What Is Harry Sidhu Hiding? Just About Everything

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By now we have all seen the campaign mailers produced by Hide-n-Seek Sidhu and his union pals asking what Shawn Nelson is hiding and that got me thinking about Harry Sidhu and what he might be hiding from the people of the 4th district.

So to be helpful I made a list:

1. Sidhu doesn’t live in this district and he doesn’t want you to know it.

2. Sidhu committed perjury twice when he claimed to have live at the Calabria apartments.

3. Sidhu is the public employee union candidate and his pals in the union are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to put their puppet in office.

4.  Sidhu is barely intelligible and has no grasp of the basic functions of county government.

5. Sidhu is a perpetual office seeker who is constantly running for higher office.

6. Despite his claims to the contrary as an Anaheim city council member Sidhu has voted for dozens of fee and utility rate increases.

So there’s the Sidhu record. No wonder his handlers want to keep it a secret and I’ve only just scratched the surface.

16 Replies to “What Is Harry Sidhu Hiding? Just About Everything”

  1. Joe,
    Let’s not forget the dozens of Burger Kings he has built and operated and the likelihood of a few illegal’s working there as part of his JOBS JOBS JOBS campaign! He voted to defer development fees FOR HIMSELF! OCR had a write up from Jeniffer Muir on it.

  2. Where does he live, BTW? Ive been by the Calabria apartments and there is NO WAY he parks his car in that neighborhood. And having committed purgury…. TWICE! Has this been addressed anywhere other than my beloved Observer? How has it gone on so long that he still has an active campaign despite all the above stated facts? PLEASE Fullerton, dont let this man represent you!

  3. All the Sidhu tools want to beat up this site for backing Nelson. Well I have news for them. Anyone with half a brain would rank Nelson then Art Brown based upon the candidates understanding of the office they seek. Beyond those two, the remaining four candidates are totally incompetent to hold the office of supervisor.

    If anyone wants to argue Brown is the better candidate, fine. To suggest Sidhu, Espinosa, Faher or Galloway is so far from reality as to be an insult to the electorate.

  4. Harry Sidhu’s mailers are just funny now. The OC Employees Union is just hammering Shawn, it really is too much–clear they have something to hide.

    Just ask Linda Ackerman how all of the hate mail helped her. Oh, and Harry just claims the mailers aren’t coming from his camp at all. He is a peaceful man….hahha.

  5. Lets get this straight it is Ackerwoman, as in Linda Ackerman.

    Ackerman is Dick Ackerman.

    If you use the last name by itself, you must distinguish the feminine from the masculine, otherwise we all get headaches.

    Just ask Admin, he can verify this.

  6. According to Sidhu, “in my opinion I have never taken any union moneys”. I guess he forgot the donations are public record so I’m not sure that counts as hiding technically.

  7. 1. Not true. Harry lives in the District.
    2. The DA disagrees with you on perjury; no charges filed
    3. Yep
    4. So is Norby; but at least Sidhu isn’t drunk or sleeping on the county courthouse lawn
    5. So is Norby
    6. So why does Shawn Nelson want to keep details about the clients he represents secret? Good for the goose, good for the gander

    1. You cannot change the FACT that Sidhu committed perjury. The weak-knee’d DA doesn’t get to alter history. A crime was committed.Sidhu broke the law while attempting to carpetbag an election.

      Also, Norby isn’t “constantly” running for higher office. Job security is one of the benefits of winning elections – something that Sidhu is not very familiar with.

    2. Harish doesn’t live in the 4th Dist. He lives in Anaheim Hills which is the 3rd Dist.

      Don’t try and fool us here pal. Save it for Lib OC or the others.

  8. The DA says Sidhu did not; there are no charges and you hardly have any authority to keep making the perjury charge. The DA says no crime was committed. You have no additional recourse.

  9. Carpetbagger- If that is the best thing the opposition can come up with then Sidhu is the man. Shawn Nelson is an attorney who defends the worst of the worst to line his pocketbook. when confronted about it Nelson says , I didnt know. Its your job to know. have some backbone will you and accept responsibility for what your law office does.

    1. Boy, the unions are really sending out their best and brightest to disparage Nelson. Do you really think Sidhu is “the man”, or is that just what the union told you to say?

    2. yeah, you need Harish Sidhu to protect your union pension which is breaking the county. fat lady is singing bud

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