Smash and Grab in Fullerton

According to an La Times story, here, by ace reporter Sam Quinones, a spate of smash and grab robberies has plagued the Southland recently, including the jewely mart richere in Fullerton’s Metrocenter. Lots of untraceable gold and freeway access are the likely causes. Some of the culprits have been identified as members of various LA County Crips affiliations branching out into the depths of suburbia.

Apparently the resourceful young men’s MO is to attack in numbers, smash cases with hammers, cause confusion, and make off in multiple getaway vehicles.

I certainly hope Fullerton PD is more successful solving this theft than they have been getting to the bottom of the Roland Chi sign theft ring.

And in passing, I note Fullerton’s own Sgt. Mike Chlebowski is quoted at the end of the article. Just knowing we have somebody named Mike Chlebowski on the force makes me feel a whole lot better about today.