Thou Shalt Not Breech and Clear

Witness below the testimony of Pastor Chuck, in which he chronicles the night that the Fullerton police entered his family’s home and held them at gunpoint in a narcotics raid executed on the wrong house:

Next, enlighten yourself with the unhallowed details here.

Remember, if it could happen to one of the Lord’s anointed, it could happen to you too.

16 Replies to “Thou Shalt Not Breech and Clear”

  1. The Nordell’s can thank god they are educated people and maybe that they are anglo. Remember the kid from the November 15 post that the Fullerton P.D. locked up for five months before they realized the witness at the scene had ID’d a different guy? Who knows how they would have been treated if they were not the stereotypical Ozzy and Harriet looking family.

    And hey, they only had to wait four months for that police report to arrive only to read no mention of weapons being drawn by the officers. Are we such a wild west town that a cop drawing a weapon on someone in his or her home is so commonplace it does not warrant mentioning in a police report?

  2. What is Jones going to do to follow through? Why has it taken this long and they still haven’t met with the Cheif Michael F. Sellers. Who does this guy work for? He is a servant working for us he should meet with anyone that requests it. Citizens shouldn’t have to go to the council and request it. If someone pulled a gun a tried questioning my daughter in my house with their firearm pulled that’d be the last time they mad that mistake!

    1. “What is Jones going to do to follow through? ”

      That’s a great question. I wonder what kind of follow through Dick Jones has done. Why don’t you call him up and ask him? Report back, please.

  3. Our boys in blue always need to eer on the side of caution. Hell, the people in that house could have been Arabs.

  4. It’s obviously a mistake made and it appears that the police took responsibility and apologized. Now what could the motivation be at this point$$$$

    1. If by taking responsibiity and apologizing you mean doing the absolute minimum amount of immediate damage control, then seeing if it will just die on its own, and when compelled to release some official documentation leaving out little details like, I don’t know, drawn weapons.. Yeah.

  5. Bystander, do you really believe that the actions described by Mr. Nordell describe the department taking responsibility?

  6. Nipsey is dead on.

    What have the police done to assure residents that this will never happen again?


  7. It’s a good thing this family was white and not Hispanic. I guarantee someone would have had their skull thumped and hauled off to jail for resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, etc. The charges would most likely be dropped anyway but the damage is done. Sounds like the family, by the old man’s account, was not mistreated however the follow-up from the police department was severely lacking. That’s a SNAFU that should have been personally responded to and investigated by the Chief of Police. The chief should have been on the phone with this family first thing Monday morning. That would have shown some leadership on his part.

    Very stupid mistake which could have been totally avoided. I suggest they figure out how that could have happened in the first place and what they plan to do to prevent that from ever happening again. They may end up kicking down the wrong door again only this time the dark skinned guy gets plugged.

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