An FPD Beating: What Does It Feel Like?

Update here: Fullerton Police Beating Complaint “Sustained” by Internal Investigation; Officer Named.

Here’s a scoop you won’t find in a Fullerton Police Department press release: It’s a detailed account from one college student’s allegations of brutality by Fullerton cops in downtown last year, which he says resulted in an Internal Affairs investigation and one FPD officer being reprimanded for “inappropriate actions.”


On the night of March 17th, 2010 at approximately 10:10 pm, I was smoking a cigarette outside Heroes Pub in Fullerton, CA. I was approached by some individuals who identified themselves as gang members and referred to me as “faggot” and “pussy.” Apparently, an altercation began after one of them threatened to “fuck me up” and/or “kill my ‘bitch ass’” if I did not “keep walking.”

At this point, all I remember is a half dozen or so Fullerton police officers screaming at me to put my hands behind my back and spread my legs, which I did. I was violently handcuffed, and asked what was going on. None of the officers would answer me, and instructed me to “shut the fuck up.” At this point, one of the officers threw me on the ground and told me to “stop resisting arrest”, which is odd, because I was not at all resisting, and in fact had no idea I was even being arrested (or why.)

After being beaten on the ground and searched, an unknown officer violently tugged me up by the chain that connects the cuffs (which, in my opinion, were on much too tightly – perhaps in an effort to maximize my agony.) I was repeatedly yanked back and forth by the cuffs, which caused tearing and lacerations on my wrists, which was corroborated by my doctor as consistent with someone attempting to injure the wrist and cause pain. Once the officers were done beating me (because according to them, I was “resisting arrest” and “being combative”, which is completely absurd, as I’m a non-violent college student with no rap sheet who hadn’t even had the opportunity to enjoy a beer yet. Might I add I am 5’9 and weigh 160 lbs.)

The broken finger

At this point, an officer picked me up by the cuffs and started to crack my fingers. I screamed in agony “Ouch! Stop! You’re breaking my finger!!”, at which point the officer asked which finger. I instructed the officer it was my left pinky which was in pain, and then the officer proceeded to twist the finger until it broke (again, my physician will provide x-rays and his report upon request.) I screamed that “You broke my finger!” and the officer said something along the lines of “good.”

At another point, I was asked if my right hand was ok, I replied with “Yes.” Then an officer said “not anymore” and attempted to twist my thumb until it broke, and then my right wrist until it broke. He was unsuccessful. I believe I was punched in the back of the head and body while on the ground being arrest, and the video of the incident might prove this. I was punched so many times during the experience that I am unsure when most of the punching by the officers occurred, but it did occur multiple times. I was also hit with a blunt object. It could have been my shoe, which was violently ripped from my foot (as evidenced by the broken double knot that seems to have exploded due to a large degree of force.) Since I was face down on my stomach during most of the beatings and an officer had his boot pressed painfully on my face, I was unable to see a.) Who was hitting me and b.) With what, if any, objects I was being hit with.

I should note that before I was place in the back of officer [name omitted] squad car, I was asked to “Watch my head”, at which point an officer deliberately slammed my head into the side of the car to cause me pain. While in the back of the squad car, I asked repeatedly why I was being arrested and the officer essentially told me to “Shut the fuck up.” I called him “crooked”, among other things, and vowed I would get justice for having my finger broken. The officer driving the squad car then sped up to a high speed, and then slammed on the breaks, causing me to fly forward and slam my face into the grate that separated us. He repeated two more times, and he seemed to be enjoying it, as he had a smile on his face, and appeared to be impressed with himself for further injuring me.

When we arrived at the station, I was beaten again by more officers and I overheard an officer tell one of the jail guards to “take special care of this one, he thinks he’s smart.” I’m assuming this was in reference to me screaming to be charged, mirandized or explained the situation. I want to note that I was never told why I was arrested, and I was not charged until approximately 6:00am. I was never read my Miranda Rights.

I was thrown into a cold, cement cell with no heating. The officers took my shoes, socks and tie and left me to rot without explanation. I repeatedly screamed asking for an attorney, a phone call, an explanation – and was given none of them. I screamed at one of the guards “Where are my rights!?”, to which he smiled and responded, “You have none, pussy.” Throughout the course of the night, one officer in particular  routinely tormented, harassed, and abused me.

I was shivering cold and asked for a blanket and/or pillow at least 20 times. I was denied each time. Every time I asked an officer for an attorney, a phone call, or what my charges were, he said “You just earned yourself two more hours” (implying that I would get to shiver on the freezing cement floor with no blanket for two additional hours.) The entire ordeal lasted eight (8) hours. Officer [name omitted] made several visits to my cell to hurt me.

I told him I had a broken finger, and that my right wrist and thumb might be broken, at which point he smiled, laughed, and started twisting them (my fingers and wrist) until I felt them crack. The pain was so intense that I almost fainted, and I was in so much pain from the prior beatings I took while being arrested, while arriving at the station, and by Officer [name omitted], et al. in places at the station he described as “The place where we got no cameras”, that I attempted to make myself faint to escape the torment and agony that was being wrought upon me.

I should note that Officer [name omitted] genuinely seemed to enjoy hurting me and watching my agony. He laughed and smiled each time he hit me, or squeezed my broken fingers, or punched me in the ribs or skull. He told me “they’ll never catch me… I’m punching you where it doesn’t leave marks” (in reference to my skull and scalp; under my hair.) My doctor, however, corroborated the fact that I had multiple contusions on my skull that were consistent with being punched or struck with a blunt object, and suggested that I may have a concussion.

I told Officer [name omitted] that “I would have his badge” for beating me, and he responded with “I’ll just tell them you were resisting. Or you were violent, or had shank… you’re so fucking stupid kid”, and then he just laughed. The officer taunted me throughout the night by asking me “A blanket would be nice, wouldn’t it?”, then laughing and walking away. He also made remarks such as “Had enough yet” (in reference to “enough” beatings) and “Aww… poor baby is shivering” (in reference to the fact that I stayed in a cold (approximately 49 degrees Fahrenheit) cell for eight hours with no blanket, pillow or hot coffee or tea. Officer [name omitted] also referred to me not by my given name throughout the night, but rather “a faggot”, “a pussy” and “his bitch.”

I told him people like him shouldn’t be cops, and he clearly took the job because he enjoys hurting people for pleasure, and he smiled and agreed with me. It was incredibly disturbing how much fun he seemed to be having, and the joy he expressed every time I screamed in completely blood-curdling agony when he re-broke my finger, and attempted to break other fingers. He treated me sub-human, and not once was I told why I was arrested, or if I was even, in fact, under arrest. Additionally, I was denied a phone call, an attorney, and access to my personal property (the latter being reasonable I suppose – although I heard other inmates using their cell phones.)

When I was finally released at approximately 6:00AM, an officer handed me a bag containing my belongings. I was sober when taken in, and was keeping close track of my money (all in cash.) I started the night with $250 (as I don’t like credit or debit cards, and usually keep all my cash on my person), and when I was arrested I had $174.56. However, when I checked my belongings, there was only $34 in the bag, and Sgt. [name omitted] (who was the person giving me my property back) had no explanation for the missing money.

The next morning I visited the doctor and had an examination, and also took photographs of my injuries. The police officers had broken my left pinky finger “pretty badly” (according to a hand specialist I saw after my primary physician), caused lacerations and bruising to both my wrists, left over a dozen contusions (bruises, cuts, scrapes, welts) on my skull, possibly gave me a concussion, and partially dislocated my right thumb and wrist.

This was all completely unnecessary. I never once “resisted” any officers, and in fact, went limp and followed all their demands in an attempt to avoid further “punishment” (see: beatings.) These officers seemed to take pleasure in beating me, especially when I brought up my attorney, or asked for my rights. As I mentioned earlier, I am a peaceful college student with no criminal record, and what happened to me was completely boorish, disgusting and inhumane. I hope the Fullerton Police Department, Fullerton City Hall and the Internal Affairs Bureau take this very seriously.

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    1. The guy’s attorney told him to leave them out when he wrote it, but I think we’ll be able to name names shortly.

        1. You are a stud Travis. You inspired me to send off the below missive…..I was attacked and beat to near death by 6 cops in LA (LAPD and UCLA PD). It was bad, never reported and I never received the treatment I needed until now….I am doing much better but the last 20 yrs have been hard, very hard.

          You are brave and I want to connect with you, one survivor to another.

          Please accept my thanks and gratitude for speaking out like you have. It is our time to speak our truth, so that perhaps another is spared the abuse.

          The Police need to go to prison for the rest of their lives when they abuse an innocent. Keep fighting, we are gaining huge momentum.

          Be well and reach out anytime. My cell is turned off for lack of payment but email will always be here or close enough.

          Thanks man and enjoy the read:

          Trevor Hitchin (Trev)

          Boise, Idaho

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          ———- Forwarded message ———-
          From: Trevor D Hitchin
          Date: Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 7:27 PM
          To:, Charlotte Dubenskij ,
          Cc:, laura austen ,, “Garza, Manny” , “Ware, Daniela F.” , kreed ,,

          Hello ABC7 Management / CNN UK / GovInfoSecurity

          In reference to the Fullerton Police Brutality (likely a murder) of an innocent citizen this week, I wish to offer you my story, the one that has been in the works for 20 yrs. It is my story of recovering from Police Brutality and Nazi torture. I lived to tell, please let me.

          On the evening of 5/31/91, 6 cops beat me nearly to death in the back room of the UCLA Medical Center, denied it ever happened and left me for dead. I was 5′ 11, calm, clear in the head and just wanted to get the heck away from my abusers and I DID NOT consent to the forced drugging (neuroleptics 100x more toxic than cyanide). There is no incident report and I was left on disability for PTSD, a broken neck, and a back and spinal cord that were damaged so badly that I could not walk, talk, sleep, eat, speak, breathe, think, love or be loved, normally for the past 20 years, it has been difficult for me and my loved ones (whoever is left). I am on the LONG road home so to speak.

          CNN / ABC, I want my story told and I want UCLA to pay for what they did. I also want the Police and Nazi doctors to be prosecuted, in the US or abroad. With the Royal Couple landing in Los Angeles tonight (my hometown), and with my connection to their family through my Family’s history (the King and Queen of England were hosted by my great grandparents in Edmonton, the ‘King’s Speech King”, and so I plan to ask the UK high Courts to help since my courts and law enforcement have failed me miserably.
          I am lucky to be able to sit here and type this. Consider what happened at KAMP UCLA in 1993 to a young man (Harvard MBA) who was captured and murdered at UCLA.

          Now consider how much money the incompetent and fraudulent CEO is making:

          Now see the link between ‘enhanced techniques’, sleep deprivation, drugging etc… and the military. I have attached a report for your education into how it really feels years later to not have use of your arms, legs, skeletal system. The report “Broken Laws / Broken Lives” tells it like it is. UCLA was the feeder orgization into the torture that American Service men and women conducted on mostly innocent detainees. Put it this way, I have not been able to walk normally or fold sheets (too painful on the shoulders) for TWENTY YEARS now….


          Today’s L.A. Times Headlines (another fine for Feinberg)

          I am coming forward this week to Federal Authorities about the wanton and gruesome attack, police brutality, I suffered in May of 1991. As you all are aware, I was 19, on a full scholarship at Pepperdine University, I had the world in front of me. UCLA stole it from me and my family.

          In short Summary:

          I was on the 4th day of an illegal and forced 3 day hold (5150) for not showing up to a Nazi Psychiatrist’s appoint. I am of Jewish origin and I had just spent 3 months living in Germany and saw the hooks at Auschwitz, were some of my ancestors were murdered. I did not like the 5′ 2″ John R. Moeller, felt he was creepy, and decided at 19 I would choose my own medical providers thank you very much.

          Well, he dialed in a 5150 to Beverly Hills Police and I was taken by my father to UCLA NPI (he thought that was a better alternative to 5 cops pointing their guns at a 19 year old standing in front of his newly rented apartment in Beverly Hills (breaking away from family, totally normal experience). Until…..

          on the 4th day of the 3 day, at 7:55 pm on 5/31/91, 6 cops entered the locked ward (the Menendex Bros were on trial), Rodney King had been beaten down three weeks prior… the cops enter the floor, I am calm as can be. I was given my belongings back (like you were leaving jail I suppose), and I was handed my wallet, my key, my sunglasses and small silver inlaid 2′ pocket knife. So then the cops tell me go to the back room, they semi circle around me, acting tough and threatening. Four were LAPD, two were UCLA, all were wearing dark blue uniforms….they were going show me alright…

          So then like a scene out of One Flew Over…the nurse Ratchet hands me a paper cup of psychotropics and tells me take them, and that by taking them I am consenting to be drugged (think Loftner in AZ, the heavy drugs that alter your mind). When I heard the side effects being mentioned, I immediately spit out the pills. I had every RIGHT to ‘Just Say No’, after all I was at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center…. no faster had the pills left my mouth than the six cops began beating me mercilessly. The smashed my head on the ground so hard my skull was fractured, my eyes required reconstructive surgery, my spinal cord was flipped, every joint of my body was dislocated (and still is 20 yrs later), I was given a needle as I was beaten into a coma. I saw the boots hitting my head, I was screaming for them to stop, they high fived and left as I as losing consciousness.

          My Nazi Doctor wrote the next day that I did not recognize him or my family (still have memory problems) and my neck was hung after that at a 75 degree angle in the “looking down” position (think POW sticker with head hanging down).

          So I have seen 45+ doctors over the past 20 yrs for my attack. UCLA is hiding and not being forthcoming with restitution or even a police report (yes three later I am STILL trying to get Captain Garza of UCLA PD to send me his report. As it turns out, Garza was there at the beating or at a minimum was able to identify which Officers were there. He is covering up the story so now I want to make it public.

          Can you please take my story, about a survivor, the white Rodney King that you don’t know (yet). I would love for all of CA, the US and beyond to know that UCLA is a torture center, they are convicted murderers…. (google: UCLA NPI Wrongful death and see what comes up), and ever since the days of Jolly West, have been torturing people like me for benefit dollars. . .just like Auschwitz, Camp X-ray, Gitmo..

          I will copy a report issued by the PHR (Phys for Human Rights). My arms have been unusable as have my legs and eyes for nearly 20 yrs. It has been a helluva struggle making it this far.

          Please Channel 7, please interview me, let the people know what kind of human experimenting goes on at UCLA and one survivor made it out – ‘lived to tell’.’

          If you want my story you can have it, please email me with a time we can speak. With UCLA and David Feinberg making headlines today for fraud and Civil Rights abuses, to the tune of $850,000 in fines!!!!, well, I think it’s time to bring the house down so to speak.

          I still look 19, I have memory, nightmares, and anger issues (PTSD) when talking to UCLA about this. I actually have my MBA from Pepperdine University, as does UCLA Medical’s CEO, we are fellow Alumni but are now going to ‘war’ over being tortured for cash. I had about $100,000 (today’s dollars) worth of insurance dollars. UCLA got 6 days before I transferred myself out (life saver) but was tortured for the other 23 days of benies by a John R. Moeller (Nazi Psychiatrist) who is STILL practicing in Torrance, CA. He is my primary abuser after the 6 cops beat me to within inches of death.

          Please help and I will make this a VERY compelling story as I have ALL the evidence I need for the Dept of Justice and the FBI to convict these terrorists. Please don’t turn a blind eye, pick up my story, be first.

          Thank you and again, if you will write to me and tell me if you are interested, I want to do this. I am ready, it has been 20 yrs of struggle for me and my family and loved ones, I think it is what the world needs to see, the power to come forward and report abusers and survive torture.

          I am calling for David Feinberg to resign for his lack of leadership in my coming forward, for not providing me my police report, my medical records, or my billing statements. I am alleging that Feinberg was involved, along with Ware and Captain Garza in covering up my Police Brutality and my torture. I want them all indicted and with my civic connections and with UCLA’s reputation vis-a-vis the Justice Department / Civil Rights Violation, I think we can, and will, get a conviction. We are not in the British torturous dark ages, we are not in Nazi Germany, this is America and when this stuff happens, people speak up and Justice is fought for.

          I am also listing Johanna Klohn in my litigation complaints. She chose not to help me as well and is in a leadership postion with the Resnick Hospital.

          I welcome your coverage and I can make a telephone interview available at the drop of a dime. Just let me know who to call and when.

          You can email directly and discretely to me at: If funds are available for my story I could sure use them. I live in SSDI (Social Security Disability) and well, fighting these abusers requires some funds. I will accept anything you are able to offer. It is my life and I need to ensure the abusers are brought into the Justice System. I am writing a novel: “Kamp UCLA and the German Body Mechanics” but revenues will be in the future, I could use a little help now. Power, internet and other utilities are being shut off by the week. I am grateful for your help to this point. Seriously, cheers.

          Thank you!


          Trevor D. Hitchin
          1018 North 15th Street
          Boise, Idaho 83702
          United States

          “The UCLA Police Department is a professional organization providing quality public safety services and innovative programs to serve our University community. We accomplish this by employing highly trained staff, equipped with modern technology. Our team is guided by the philosophies of outstanding customer service and community policing. Our greatest asset is our personnel; our greatest strength is our partnership with the community.”

          Resnick Hospital
          The Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services for adults, adolescents, and children. In addition to funding from state and federal sources, work at UCLA is also supported by gifts from individuals and groups; the Friends of Semel is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing state of the art research and treatment for illnesses of the mind and brain.

  1. “Inappropriate actions”?!?!?!


    Are you fucking kidding me?

    If these allegations are true, you owe the public the officer’s name so we can avoid being in Fullerton when he is on duty.

      1. Kim, I know that you love Fullerton and I believe you’d be a good addition to our blog pen. Just think about it and let me know when you’re ready for a meet up.



  2. Is the “victim” filing criminal charges through the D.A.’s Office (not that it will help)? Or is he filing a civil suit??

  3. This story is truly shocking. Has the FBI been contacted?

    I was arrested in Mexico once and treated better than this young man. I went to Mexico to get a close shave, you know old school with a straight razor. I remember drinking some kind of booze out of a sun tea jar that contained a dead snake. I woke up in a Mexican jail cell in a pile of my own sick with my shorts around my cowboy boots. As my eye slowly adjusted to the dark dank cell I discovered this local fellow was using his tongue to quickly dart it around the base of my naughty bits. I screamed for the guard but no one came. I had to lay their and take it. I guess I’m just saying that strange things can happen anywhere. It’s best to just make lemonade.

    1. That licking was just to lube you up so you could fit between the jail cell bars. Was Travis with you? I don’t think he’s from Mexico.

  4. There are 3 sides to every story, the victim, the police and the truth, I don’t buy into this person’s total victim rendition. However, if excessive force still exists even after the victim’s voluminous adjectives are removed, then excessive force was used by the FPD.

  5. You know, at some point, I hope us citizens step up and physically stop these badged gang members when someone’s being violated like this – instead of standing around with our video camera and talking shit. It does nothing. Cunts like these only understand violence. I’m interested to see how these douchebags handle a street full of angry, rock throwing citizens at once when they go too far.

    1. Trust me I did everything I could when I was being harasssed by the Antelope Valley Sheriffs Department In Lancaster, Ca FOR NO REASON and the bottom line is, “Guess who wins in the end”. Yes the guys with the badge. Don’t blame people for not jumping me. They will be dead too.

  6. I have two thoughts.

    First, any idiot knows that mouthing off to the police will not likely improve one’s situation. The “victim” here is a complete idiot, not because he deserved to be treated this way, rather, because when things were going terribly wrong for him it appears he did all he could to antagonize his tormenters. The time for justice and investigations is when you are out of jail and able to start a PR campaign, lawsuit etc.. Calling officers that names that had already decided to throw away the rule book had only one likely ending.

    Second, even idiots like the “victim” here have a right to be treated properly despite bing complete imbeciles. We pay our police well and they sure as hell get to retire like no one else. Part of the reason we do so is because they have to deal with people that are angry, hostile, drink, irrational etc. There is no excuse why a trained police officer would decide to play judge and jury merely because some young guy is a punk claiming to be an expert on all things constitutional. Any cop that has been on the job for a few months has heard all this before and if he/she cant take it they need to quit or be run out on a rail.

    Bottom line is this kid is an idiot that should sue and should win despite his own stupidity. The cops involved should be fired.

    Where is the chief on this?

    1. The cops should be fired? No, the cops involved should GO TO JAIL! Beating people is a crime. Beating handcuffed people under color of authority is a sick and twisted crime.

      We need more information on this story.

  7. The Fullerton PD are arrogant assholes who feel they are above the law. I got pulled over for a cell phone ticket by ABERCROMBIE (aka dickhead), who pounded on my car, yelled and spat at me for not talking hands free while I was pulled over to the side of the road at a stop light. When I phoned the Watch Commander, he listened and did nothing. I’m a female in my mid 40’s and I was treated as though I had held up a liquor store with an automatic machine gun instead of being on the side of the road making a call.

    This story (not mine, but the poor college student who was senselessly beaten) just goes to show how much our great City of Fullerton needs new leadership and change.

    City Council sucks, Fullerton PD is full of arrogant pricks and I find that the City of Fullerton has no controls on any portion of their departments. Who’s the head idiot in charge, because it just seems like a bunch of lemmings!

    BTW…Don Bankhead. You can kiss my ass!

    1. A guy who washed the cars at one of Fullerton’s cheezy, hole in the wall car lots, decided to take a pick-up truck for sale on the lot for a ride. He slammed into the side of my car as I drove past the car lot’s exit.. This same driver then called his father to come over. The father said he saw the entire accident form the corner and that it was my fault. Abercrombie quickly caught onto this ploy and told the father he didn’t need his info and sent him across the street.

      1. moral of my excerpt, it is easy to bad mouth the police when you get a fine or arrested by them for criminal actions. Joseph Wambaugh wrote a book titled “The Onion Field”which was made into a good movie. The book and movie’s most memorable line. “A country doctor dies with a shoebox full of bills and a trunk full of gratitude. Cops die with a shoebox of bills and no gratitude.”

    2. Every one here is also fed up. Why don’t you anonymously post crap like everyone here. It makes you feel better about yourself.

    1. That’s because you are one of those knee-jerk neanderthals who always back bad cops no matter how high the mountain of historical evidence against them stacks up.

      The blog says there was an internal investigation and an officer “reprimand.” It sounds like the department agrees with at least part of the story. Hopefully the truth will come out.

      1. And you are one of those knee-jerk neanderthals who always back people who hate the police no matter how high the mountain of historical evidence against them stacks up.

        More officers are exonerated through video and audio evidence, showing the person complaining was LYING than ever are found culpable.

  8. I searched the OC Courts website and found no lawsuit against the Fullerton PD or the City of Fullerton since March 2010 that would fit this description.

    15 months have passed since it happened. If the facts are true and accurate as reported here, why isn’t there a lawsuit on the books?

      1. Nice straw man.

        Again, if these are the facts, the true and accurate facts, why wait 15 months and counting to do anything about it? Hell, why not run to the mainstream media, who would have a field day with this?

        I’ve read the story three times now. Every time I read it, the more I doubt it really happened.

        1. It could be any number of reasons. Maybe he was waiting for an internal investigation to complete. Maybe he was bogged down by a dipshit attorney. Or maybe the kid is scared shitless that the cops are going to come after him.

          1. Or maybe the story didn’t happen as described.

            The writer has conveniently omitted certain aspects of the story, while other parts seem fabricated or nonsensical to a reasonable person.

            It doesn’t take an attorney to see the flaws in his story.

  9. Well that is what People get if they let the POLICE to protect them from the Criminals by hiring Criminals and an equal opportunity riff raff from the south.

    People never learn because they were genetically created by the Annunakis to obey as their slaves.

    1. I should add that it would be in the best interest of the citizens to pass a legislation which would authorize person to use reasonable force against POLICE if they feel that the POLICE may kill them.

      Can we do that?

      Do we have enough intelligent citizens behind these blogs.

      Can we collect enough signatures?

  10. Attorney Bernie :
    Maybe… I hope we get more information.

    I’m talking about the info already provided. There’s at least one remark in there I can prove is bullshit right now without additional information. And there’s lots more in that story that seems fabricated.

    Happy to share my thoughts if anybody is interested.

  11. Well, one glaring pile of bullshit would have to be the following:

    > He also made remarks such as “Had enough
    > yet” (in reference to “enough” beatings) and
    > “Aww… poor baby is shivering” (in reference
    > to the fact that I stayed in a cold
    > (approximately 49 degrees Fahrenheit) cell
    > for eight hours with no blanket, pillow or hot
    > coffee or tea.

    How would he know what the temperature was? archives the weather history all over the country. This was the data recorded at Fullerton Airport on the days he says he was in jail.

    March 17, 2010 — Hi 86, Lo 53
    March 18, 2010 — Hi 74, Lo 52

    Even outside, it never got down to 49 degrees. See for yourself here:

    His assertion of having $174.56 when he was arrested is strange. I don’t know anybody who keeps a definitive count of the quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies they’re carrying around to know they had 56 cents in coins, much less be able to remember it five minutes later. This part seems fabricated.

    In the third paragraph he says, “…as I’m a non-violent college student with no rap sheet who hadn’t even had the opportunity to enjoy a beer yet.”

    That’s interesting considering this happened outside Heroes and he admits to starting the night with $250 and was down to $174.56 by 10:10pm when the incident occurred. So he’s down $75 by that point but [never] “had the opportunity to enjoy a beer yet.” Uh huh.

    Nowhere does he say, or even imply, that he was acting in self-defense. He skips over the altercation part, acting as if he doesn’t remember it. If he can’t remember it, maybe the gang members were the ones who caused his injuries?

    That’s all for now.

    1. A variance of 3 degrees between the airport and police station is enough for you to call BS on the whole story? That’s quite a leap you’re making.

      Also, if a guy left the bank with $250 in his wallet and had a receipt for $75.44 in his pocket, he could certainly calculate how much cash was in his wallet at the time of the incident.

      I don’t know if any of these things happened, but since we’re throwing out hypotheticals, we might as well look both ways.

    2. The fact he claims to know the jail cell temperature is ridiculous in and of itself. Especially so if the remainder of his story is accurate. If your finger was broken, and you had lacerations on your wrists, and your head was banged against the police car, and you were arrested, and you were refused an attorney, the temperature of the jail cell would be the LEAST of your worries. You would have so many thoughts going through your head that I doubt you’d notice a temperature reading or even remember what it was.

      But back to the temperature difference. The outdoor temp never dropped below 52 degrees on either day. Even without a furnace, it would have been much warmer indoors. So this guy wants us to believe the Fullerton PD ran an air conditioner during the night to make it 49° indoors — all of this on a winter night. Yeah, right.


      So what if he had a receipt for $75.44 … that doesn’t prove or disprove he had $174.56 in his wallet. I find it laughable he claims to know, TO THE EXACT CENT, how much money was on him after the altercation when he was arrested. Who’s to say the gang members didn’t steal his money?


      I know I said this already, but for a guy who says he wasn’t drinking, how do you blow $75.44 at Heroes by 10:10pm if he wasn’t 1) buying for other people, or 2) completely intoxicated? My gut says he was intoxicated, but that’s just me.


      > I believe I was punched in the back of the
      > head and body while on the ground being
      > arrest, and the video of the incident might
      > prove this.

      > I was punched so many times during the
      > experience that I am unsure when most of
      > the punching by the officers occurred, but it
      > did occur multiple times.

      Another gem. He’s not sure what happened during the arrest, but he knows the jail cell was 49 degrees, he had $174.56 in his pocket, the names of the officers involved, and exactly what slurs the officers said to him.


      I can’t say the whole story is false. Some of it may be true, but I also think lots of it is complete bullshit.

      He’s not even claiming it was a false arrest. Notice there’s no comment on the outcome of his criminal charges? Hmm…

        1. And Daniel Keys Moran said “Writers, all the good ones, are Natural Born Liars”. So what?

          1. so both are right, and the story here we ponder may more be a piece of fiction than truth

  12. I hear this same story every day, give or take a few details. This kind of police brutality is a lot more common than most citizens realize.

    While it might be true that a few bad apples give all cops a bad name, those few bad apples can really cause some damage.

    I, for one, would like to see a lot more dashboard cameras mounted on all police cruisers. The cost of installing dash cams would be a drop in the bucket compared to the resources that the county spends in jury trials when the only evidence is the defendant’s word against the arresting officer’s word (not to mention the settlements that counties pay out when their officers commit violent crimes against their citizenry).

  13. I got jacked up in Long Beach once. I was at a concert, and the cops working the event didn’t like the way I looked…..the next thing I remembered was a doctor cleaning the cut’s and scrapes on my face. FAT BASTARDS!

  14. 1. They have telephones in the cells for the inmates to make calls why didn’t he use those phones?
    2. They don’t let inmate have their personal cell phones so if he is saying other inmates were making calls on cell phones that’s not true
    3. Officers dont work the jail civilian jailers do
    4. He was never told why he was arrested. Did he look at his booking slip or citation when he was released? Did he have to appear in court? What did happen with his criminal case?
    5. If you claim an officer was disciplined (reprimanded) for “Inappropriate actions” the “victim” must have made a complaint and received some notification of the conclusion of the internal investigation. Have him produce that letter. I don’t think they say what discipline if any was rendered only if the complaint was sustained or not. If he is claiming the officer was reprimanded I’d like to see that evidence.
    6. St. Patricks day (march 17) DTF and hadn’t been drinking?
    7. Recordings?
    *. Any proof that this really happened?

  15. Isn’t there a history of police brutality in the FPD’s recent past? It sounds like it might be time to clean house.

  16. Why is that tune “I fought the law and the law won” going through my head as I read this?

  17. INTELLIGENT-RESPONSIBLE-ACCOUNTABLE-Travis and Admin obviously don’t have these traits since this story is so much bullshit. Is your hatred towards LE that great where you make up stories of alleged abuse. Kavis Tiger and Tony smoke a bowl are completely out of control and they make shit up dailey on this blog. I hope you readers understand this isn’t true and they know it but posted it anyways. How about posting stories that are true. Better yet post the name and address of this so called “victim” if he really exists so we can see what’s real or not.

    HEY BRUCE WHITAKER great selection on a qualified upstanding citizen for the planning commiss. You had much better choices that will not damage you.

    Mom and Dad of Kavis you must be so proud that you have a nutty son who has to lie to get attention…………..just like in HS

      1. Do you mean Kavis’. He is either a liar to post this garbage or stupid as shit to be convinced this is an accurate incident. What college did Kavis attend and what year did he graduate?

        Joe why do you little shits always show up to defend your lying “friends” when it’s so clear this is made up crap and only trying to be divisive?

      2. Joe Sipowicz, if you’re going to talk GEDs, then you had better include the writer of this post (Travis). Since education is so important to you, can’t leave out the lack of degree of Mr. Kiger. But that’s right, consistency is he bane of this board.

      1. Most likely to see if this person exist and not a made up friend of Kavis and Tony. And if I had buddies working at the PD do you think they would know who this made up person would be? Probably so I’m guessing it is a made up story by Kavis “snagletooth” Tiger

  18. This is why we don’t need hate seeking assholes in any office. We don’t need kavis, Whitaker, Thompson or Seborn because all they do is spew out Tony’s hate for their own pleasure.

    NO bloggers in any office……they lie

  19. I’ve known Travis for over 15 years. He’s an honest, god fearing man who’s tired of police and political corruption and abuse. I applaud his stand against this type of legalized thuggery.

  20. Its really sad that so many people believe something just because it is on the internet. This is not 1980’s LAPD. Everything is recorded from the time an officer contacts a person until he is brought to the jail. Once in the jail, there are cameras and microphones that record 24/7. Get a clue people.

  21. Censorship — the control of the information and ideas circulated within a society — has been a hallmark of dictatorships throughout history. In the 20th Century, censorship was achieved through the examination of books, plays, films, television and radio programs, news reports, and other forms of communication for the purpose of altering or suppressing ideas found to be objectionable or offensive. The rationales for censorship have varied, with some censors targeting material deemed to be indecent or obscene; heretical or blasphemous; or seditious or treasonous. Thus, ideas have been suppressed under the guise of protecting three basic social institutions: the family, the church, and the state.

    Coward !

  22. We do not fear censorship for we have no wish to offend with improprieties or obscenities, but we do demand, as a right, the liberty to show the dark side of wrong, that we may illuminate the bright side of virtue—the same liberty that is conceded to the art of the written word, that art to which we owe the Bible and the works of Shakespeare.

    We live in oppressive times. We have, as a nation, become our own thought police; but instead of calling the process by which we limit our expression of dissent and wonder “censorship,” we call it “Political correctness”.

  23. This story is total bullshit. Have Whittaker look at the videos and listen to the recordings. Then report back…yeah right

  24. Does anyone here really take anything written on this website seriously? This is the local version of Mad Magazine. I just wish you guys could put the folding back cover like the magazine had and make a cool hidden picture.

    Now listen up, write something funny so I can have a good laugh.

    You all take yourselves way too seriously and think you’re making a difference. Tony is just pissing away his inheritance to make me laugh. Didn’t daddy just make a big deposit in your back account recently. Let’s spruce up the place a bit.

  25. I too was a victim . . .

    Once upon a time in the Glidebar far, far away, I sat scanning the crowd. It was St. Patrick McPension’s Day. I had been drinking at the Continental Closet earlier that evening and was a little drunk from the over-serving bartenders who would rather have my money to line the owners’ pockets then worry about my safety . . . but that is another story (more to come).

  26. At the bar I saw an attractive young lady talking to a nerd. I figure he has to be her stepbrother or maybe just a bi-curious friend who keeps her entertained talking about shopping and such. I move in, lay out the standard line, and get a smile from her. I am immediately verbally assaulted by the little geek who proclaims he is the hottie’s husband. As he turns towards me I recognize him as Travis Kegel, an appointed Planning Commisioner. I say, “So.” It is at that time he threatens to post a blog about me, my family and everyone I care about on some website the next morning if I don’t back-off.

  27. I am not even thinking about he following morning so I say, “So.” Kegel tells me his family developed an exercise program for a certain group of muscles and he has, as he put it, “very strong constriction potential”. I say, “So.” Kegel leaves. I was, for the moment, safe.

  28. Later, Kegel returns and points a Colt Commander at me. I am thinking Lynrd Skynrd at this point but remember it is only Kegel. I take the gun from him and show him how to take off the safety and let him point it at me again. He says, “I will kill you.” I say, “So.” Kegel’s hand strength was not powerful enough to activate the grip safety. I was, for the moment, safe.

  29. Kegel vanishes for a few seconds then returns with a similar-sized nerd sporting a little edgier look. It is bar owner Shawn Francoise. Kegel says, “This is my friend, the all-knowing and powerful Francoise.” I had seen this little man standing behind a curtain earlier operating levers and such. I said, “So.” Francoise then looked at me with defiance and told me he would either a) have is entourage beat me; or b) force a fatal quantity of Coca Cola down my throat.

  30. I said, “So.” I knew Francoise’s entourage was of no concern – he had not paid them in months and had lost their loyalty. I was not concerned about the Coca Cola – Francoise would never let loose of any soda. At that point a Maybach pulled up to the back of the Glidebar heading for the StratoLounge in Brea. Rumor of mass quantities of Coca Cola lured Francoise away. I was, for the moment, safe.

  31. Kegel’s next assault involved bringing in a heavy-hitter. In a matter of seconds I was standing face to face with Land Baron Antonio Bukkake. Bukkake told me he could summon an army of indebted gang members to his immediate assistance. I said, “So.” He then shined a “TFT” beacon of light into the sky and, as he had said, almost immediately a group of angry male youth appeared before me. I was not sure of these were actual gang members or just illegally housed members of the local college’s football team. I was concerned.

  32. My concerns soon vanished as one-by-one these young men fell to the ground incapacitated. Each of them had succumbed to major respiratory failure resulting from years of exposure to black mold that had taken hold in the slums owned by Bukkake. I was, for the moment, safe.

  33. As I was standing on the patio I was alerted to impending danger. As I looked to the parking lot I saw a car barreling down upon me. The car jumped the curb and ran over me. I was pinned underneath. The driver, Jorge Bukkake, stepped from the car and “high-fived” his brother Antonio. The police arrived to investigate but Antonio was able to convince them I was merely changing Jorge’s oil. The car was removed and the police left. Antonio and Jorge also left when they heard a 90-year-old women with Multiple Sclerosis whose 100 year old husband was dying from Pancreatic Cancer were 2 months behind in their rent. I

  34. Kegel had thrown everything he could at me but he had failed. I had prevailed, or so I thought. I grabbed the punk by the throat and lifted him from the floor. He begged for mercy shouting, “Please don’t hurt my typing fingers! I will have one of the many public figures I suck up to make your life hell.” I said, “So.” He was so pathetic I dropped him to the ground unharmed. I was about to take my prize when I was amazed at the inner fortitude and physical ability she displayed. I was no longer safe. Her first blow was to my throat taking away my wind. As I trying to catch my breath her second blow to my liver dropped me to my knees. Her final kick to my “Travis” put me down.

  35. As I lay there in an alcohol and ass-kicked induced haze I saw a tall lean figure walk into the bar and stand beside the hottie. She hugged him and I heard her whisper, “Thank you. Thank you for the confidence you have instilled within me. With a pussy husband like mine, I needed this very much.”

  36. The moral of the story: if you are a punk techno geek whose only sense of being is to sit behind the computer anxiously awaiting the next moment you can “man-up” by keystroke, do yourself a favor and buy “She Bear” for your wife.

    1. Holy Shit the GED FPD posse is really wasting its Saturday night. Say fella why not actually expend some energy later on upholding the law in downtown Fullerton?

      Upholding the law? Where is John Cross when you need him?


  37. I bet those creative writing skills come in real handy when you’re crafting those marginally accurate police reports.

  38. GED…GED…I wish, Education is overrated just ask Public Official Travis.

    You can’t be “educated” unless you have spent your days “taught” by unmotivated, unlettered lunkheads preaching out of outmoded, useless textbooks full of platitudes, lies, and propaganda of one kind or another.
    Then you get “your” degree. A worthless scrap of paper that may as well have been printed on toilet paper. Ditto all those phony Masters and MPA degrees that serve only to enrich public employees, but that convey no real understanding of anything.

    1. Still copying other’s writings?

      No wonder you couldn’t get out of high school.

      Still, there was a;ways Police Academy IV waiting for you. If only you could get someone to get over that wall on the obstacle course.

  39. They just don’t know what to do with you Travis. It’s like watching crazed hamsters on their exercise wheel chasing the hunk of cheese they so desperately want. They just don’t understand that the cheese is outside of the cage. We keep telling them that you’re just an honest, altruistic, hard working guy that cares about good government. It doesn’t make sense to them, so they have no answer.

    What are they going to say when you show Royal Flush?

    1. Chris, I like the analogy but unfortunately our cheese is in the rat cage – courtesy of the bozos like Bankhead, Jones & Co. who put it there.

      What’s got these goons unhinged is that we finally cottoned on to the true depth of the “public safety” scam and now we’re fighting back. And that’s what fuels the deranged, illiterate obscenity of these cretins. And yes watch for more mindless wheel spinning.

  40. What the Fuck are you talking about Thompson. Go smoke another bowl. Hamsters on a wheel.. Hamsters up your ass. You are on a school board….. Really?

  41. Don’t know what to do with Travis, Chris? Are you kidding? Like Travis is some kind of hero? He is nothing more than a hater, with little to nothing to contribute to society or intelligent discourse other than his rantings. You give him too much credit, but you’re allowed to worship anyone you want.

    1. I don’t know about worship, but yeah, I think Fullerton is pretty darn lucky to have him.

    2. Let’s listen to FPOA for “intelligent discourse.” Oh, wait. let’s hold off ’til their done robbing us “haters” blind.

      Travis has the guts to stand up to you douchebag union thugs. And he does it without your false color of authority backed up by a badge and a gun.


  42. I’m waiting;

    Is it time to leak confidential personnel information obtained from Whitaker yet?

    That’s some risky business boys.

      1. I absolutely support Travis’ post. I wish the rhetoric of the commenters would get out of the gutter for the sake of attracting a broader audience The hail mary comment was in reference to Royal Flush’s assumption that Whitaker had given confidential information to the blog. Whitaker’s character is a 10 in my experience.

        My feelings about the police and their union mirror my feelings about teachers and their union. I support the best and believe that we should be able to remove the worst. I also believe that all of these public employee groups are doing themselves a disservice by not working to change the reality that their unions only work well for the worst of them and demean the best of them.

        1. Of course you do Chris. Partial truths of hate directed towards the police or teachers is what you do best. Go play toy guns with your adult son

          1. “Partial truths of hate directed towards the police or teachers is what you do best.” How is it that you can’t see how ridiculous that sounds? How exactly did you develop this mental defect which disallows you to see the ramifications of union power? Incidentally, it’s pretty clear to me that my adult son has more brains and common sense in his left foot that you posses in your head.

  43. “I’m waiting”

    Yes you are, and it’s killing you.

    By the way, blogging from patrol cars is risky business, too.

  44. They have Fucked themselves, too bad a helpless, disabled man had to pay the price. H.S. bully mentality together, cowards alone. These mouth breathers are supposed to represent Fullerton? They are a disgrace to their badge, thier city, and their families. Fullerton is a very troubled city, hopefully after the FBI finishes its investigation several of these meatheads will be weeded out. there will be plenty of time for you to lift weights in prison boys, sleep with your backs to the wall! ta ta for now. FFFF rocks!

  45. You guys over at FFFF are doing a great job! its amusing seeing these GED pigs so agitated, its like reading the musings of angry 9 y.o. what with their slanderous posts and thinly veiled threats face the wall boys, the adults have some house cleaning to do. Keep up the good work FFFF. These things were laughing yesterday, they will be crying tomarrow!

  46. awwwwww! I just heard fpd morale is low. Are you sad? are you having a bad day? Good I hope it gets worse!!! F.U. officer cyclops!!!!

    1. well, call a waaambulance.
      I just read that horror story above… WTF is wrong with these evil demons? getting away with anything and everything, hurting people and laughing about it, making up lies, severely wailing away on someone with punches to the head, putting a boot on someones face, hurting the injury more in cruel torturous ways, making a person lay ona cold cement floor – its like nazi germany, why didnt they just release the dogs on him -why they didnt make him dig his own grave in the back then tase him to death? and this Gestapo is still on th streets, taking taxmoney This is what we need to protest-continuously. SOB’s

  47. I am sorry but when I had my horrible experiences with the Anteleope Valley Sheriff Department back in early 90s, the usual question was “Why would they do that to you, you never commited a crime”. Is the saying”What goes around comes around” really happpening now. I hope so. Maybe now I will be believed. I was a 50 yr old female back then as well, a conservative 50 yr old who still has no clue as to what got into them.

    1. Don’t let Kelly’s story die people! Less and less people are posting here these days.
      I tried to look up Fullerton PDs crime stats, investigate crime around the station, guess what? They pulled their crime stats!

  48. I to have been violated by Fullerton Police. Did what they told me to, even was told NOT to go outside of my house! I got the Restraining orders and still they do nothing. They are now licensed Clinical Doctors without degrees. I was traumatized as a 5150. Which They could not hold me at all. They even hand carried the report to the DA to shut me up. Now I have lost my job and any further jobs, lost my house, and I am afraid of them going after me again. But now they don’t have to waste there Valuable resources on 2 convicted felons threatening me and my son daily. Thats how they work, bring you down and run you out of town, or in other cases just beat you to death!! What is wrong with these COPS??? I now longer have ANY respect for police and my dad is a retired sheriff!! City of Fullerton is protected by criminals and not the residents. I highly recommend everyone to get out of Fullerton!! THE WORSE PLACE TO LIVE AND VISIT!!!

  49. ……and CBS reported that there were over 200+ shootings in the United States today (1 DAY!), and those just the ones we know about…. Chi Town’s answer is to put the 200 ‘desk cops’ back on patrol…..hmmm…..way to go R.E….. your city, like that of so many in these divided States, is 100% out of control..lost the respect of the people. . . I want to see MORE prosecution of abusive COPS w long sentences… DOJ – do the job of cleaning up the armed gangs in blue….America deserves better, much better. My life was worth something, much more than LAPD paid….may Lady Justice find her way home and STAT.
    pieces to peace
    r.a. 777

  50. and my book (with names and evidence) will be dedicated to Kelly Thomas and his Family along with the millions of others so brutally beaten by cowardly Public Servants, the same ‘officers’ hired to protect and serve the American PUBLIC not the Code of Silence crap hypocracy – pathetic that this great Country of ours has come to this point….Citizen Suspect beaten by thug bully Stazi Cops….with a DA and internal affairs and corrupt Police Chiefs looking the other way.

    Remember, Germany pre-Hitler called itself a Republic. WAKE UP PEOPLE, report and sue your abuser(s) and take your Rights back. Have their picture put in the paper. You have a Right not to be beaten by thugs in Blue claiming to serve and protect you.

    Kelly, you and your Family will not be forgotten and I am sure your murderers are getting their fair share of ‘pen justice’ as this is being typed, karma works like that as NOBODY likes an abusive cop…..especially one in silver bracelets incarcerated for murder.
    rip, brother of the light – the Shift is on and massive change is on order. Chiefs and their minnions will be prosecuted en mass as WE are sick of the abuse.

    ps -while I’m ranting, I noticed today I could not buy a gallon of milk at Albertson’s without having to see an ‘on sale’ DVD of two DB LAPD cops holding an AK-47 and posing ‘after shift’ at the register…. I turned the movie around so I did not have to look at it…LAPD needs another Consent Decree, as does Boise, Chicago, NY, Seattle….et al.

    cops, cops, everywhere cops…..nausiating. Hey Laura, cops are not that cool, doesn’t matter what State or Country you are in, they are all the same. . . .destroyers of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the PAs and Judges let them get away with it. . . corruption rapes society

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