Kelly Thomas Taken Off Life Support; Is Dead

According to ABC News, Kelly Thomas, who was beaten into a comatose state by Fullerton police last week has been taken off life support, and is dead.

Police claim that they responded to a call that someone was breaking into cars at the Transportation Center. According to police a spokesman “probably” six police officers eventually became involved in what they allege was a combative Thomas. His father, a former County Sheriff’s Deputy, says his son’s head was beaten into an unrecognizable state; other witnesses has said the man was Tasered multiple times.

Will anybody in a position of authority in Fullerton do the right thing and demand a full and independent outside inquiry into this homicide? Don’t hold your breath, Friends.

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  1. That’s a shame. Condolences to his family. I hope that video from the nearby camera comes out soon and I hope that is shows our police force handled this appropriately. While it will require some exceptional circumstances for that to be the case, without more information I will suspend judgment.

    1. FPD has little to lose calling in the DA. That guy always exonerates the police.

      White wash!!

  2. I’ve known for a while that the FPD is out of control. Sad that it had to come to this. Hopefully our city council is asking questions.

  3. I first became aware of Tasers back several (many) years ago when the illegal drug TCP (was it called “Angel Dust” ?) was found to effect individuals (men) such that they became seemingly oblivious to physical pain, and thus they “could not” be subdued by Police using non-lethal methods of control.

    The Taser was introduced for Police use in order to prevent “having to” beat a TCP-drugged individual to death. As I recall, these TCP-drugged guys seemed always to show up in the middle of the night, out on the streets completely naked and screaming crazily.

    This individual does NOT seem to have presented the TCP-drug-crazed scenario.

    There is certainly a terrible suspicion that our Police are not operating as expected, that is, to control dangerous individuals humanely.

    We really should have a credible authoritative explanation of this situation from within our Fullerton City government establishment (the Police Chief is the appropriate spokesman).

    And if Tasers do not in fact work to subdue drug-crazed individuals then the City Council should publicly explain that fact and identify an alternative Police policy which is effective and acceptable to us citizens.


    1. “In the name of transparency and an impartial investigation, it was determined that it would be in the best interest of the department to turn the criminal investigation to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office,” Goodrich said. “It’s an unfortunate and tragic incident and our condolences are with the family.”

      1. Good to see Goodwrench is primarily interested in the “best interest of the department.”

        How about the best interest of the public, Andy?

  4. Some brass at FPD are trying very hard to clean up the department. Unfortunately, we have to shake the tree a little harder.

  5. Greg (above) said it best. Condolences to his family.

    Will the FPD learn anything from this tragedy? I sure hope the take-home lesson isn’t simply “summarily execute the mentally ill and you win a paid vacation” (AKA “administrative leave” in copspeak)

  6. The mentally ill are treated like trash in our country, where nobody has value unless they can produce wealth. Cops are just there to do our dirty work while we look the other way until it’s too late.

  7. The rush to judgment against our fine PD continues while the city is beset with violent lawbreakers threatening our homes and businesses and schools.

    I’ll put my money on law enforcement professionals every time.

  8. You’re right. “Condolence to who cared for Kelly.” In my opinion he had a family who would have done something to stop this. Now looking for justice?? The family should have done the justice for that poor guy long time ago. A young life lost b’cause of injustice and lack of family caring for him.

    1. Or, alternatively, the Fullerton PD could have simply taken him to jail, if, in fact there was any evidence that he committed a crime.

    2. sad, Kelly Thomas chose to be homeless, independent and care free.

      He lost his life because he was beaten to a pulp by a mob of 6 cops including the watch commander who sat in a chair at the station and watched the entire beating unfold from a camera controlled by his “joy” stick. Now that’s sad, sad.

  9. Does not the FBI (Homeland Security) Investigate PD’s. Do not rely on DA he does do much.
    It should be taken out of their hands, they cannot be trusted and certainly have lost any trust with the Residents.
    Contract with the Sheriffs Dept. They have Sandra Hutchins, she does not tolerate this type of perp.
    Meanwhile, and INDEPENDENT Citizen Watchdog/Commission of Residents!

  10. Why isn’t the City Council horrified at the negative publicity these series of police attacks on young men, questionably or clearly undeserving of the brutal over use of force and violence by City of Fullerton Police. I for one am grateful my sons young adult sons don’t live in the City, nor anywhere near the City soe that when they go out to spend money to have a nice time, to frequent restaurants, movie theaters, and shopping, they won’t be anywhere near the City of Fullerton. It seems more dangerous than Hunters Point once was in Oakland. Who works for whom in this City. Do the FPD really hold all the power over the City Council? Or do the City Council really lack such sensibilities to realize their City’s commercial tax revenue is being seriously threatened by this unchecked pattern of violent abuse of power?

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