The Monumental Misrule of Don Bankhead

Yes, I am the king!

Yes it’s been a long, long time. When he first climbed the steps to his throne and surveyed his Fullerton domain the year was 1988. Ronald Reagan was president.

Don Bankhead has been on the Fullerton City Council for 23 years. With a few weeks off for bad behavior – an unnecessary Utility Tax and subsequent recall in 1994 – this monument to sub-mediocrity has been demonstrating his dubious mental faculties every other Tuesday night since dirt was young.

I will always fondly remember when Dick Ackerman referred to him as Don Blankhead. Now how many times did Don hear that as his fellow Fullerton cops chuckled at the dunderhead behind his back?

So now let’s take a moment or two to review Mr. Bankhead’s singularly inept career in Fullerton.

Back in 1988 Bankhead tried to get the job of Fullerton Chief of Police. He failed when the council chose somebody else. Ironically, Dick Ackerman who was on the Council then, was well aware of Blankhead’s utter incompetence. And so, out of spite, he ran for the city council: Lo and Behold he won! On the city council he believed that no one would would laugh at him anymore. And he believed people would laugh with him instead of at him. He was wrong.

Bankhead also suddenly revealed what he never told anybody when he interviewed for the Chief job, or even when he ran for County Sheriff in 1990: that he was a virtual cripple from a series of earlier alleged mishaps that, if true, would have made Inspector Clouseau look like an Olympic gymnast. His scam made the news, but the nice people in Fullerton were too polite to say anything. But we all knew.

Throughout the 1990s, Bankhead supported every single Redevelopment subsidy, boondoggle and giveaway of public money to fly-by-night developers; here is my pithy summation.

In the past ten years he has smiled that dim, senile smile as he turned downtown Fullerton into a booze-soaked battle field that costs the taxpayers of Fullerton $1.5 million every single year, all to the benefit his cynical and parasitical “supporters.” He had the effrontery to claim that without his interventionist Redevelopment Fullerton itself would be a ghost town! He tried to lie his way out of that idiocy. It didn’t work.

or to put it another way:

A darling of the cop union he voted for the bank-breaking 3@50 pension formula that has created a massive and permanent unfunded liability for the taxpayers of Fullerton; he continuously voted for the illegal 10% utility tax on the water ratepayers of Fullerton, money that has gone to pay his own bloated pension.

Of course Bankhead was propped up every step of the way by his “public safety” union allies for whom he performed such acts of generosity with our money.

What Bankhead doesn’t want anyone to know is that in the course of his political career he has pulled down hundreds of thousands of dollars snoozing through footling meetings of various agencies and commissions about which he knows absolutely nothing – but for which he applied the same rubber stamp he has wielded so disastrously in Fullerton.

Although Bankhead is a Republican, and supposed to be some sort of conservative, the inescapable fact is that he is big-government in a big way. And if big-government could help him or his developer buddies score big, so much the better. After all who was really watching? FFFF, that’s who. Here we busted Bankhead for blowing $1200 staying at a four star Long Beach Hotel, on our dime – a mere 25 miles from his house in Fullerton!

This year, finally, the extent to which Bankhead has aided and abetted an incompetent and criminal police department has finally surfaced, and the extent of the damage this simpleton has caused Fullerton has become crystal clear.

Will Bankhead become the first man in California history to be recalled from the same office? Let’s work for it!

Don Bankhead, this is your life: a sad, belabored death march of cognitive meltdown, incompetence, lackeydom, and buffoonery. Fortunately your quarter century misrule is coming to a merciful conclusion. Fullerton is finally waking up and finally deciding that it wants real leaders – not clownish cartoons – on its city council.


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    1. These old farts need to retire. The future is colliding with the people of the past and thay just won’t accept it. Its amazing how willing they are to violate our 1st amendment rights in order to hold onto power.

      1. Blankhead is an affront to all good Republicans. He is a leach on the public servant system. No wonder he supports chief Sellers. By the way, what malady is Chief Sellers suffering from? He ain’t at work, thats for sure!
        Now if we can get Blankhead to quit too, but the developers don’t want him to retire even if he is old as dirt!

    1. that personality type won’t abdicate. that personality type will kick and scream to get what they want like spoiled children.

    1. Tiger is retarded! You all bag on others when they mis-spell or use bad grammar but since he supports your lame cause all you fffers think it’s ok! And thanks for the offer wrong guy but you can’t blow what you cant find!

      1. Please don’t refer to him or anyone else as “retarded” – it’s an insult. If you think he or anyone else is a jerk, use that term instead. Thank you in advance for your understanding

      2. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to grab a tiger by the tail?
        Tiger I love you, keep right on posting. I would personally welcome you if you ever decide to come visit us out here in Fullerton!

    2. THANK,S WRONG GUY i don,t have a edu.but it don,t take a PARLIAMENTAY to know how to pray like i have been doing for the GOOD people of fullerton.www.LSU TIGER WHISPERER aka.tigermanlsu AMEN

  1. That’s why I told YOU to BLOW ME. You can find it and feel it easily.
    I take it you won’t be going to this event since you don’t support this lame cause, right? lol

  2. This is beyond pathetic. This clown was obviously not too bright to begin with and is now suffering from signs of obvious dementia.

    The funny thing is that none of the Fullerton stooges had the honesty to tell this guy it was time to go away.

    AIM with you dinosaur is right,but let,s save the bath water,haha hay i see on the oc blog that seer2some got run over os sad she did,t see it comeing. [:)

    please explain… which blog??

  4. i don’t care which side he is on, I love healthy rational debate, but who the heck can read his posts? it hurts my head.

    I hear a recess bell, all you sandbox literary giants time for your milk and cookies.

    meriblow, please watch the retarded word use, so not nice. Obviously you don’t have a truly mentally challenged person in your family.

    back on topic:

    Another Great post Desert rat, keep up the fight!

  5. The slo-mo thing was hilarious! Sometimes you just have to stretch out the meaning so people “get it”. Get’in the job dne with a sense of humor. Love it.

  6. While I support this websites efforts to bring justice for the Thomas family and hold the powers that be in Fullerton to responsible governing, I find the level of acrimony in some of the blogs perturbing. Not sure what calling Don Bankhead a cripple is meant to establish, but the author should be aware that word is equivalent to calling a black person “ni**er” or a gay person “fa**ot.” I think focusing on information relevant to the person’s character or job performance are much more germane than slamming them on a personal level.

    1. Brandon, you’re joking right? To be crippled or to have a crippling injury is hardly a perjorative term – unless you choose to take political correctness to an absurd extreme. The point of using the term was to deploy irony, since it was Bankhead himself who claimed “total disability.” If that’s not crippled I have no idea what is.

      1. Come on. I agree with almost everything you say, but you have to admit that cripple is a derogatory word. And you didn’t use crippled or crippling injury. I’m not trying to be high & mighty. I use the word myself in jest. I know its not PC though. Even the dictionary lists “sometimes offensive” before the definition:

          1. 1 and 1,
            1 + 1,
            The sum of one and one,
            1 plus 1,
            1 added to 1,
            |+1| + |+1|
            |-1| + |-1|

            and that is onty in english!
            No matter how anyone rewords it, they all equal 2.

            Thats how it will add up in court. Everything will lead to one solution.

    2. “…that word is equivalent to calling a black person “ni**er” or a gay person ‘fa**ot.’ ”


      And I have to question the intelligence of anyone that needs to have this explained to them in 2011. It has nothing to do with being ‘PC’ either.

  7. Baked in Bankhead Manor

    a reality show based on the sheer idiocy of Fullerton’s City government and Police officers association and PD.

  8. ahem, I wish to concur with my esteemed colleague Dr. Ott. I recommend a treatment of retirement, rest and avoiding any involvement in government.

  9. Since when do people have to stop posting here? Some oppose me for my views, and I never suggest they just go away. I welcome all opinions, no matter what they believe..

  10. So, why did Bankhead end up on the Council? Because the Council back in 87/88 didn’t want him replacing out going Chief Bornhoft. They hired an LAPD Captain named Hairabedian (a nice guy) who later became a North County municipal court judge. So running for Council and winning was his revenge.

      1. Sorry – Bornhoft retired; Bankhead was passed over, he then retired sometime after Hairabedian was appointed Chief in 1977. Hairabedian was a judge at North Court from about 1987 to whenever he retired from the bench. Phil Goerhing came after Hairabedian.

  11. Dirty low down SOB piglet, Hampton, I hope that Nazi gets what coming-what a power hungry gangster
    Kelly’s dad and his attorney are charging FDP because they didnt investigate this hog after the Mam case or a prior involving Hampton and his out of control-head busting, gestapo like techiniques-instead, as usual, he was given a slap on the hand and returned to the streets to continue his tirade and of course none of the “good” cops said anything. God will get all of you

        1. When we hear on the news that the Bankhead couple failed to recognize our 1st amendment rights in front of grocery stores, one could see how it may appear that they may consider using local police as assains

  12. “Fullerton police spokesman Andrew Goodrich declined to immediately comment Friday on the new allegations of brutality and added that police haven’t confirmed the names of any officers accused of misconduct.”

    Fat load -too busy eating to comment or has nothing to say to the real deal

    1. It’s Kenton Thompson. The Times article says its the same officer from the Thomas & Mam lawsuits. Seems like this dude loves to get his jollies off by beating on citizens.

  13. I think you’re probably right about the commissions. You could write an entire story about what he doesn’t know about water.

  14. I heard Hampton has run to Arizona

    That’s what an innocent person does, they run to another state until the heat is off

  15. Barry Coffman’s fault :
    Hampton was aided by Fullerton Police Officer Association President, Barry Coffman.

    First time I read this I had to do a double-take

    I thought it read “Hampton was EATEN by Fulleton Police Officer Association President, Barry Coffman”

  16. Scorecards. Get your scorecards!

    You can’t tell the crooked cops and their victims (plaintiffs???) without a scorecard!

    1. It is painfully frustrating to be held back by out dated ideas coming from olf farts that cannot relearn what is really going on around us.

  17. What Ron Thomas and his attorneys ought to do is draft a Referendum here in California called “Kelly’s law” where the people enact a law that wipes out all the bizarre laws that unions and strange city officials use to oppress the people.

    Do a line by line combing through of the law and present it to the people.

    Hell, they ought to just rewrite the whole California constitution.

  18. signed the recall today. Don’t be afraid Fullerton residents. It is our right. We need to take control back. We can fix this, if we all stick together.

  19. This is a great group of people we have. Let’s work hard to achieve our goals here and it will be the first step to something enormous. Clearly, the people are progressively being disregarded, violated, and stripped of their Constitutional rights throughout this nation.

    Please stick together and continue to apply pressure. Your time and money invested now to secure a future of freedom and accountability is the best return-on-investment you will ever earn.

    We can’t forget about this or let it fade, only for another incident to occur later and re-ignite our flames. No, let’s be proactive and persistent.

    Much respect to FFF and related groups.

  20. Desert Rat, I see your point after reading the article on Bankhead’s attempts to use the disability to get more money. Although I still believe it’s an ugly word, I see you were simply using the term based on how Bankhead trumped up his injury status. I apologize if I overreacted. I do thoroughly enjoy the fact finding and justice seeking this site espouses. I just know from personal experience it can be easy to let emotions run wild and attack people who behave atrociously on things unrelated to the case at hand. Not saying you were doing that, but something to be weary of.

  21. this guy is an idiot , thinks hes smooth guy,

    idiot and dum bitch wife , shut up ,

    if you thought about the people of fullerton or your neighbors , or anyone but you and clan , then maybe you would of been able to come up with one solution to one problem, in all your time being a servent to yourself, and i dont even know you , but i know your friends, and they are real dik asses/…

    rant and roll


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