Dear Friends, we have just received this essay from one of our long-time readers. Enjoy.

If the election for Clerk-Recorder had anything to teach us, it is that the best candidate doesn’t always win the election. And we wonder why we have the ineffective government we have. I guess all I can say is that we deserve the government we vote for.

As the County budget approval meeting approach we found even more government waste by election victor Tom Daly.  If you look at the previous three years you’ll become aware of yet another way in which this inept “Manager of the Year” continues to waste the taxpayer’s money. In the past three years, Tom Daly has doled out more that $1.4 million for “temporary help” and “extra-help.” This is easily verifiable by looking at the County’s Proposed Budget Book for 2009-2010.

We have previously reported that Tom Daly likes to give non-competitive “extra-help” jobs to his friends and the relatives of campaign donors. But in a time in which the County is laying off employees and forcing furloughs on other agencies, Tom Daly is getting away with budgetary murder. His budget is at the same levels they were when recording and revenues were at an all time high. Property recordings have declined to almost half of the all time mark in 2005, yet Daly seems to believe he is still entitled to hire his friends and relatives of campaign donors at a whopping cost of $1.4 million. This essentially means the County General Fund is being deprived $1.4 million over the past 3 years.

How come? From what we have heard, most of his cronies are in non-essential jobs so if these useless bodies were to go home tomorrow, the department and the County would be just fine with more money in the General Fund. Tom loves to claim that he has reduced his budget by 26% but really that isn’t true – all he does is cook-up the numbers or overspends and draws from his piggy-bank account known as 12D.  He is not supposed to use this fund for plugging his over-spending, but he does, and the County does nothing. He loves to claim that he has only 102 staff but if you count all the extra-help and temp help he is closer to 110 employees. Maybe someone needs to go to the state agency responsible for investigating this fleecing of the county.

Daly’s needs to give back more to the county General Fund; and he can start by letting go of his friends and crony’s relatives like Bruce Mathias, Jennifer Lowe, Steven Oftelie, Dulce Cuevas and a more; and not the extra-help that are not his buddies.

We will be watching who he lets go and hope that the Board of Supervisors deny his request for these extra-help and temporary help expenses. Hopefully with Shawn Nelson now elected to the Board, Tom Daly will be under more scrutiny. Let’s hope for the right thing to happen soon.


  1. That bastard is probably happy he won but we need to remind him what an idiot he is. Good job FFFF we need to keep an eye on this jackass. He probably thinks that since he won it means a free for all spending spree again. Let us see how much bs he can get past this new board.

  2. Heiu, Dana and David: Let it go guys. The people have spoken. If the people wanted change it would of happen. Sounds like the people of OC did not trust Heiu enough to vote him in. Now, you’re crying like little schools or getting beat up by some bully in grade school taking your lunch money and girlfriend. As for you David Cabrera, Semper Fi, HooRaw, you lame excuse of a U.S. Marine. Why don’t you jump into a foxhole and never come out.

  3. It is sad to see that this past week he let go of 2 extra help employees (one of which was a very hard worker and would even put a supervisor to shame) only to keep 2 lazy TEMPS and hire them. Daly is a terrible boss and his bunch of Idiot Supervisors/Managers he has working for him need to go as well.

  4. Hey there nacho libre obviously you didn’t serve your country because you don’t know that there is no such thing as a sorry excuse for a marine. But thanks to us you have the freedom to be a pussy and go along with this so called daly fellow. Marines have more integrity in their shit than you or daly will ever have in your pathetic little bodies. So if you want to bend over for daly cause a majority of idiots voted for him go ahead. Remember carona’s criminal ass was also elected so that doesn’t legitimize these hacks. Believe me you are better off in the foxhole with cabrera than you ever will be with any elected jackass.

  5. Update on everyone’s status:
    Renee ramirez- on her knees and mouth wide open in daly’s office while texting her husband how much she loves him on her county issued phone.

    Phil tsunoda- slimeball is in Bustamante’s office ass rimming him in gratitude for his the job.

    Jean Pasco- up in The Register’s ass working to keep them from reporting all of daly’s gaffes.

    Bruce Matthias- next to Renee

    Tom Daly- back to part time duties and watching the angels games. He has left early to catch the games.

    All of daly’s cronnies- still working!

    Cabrera- dumb bastard still on vacation at the fullerton branch office.

    Daly’s staff- still miserable and hoping something happens to daly and soon.

  6. Nacho Libre just like the first paragraph on this blog, If the election for Clerk-Recorder had anything to teach us, it is that the best candidate doesn’t always win the election. And we wonder why we have the ineffective government we have. I guess all I can say is that we deserve the government we vote for.

    The voters have not spoken because they didn’t about all of Tom Daly big spending, hiring friends and giving out bogus contracts.

    Nacho Libre you can bash David all you want but at least he stood up to big spending dumb ass Tom Daly.

    At least he is not like a puppet like you are.

  7. Mr. Nguyen lost, what a shame. The residents of this fine County will now pay for the next four years with their tax dollars for this great mistake.

    Tip for voters: if you don’t know who or what you’re voting for – skip it!

  8. More updates:

    Terri Nissen – So up Renee’s ass you wouldn’t believe she was about to sue her a few years back. Terri is an old hag who has nothing left to do but to shribble and retire to her home. FOREVER. NO one likes you Terri. Including Renee and Tom. They just want you out of their hair and don’t trust you with Document Examining but like the dumb asses that they are trust you with HR duties. YOu were replaced by Rosa. Think about it Rosa? Thats how bad you are. Please do us all a favor and retire or go back to the army. Make them miserable.

  9. Counting the days when justice will prevail! Tom Daly and ALL his cronies will get exposed soon enough! Everybody knows of all the injustice that goes on in his office. Nobody has the balls to stand up and say a word and why do I ask? Just ask David Cabrera what happens when you do.

  10. @ USMC veterano, listen crumb cake…I said David C. was a lame as Marine, not all Marines dip shit. By the way, there isn’t no bigger pussy than David C. and his sorry lame ass. Its not nice to call the voters of Orange County idiots. Reminder, the public has 4 years to gather all the information that they need to remove Mr. Daly from office. Wait they just did. Too bad.

    @ D-Lewis, does that mean that Hilary Clinton would of made a better president, What about Bob Dole, even better Ross Perot, but all time favorite Jesse Jackson. Also, David is still a puppet in the Fullerton office. He needed to take a few weeks to gather himself in Mexico to find his balls. All the women in the Central office grew weary of your hitting on them, they are thankful for the break. Hurry and get Carmen her Starbucks coffee before she cuts you off again.

    Yes, Admin did fudged it there, letting go two extra help employees and not temps. That one was strange. Attendance and work ethic had nothing to do with it all. Though a tough decisions are made, just be glad it wasn’t you. Show up to work, do your freaking job, go to your break, do more work, go to lunch, do more work, and take another break, do so more work and go home. This economy is going down, it has to hit rock bottom before it comes back up again.
    Don’t see what the big deal is if you do your job well, show up on time, mind your business, be honest and sincere with one another: You cant go wrong. If you are sick and tired of what you are doing at your present job, Good Luck at finding an ok paying job with great health benefits.

    Heiu, Dana and David please stop with the nonsense and all the crying like biyatches.

    Say it again to my face…
    Take it eazy…I wanna win…

    I nominate Roberta Estrada for Clerk-Recorder, I know she will get more votes than Heiu.

  11. Ha! Ha! Nacho Libre is such a pussy. It’s probably Leatherface Renee Ramirez or stupid ass Jenifer Lowe. As we all know now, the public doesn’t know of Daly’s wasteful spending because he pays Jean Pasco $100,000 to blow everyone at the Register’s c_ck to keep the bad stuff out of the newspaper. Daly has a misinformation campaign going and at tax payer’s money. David knew something and that is why he is on vacation in Fullerton. He has more balls than Nacho Libre ever will cause Nacho Libre just bends over and takes it from Team Daly and Leather Faced Renee Ramirez who by the way will be 40 soon but looking 80. And Nacho Libre take the c-ck out of your mouth for a second and do alittle research. Hieu got 3 times the votes Roberta Estrada got last time she ran. So Insead of opening wide for Daly’s c-ck and Leatherface Renee Ramirez crotch open your eyes and smell the coffee and do some research before blab. Also I have never heard of a pussy Marine in my life so if you feel that David C. has no balls tell him in his face. I’m sure he will promptly let you know otherwise. The one with out balls is Daly since leatherfaced slut Ramirez has his in her purse. He can’t even do the firings himself. What a pussy.

  12. Nacho Libre what are you talking about. I voted for Carona even though I heard the stories about him. Wish the newspapers did their job better and I wouldn’t have voted for Carona’s criminal ass. We voted for George Bush twice!! That in itself is criminal. So if there is smoke with this Daly guy then there is something to it. I was disappointed that the Public Guardian got re-elected again. That guy was caught hiring only his buddies and doubling his department’s expenditures by the Grand Jury. And despite that the retarded OC voters re-elected him. Nacho Libre, do your homework before you write. The OC Voters are stupid. Remember we re-elected Citron for Treasurer and then he bankrupted us. Please don’t give us too much credit. Oh and please don’t use ghetto language like “biyatches”. It makes you look stupid and you lose credibility.

  13. I apologize OC Voter? them bitches!!
    won’t happen again.
    Dana…sorry David, why are you worried how she looks, why the sudden concern for her looks. Don’t be so angry that she didn’t allow you to hit that. Go have another beer and pass out.
    Team Sore Losers, Heiuster, Outkast Dana, Big Puss David. I checked the oc registrar and Heiu still lost. There did my research.

  14. Sounds like he only hater here is Nacho Libre. Don’t get mad that people expose the thruth. Your the one who started the personal bashing instead of focusin on the issue. The issue again people is that Daly is corrupt official and he is enabled (apparently) by this Renee lady and his other managers. Nacho Libre seems to be a bandwagon hopper. The fat is you didn’t do the research before you supported a Roberta run. Shows you are the one with a knife to gring now get over it and grow some balls like Cabrera and Hieu who didn’t quit his race unlike Tom Daly. If you do your researh, he has raised money twice claiming to run for supervisor two times and both times quit. What a thief Daly is. He should refund the money he raised to all those he lied to about running for supervisor. And Nacho Libre is behind this hack?

  15. I’m just happy that Daly had to spend all his money to beat hieu. Ha! Ha! I even heard he tried to get Hieu to quit. Serves Daly right to not keep all the money he stole from his supporters for his bogus supervisor. Looking forward to making him spend more money when he runs for third district. Ha! Ha!

  16. carmen stop your shit talking. You only talk shit behind peoples back. Typical of an abused child. Now go back to screwing Chris Hall or Mary Jack.

  17. David, you know you love it. You had your chance and you blew, no wait I blew it, Ya I remember, not much was there. David, you flippin nuttslapper. Be gone and stay gone.

  18. David you didn’t miss anything been there done that. Maybe if carmen lost the beer gut but even then not much to look at and she is one evil ho. Anyone who has done Chris is someone you shoul avoid.

  19. What, David don’t care, he’ll take sloppy seconds anytime. Just as long he doesn’t have to pay for it.

  20. fanny cake, what the hell kind of a name is fanny cake. please clarify. thank you very much.

    ” The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves. “

  21. Yes, Please stick to the subject and stop talking about that evil stank whore Carmen!
    So another extra help employee was let go last week. Good riddance! This one got what he deserved.

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