabrera to North County. I can see that sign blocks away when i see that truck in Santa Ana. Tom you need to learn to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Did Harvard not teach you that? Any good politician should know that but of course Tom isn’t a good politician. Vote this idiot out!

  15. Cabrera who’s that oh! That idiot wich everybody it’s happy to not see here.. yes true.. I’m pretty sure you love your billboard only an idiot like u.

  16. Hello everyone. Glad to see that david is missed. He’s having a ball in north county. Believe me serving 25 customers a day is great, been there done that, and he gets paid more than most of you all makes it even better. He doesn’t get paid to be liked and with people like you all who needs enemies. Lizzie ur one of the few peons with internet access at work so we know who your miserable ass is. Why not use your real name if you are so bad? I bet you wouldn’t tell daly what a jerk he is in his face. You are a coward At least cabrera let’s him know he doesn’t like him openly.

  17. Oh please do you really think I need county internet to post? Thanks for giving me that much credit but it’s a called breaktime on my sweet ass phone!

  18. Poor poor cr employees! Always whining and crying about something! You all sound like a bunch of high school girls/boys! U present yourselves with such ignorance and more than likely only registered to vote because someone told you too! You think a new boss will make difference but sad to say he can’t change the sacks of shits who whine bitch and complain because someone didn’t say good morning to them!

  19. Ha! Ha! What a retard lizzie is. Ok so we will track who takes breaks at 830 and 11:30 and we will know who you are. Put your phone back in your lv purse with no money in it and get back to the purpose of this blog. Daly is a jack ass who doesn’t give his regular staff raises but does to his extra help staff/buddies. He is no manager of the year and needs to stop misrepresenting himself as a republican. Vote Dalys opportunist ass out of office.

  20. ey..take it eazy….
    Say it again to my face…

    Hugh: Those eggs were a lie, LAveed. A LIE! They give me no eagle powers! The give me no nutrients!
    David C.: Sorry.
    Hugh: I don’t want to get paid to lose. I wanna win!

  21. 2002 – Roberta Estrada – 74k votes
    2010 – Heiu Nguyen – 64k votes

    LOL, friggin lame mr. nguyen you couldn’t get more votes than Roberta. She even had more people running against her and Thomas.

    Hilarious brochacho!!!!!!

  22. Not only is he hiring illegal aliens that do NOT know how to speak or write (or use a computer, help the public, etc.) but he is getting rid of extra help employees who have worked very hard for the past four years! They where on the “A” list to get hired but only came to find out that they where given a two weeks notice and a false story about budget cuts. Really? Go sell your story somewhere else. Doesn’t it make sense to let go of the temps instead of the extra help employees? And if it really is about budget cuts, why would he hire more employees?

  23. Nacho (Stupid) Libre

    When Tom Daly ran for election in 2002 he was not a emcumbance so it was easier to get votes.

    Tom Daly ran as an encumbance in 2010 so the voter tend to vote for the person who is already in office.

    FYI – Roberta got 74k
    Hugh got 97k

    Daly is still a loser and you are a stupid Tom Daly puppet.

  24. No, Dumb Ass, HEUI, was the loser. Spin it however you like, Heui lost, he would of lost in 02′ just as bad.

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