We were looking through Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly’s campaign expenditures and stumbled upon a very interesting expenditure or shall we say “more monkey business”.  In his statements, Tom listed a $275.37 payment to current Clerk-Recorder employee Rosa Chavez for “refreshments for 80 staff” since he knows they hate both him and his minion Assistant Clerk-Recorder Rene Ramirez.

This payment is very suspicious and it appears that Daly is working his staff for votes.  Why would he pay an employee out of his campaign funds for something that was done at his work place? As we all know, campaign activity is to be kept out of your county work place especially if you are the elected official. Someone call Shirley!

The more interesting thing is that since this payment was made to Rosa Chavez, she has been promoted to a supervisory position. Is Tom Daly rewarding Rosa Chavez so she can rally the troops to vote for him?  This is a total conflict and disregard for all the rules.

Or perhaps this is a desperate attempt by “Manager of the Year” Tom Daly to win over his staff who is praying that he gets voted out due to his lack of leadership and commitment to the department.  After seven years of neglecting his staff and hiring his friends, Tom Daly is now realizing that he has dropped the ball.  Like your typical career politician on election year, he is now trying hard to win over a staff that has little respect for him and his assistant Renee Ramirez.  Has he acted late? I guess he will know the answer this June 8th.


  1. See Rosa I told you that we would take care of you. Keep letting the staff know how great we are and don’t write anyone up at least till after the election. Problem is we got got caught! Who did you tell? Remember the staff is stupid so we must keep everything confidential. They are like children, children must be seen not heard!

  2. This guy has no shame. I gave him money when he was running for supervisor and then he quit! I asked for a refund and have yet to receive a check. This guy is a quitter and a phony! We need to send him a message by voting him out!

  3. To answer the title question, YES he is buying votes. That should have been clear several months ago with the employees in the Archives and the money trail. Keep digging, there’s more.

  4. Can someone forward this blog to Shirley Grindle?

    Tom Daly is a crook and he needs to be fired!

  5. I don’t understand why no newspaper will come after Tom Daly. This guy is wasting taxpayers money , giving contract to friends and hiring friends.

    Hello Board of Supervisors and DA do you guys have a pulse.

    I think you guys are all scared to go after Tom Daly.

    We need to vote this idiot out of office.

    1. “I don’t understand why no newspaper will come after Tom Daly”, Jean Pasco is your answer Mr. Lewis.

  6. It is true, ROSA CHAVEZ is being used. Giving her the Lead Supervisory position and moving Terri Nissen ( what took you so long to realize your mistake) is suppose to make staff feel at ease and think that Tom Daly and Renee Ramirez have changed their EVIL ways (NOTTTTTT!).
    Rosa is a FOOL if she thinks that promotion was because she deserved it (ANOTHER PERFECT EXAMPLE OF PUTTING PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF POSITIONS THEY HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE IN). She will do anything she is told by Tom and/or Renee, even if it’s wrong. How Can you hold a lead position and try to convince staff members to do things that EVEN YOU KNOW are wrong. Well, I guess it takes a certain kinda person who can do it and have no SHAME (besides Terri, but then again, that is the kinda person she is).
    I am certain Tom Daly is using Rosa Chavez to try to change the minds of the staff to vote for him in the upcoming election June 8, 2010. For 8 years he has done nothing to show the staff he cares until NOW. Tom knows how much he is disliked so he had to convince someone he knows that would do as he says even though she (Rosa) knows it isn’t right, but can get some staff members to follow along.
    Rosa, SHAME ON YOU and you should go down along with TOM and Renee.

  7. I remember the day and the refreshments. Tom said the food was on him. He was acting like it came out of his own pocket. What a deciver. This guys is as phony as they come.

  8. I get it, “screwup move up”. Rosa wasnt working out in the South County Branch, but she will do anything or say anything Renee says, so they make her a supervisor.

  9. I wonder if the cost was really $275. Knowing this cheater as intimately as i do, is more likely it cost $100 and him and rosa split the rest after a roll in the hay.

  10. Thats nothing, Tom (and his slimy side kick Phil) strong-armed us (his employees) to donate to Loretta Sanches campaign. People should know how this guy really is.

  11. Hey jerkwad, that wasnt campaigning. That was love. I bought flowers and chocolates for Ann. I dont care about other peons in that department!

  12. People of Tom Daly’s Blog: While Rosa is supposedly being used by Mr. Daly, she has no choice but to do what she is told. As all of you who work there may know, working there, either as a boss or a clerk of some sort, you have to do what you are told (stop shaking your head ‘cause you know I am right). In this economy, who would dare to even argue or say no to their boss? I’m sure you wouldn’t. Picture this: If you were offered the position of supervisor, you would take it because if you DO NOT, the two main people there, Renee and Tom, would end up hating you, thus placing you in a place that you would hate to be working in. If you DO take the job, all your peers soon begin to hate you. WHY? Well, because you are listening and doing to what you are told by your boss, Mr. Dally or Renee. It seems to me like this is a lose lose situation. You cannot please everyone. C’est la vie.

    It’s a shame that people actually think that Rosa would take Mr. Daly’s money. Really? You really think Rosa would jeopardize her job for a piecemeal amount like that? There are a lot of you that work, or have worked, for Mr. Daly and have actually been in Rosa’s predicament where you are given a supervisory position. Have some sympathy for her and all the other supervisors that have done it or will one day do it. Stop hating ‘cause the position wasn’t given to you. Remember, what you have is a job and if you do not like to be told what to do, then submit your letter of resignation and become your own boss. Sure, the moral in the office sucks, but it is up to you to bring it up. Try putting on a smile once in a while and you’ll see that soon enough it will catch on. Change starts wit you. When I walk into that office every now and then, all I see are frowns, hate, and anger for one another (I’m so glad I left that place when I did). The tension in that office is so thick that you can cut it with a knife. Why are the majority of you girl so catty? Why all the hate? Let me guess, you all hate each other because someone else has a better car than you, a better purse than you, a better outfit than you, or a better looking husband than yours that does not sleep with your co-worker. Ouch! I bet that one hurt. Ladies, it takes less work to say something nice about someone than trying to come up in this world by saying spiteful things about each other. You all are always backstabbing one another it is so ridiculous. Catty = insecure. Are all of you that insecure?

    To Mad as hell tax payer: I hate to say it, but no one at that office has any experience or are fit for some of the positions at the Clerk’s Office. Think really hard as to who it would be that you would put in Rosa’s spot that has some kind of formal education or has actually passed the supervisor test that is given by the county to officially make you the ‘boss’ of vital records or document examining. Time is up!! I bet you couldn’t come up with one. Honestly, how many people at that office have an education past the 12 grade?

    To all the candidates that are looking forward to being the next Clerk Recorder: Look at what is in store for you! Good luck bringing up the moral and changing people’s attitudes. You have your work cut out for you.


    Well informed outsider.

  13. That’s si true come on if you’ve been working in that department for so many years and still there so unhappy. It makes you a total loser.. New management won’t change anything the problem it’s you loosssseeer

  14. What are yo all talking about? Of course i will take the money. What do you think> Money grows on trees? Thanks Tom for all your help. Even though I know you will back stab me sooner or later I gots to ride the gravy train while it last. Lizzie and Well Informed let me tell you.. you are misinformed. Gotta go the boss is calling. Chaching!!!

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