URGENT (UPDATE): Message to Republican Voters… Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly is NOT a Republican.

My nose gets longer with every lie, hehe...



Two-faced Tom Daly is busy lying to voters and is  trying to pass for  a Republican in slate mailers. By now I’m sure you have received a slate mailer describing Daly as the “Tax fighter who cut wasteful spending” or a “proven leader for reform”  or that he “defeated a local utility tax”.  Really?  As the Clerk-Recorder?  He even places his 15-year old portrait next to prominent Republican candidates or incumbents.  He surrounds him-self with Repuglicans like John Lewis and Bruce Matthias.  But no matter how hard Tommy boy tries to look Republican, we all should know that he is a pro-big government, free-spending, tax-wasting, lying, liberal Democrat and has been since his days in Anaheim.  Remember, this is the guy responsible for the election of Loretta Sanchez!

True, Tom has the right to buy any slate mailer he wants to but has he no loyalty to his fellow Democrats. There are plenty of slate mailers he can be on that are owned by Democrats but Team Tom Daly knows better.  He knows Orange County is a majority Republican county so Team Daly opts to play a Republican.   It appears that Daly is willing to do anything, including lying to voters to win this election.  If I were a Democrat I would be fuming! Tom doesn’t want you to know that he received money from unions or that he is endorsed by unions.  He doesn’t even list any union endorsements on his re-election webpage.  But if you scrutinize his campaign finance statements, you will see what a blue –blooded Democrat he really is.

Tom Daly is simply a two-faced opportunist willing to jump on any team to get the win.  We recently became aware of a slate mailer in which Tom’s portrait is next to Democrat candidates like Jerry Brown, and Gavin Newsom.  In the slate, he claims to be endorsed by none other than Loretta Sanchez and even Jose Solorio.  The back-stabbing truth is that he doesn’t mention these endorsements in his re-election webpage.

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, I believe you would vote for the candidate who represents your party’s values and for a candidate who is proud to be part of your party. Tom Daly fails both ways.  Let’s send him a message and vote the opportunist career politician out of office.

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  1. where did you learn how to redact? Name and address is cleary seen!

    Freydel & Tony Bushala
    6900 Santa Claus Ln
    Fullerton, CA 92833-1844

  2. That junk is messed up that they even allow him to be on that flyer. Really? Wow Republican Voters guide. You know how many votes he will get off of naive voters who will just go by that when they vote. This guy is a crook. It dosent get worse than Tom Daly. This guy should never again be allowed to run for any office. He is a proven no good piece of crap.



    Orange County needs better leaders. That’s the bottom line. It doesn’t matter if there Republican/Democrat, White, black or Brown. The citizens of OC need better representation not crooks and ppl who deceive to get there way

  4. I thought John Lewis and Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham said Tom was almost a republican. Does that count for half?

  5. Tommy me ladd, that was a dirty bit a cheating! And tis not the only cheating ye be doing boy. Wez knows about how you been greasing that scoundrel Barbrie and wasting the taxpayers money. We knowz how ye been dipping your wick in some right fine lasses. But Jaysus me boy, yis married! What ye be thinking? Are ye after being fired? Even the devil wouldnt be doing such tings less he be drunk. And dont be telling me they be blowing some tall tale about ye, else ye be confessing that lie on Sunday as well. Tommy me boy, ye be spending too much time minding your drink and not the store. Tis embarrassing to your mum and me. Your a righ gobshit and ye knows it. either ye change your ways ladd, or I be boxing you ears!

  6. Your right, Daly is completely two faced and a liar. His deceitfulness shows his character and trustworthiness.

  7. Please forward this blog to all your friends and family. Tom Daly is a crook and liar.

    Let’s vote this guy out of office.

  8. Tom Daly is a piece of ####. He has no shame.

    How can someone pretend to be a Republican when we all know he is a Liberal Democrat.

    Scott Baugh let your Republican voters know Tom Daly is lying to the voters.

    Republican voters you guys should be very angry!!!

  9. I’ve seen Nelson’s name on a democratic slate mailer too, but I don’t see you writing about that. It’s done all the time. Mystery solved. Maybe you will discover a real mystery like who was on the grassy knoll when kennedy got shot or how to plug an leaking oil pipe in the ocean.

  10. I don’t see hugh nguyen doing democrat slates. Thata cause he has party loyalty and isn’t a panderer like daly. Daly need to learn the words loyalty and ethics. This ain’t chicago tommy no go home and get your shoeshine box!

  11. Hugh Nguyen is paying Sean Mill in Lee’s Sandwiches to shill for him. Sean brings them back to mommy’s house because she won’t cook for him (not that he looks like he misses many meals); Hugh, Sean’s eating your profits! Nice to know Hugh has something to fall back on when Daly kicks Nguyen’s ass tomorrow….Daly’s In it to Nguyen it.

  12. At least hieu can run a business. Daly is nothing but his job. That isd lame when your job is what defines you. If dAly loses he is ass out cause he has never worked in his life. Glad to see people backing a career loser I mean politician like Daly.

  13. At least hugh didn’t back down cause tommy thinks he’s a big time politician. Daly is a quitter. He has quit his race for supervisor two times. Daly took peoples money and ran with it after quitting the sup race. He should be a man and give them their money back. Hugh is not a quitter and made that career politician daly spend the money he stole from others. Go hugh!

  14. Darkcloud,

    80% of that miserable staff will not know what it’s like being miserable after Tom is elected out of office and YOU are stripped from your current position that you do not deserve.

    If you do your math right, 100% of staff in office will be happy. What does this mean? Great public service!

    The 20% that is happy at this moment is because Tom Daly gift wrapped a County position with benefits – no experience or English required.

    Is it really that hard to figure out? Happy Government clerks equals happy tax payers.

    I am a registered Democrat and I assure you – I will NOT be voting for Tom.

  15. I hope Hugh Nguyen will kick Tom Daly’s ass tonight. Tom Daly deserve to be voted out of office.

    Tom Daly is a big ass tax wasting career politician! He can’t even trust his own staff because they cant stand the guy.

  16. Read em and weep. Suckers

    County Clerk-Recorder
    Precincts reporting 2084 of 2084
    Name Votes %
    TOM DALY 193250 75.9
    HUGH NGUYEN 61395 24.1

    1. Everybody knew the incompetent tax thief was going to get re-elected. He didn’t even campaign.

      But I sure hope this blog doesn’t let up on that creep. And now that Nelson is in the BOS can make sure all of Daly’s expenditures are scrutinized. And maybe we can get to the bottom of the 433 Civic Center Drive disaster without interference from Mauk.

  17. Just because the battle was lost does not mean the war is over. The war against wasteful spending, career politicians and ,lillegal hiring practices. Tom Daly is a horrible leader he won only because his ability to get Republican votes. And as a Republican I am truly disappointed that there was no party unity in electing our own. Like I said the war is not over. justice needs to prevail and punish those who abuse their power and I believe Tom Daly has only begun in accepting his

  18. Are you clueless?,

    You said, “He (Tom Daly) didn’t even campaign.

    Oh, he campaigned all right. He has been campaigning for the past four years on tax money.

    How you ask? Simply by putting his name and picture everywhere in all three Clerk-Recorder offices, every application available, the agencies website, buying space for a booth at the County fair, seminars, and any event he can think of.

    What better way to campaign for the past four (eight in total) than with tax dollar money and he gets to keep all this campaign money since the taxpayers have picked up the tab.

  19. This slime knows how to play dirty. I can’t stand the fact that everywhere I turn I see his name and face! Even the public gets annoyed by this fact.

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