Calling It Like You See it

Friends, here’s a fun look back at a defining moment in the Shawn Nelson-Hairbag Sidhu dust-up, Round 1. It was at OCGOP Central and the worst ‘pugs were trying to dodge a Central Committee endorsement of Nelson. These ‘swipes were actually pitching “the two good republicans” bullshit that Sidhu hoped would deflect attention to his incompetent carpetbagging assclownery.

Well, while every ‘pug and every “journalist” in OC was turning a blind eye to Sidhu’s district hopping, one guy really stood tall, and that’s current OCGOP Chair candidate, Tim Whitacre. Check it out:

Hmm. A guy who would oppose his own brother’s carpetbagging. Principle over payday? Hoo-boy, the repuglicans ain’t gonna like that!

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  1. The only part of that speech I didn’t like was where he said Sidu would make a great mayor, blah, blah, blah. The only thing he would be great at is a giant assclown. But I’ll chalk it up to empty courtesy.

    This guy Whitacer would be a huge improvement over the corrupt Team Carona that still presides over OC repuglicanism. However, I feel it is far too late.

    Still waiting for an apology from the ‘pugs for their devoted love for the swine Carona.

  2. If tim is serious, he needs to hire John Lewis, RIGHT AWAY.

    That way some of the ill-gotten gains can be filtered down to Matt, the love shared with Frank and Marty over at the OCR and finally, not wanting to be left out of the fun, The LOC will chime in to a race in a party they have vowed to “challenge”.

    Now thats OC GOP politics….eerr I mean PROSTITUTION!

  3. What blew me away was seeing how many of Sidhu’s supporters were at Nelson’s swearing in Tuesday morning, suddenly sucking up and back slapping.

  4. Thanks much for this post, which introduced Mr. Whitacre to me.

    The Repuglican Party of Orange County has been a sickening fraud of RINO-Democrat wannabes for decades, which NEVER supports or supported an actual conservative for office.

    ANY descent conservative candidate for public office rises through the ranks IN SPITE OF the phony sickening Repuglican Party aparatus.

    Thanks again for introducing Whitacre, who appears to be at least coherent and sufficiently principled to understand adherence to a “rule of law” (or at least following established rules) in any organization.

  5. I give Tim credit for giving the Central Committee a choice. I believe his chances at success are not good.

    It’s the first time I remember reading that the GOP Chair had a contested race.

  6. I just found out that this election won’t be done via a secret ballot. I find that incredulous given the GOP opposition to card check for prospective unionizing.

    More hypocrisy. Not that I’m surprised.

    1. Au Contraire 4SD, if they don’t give us a secret ballot today in Executive Committee, we will make said motion Monday night before voting and it has overwhelming support.

    2. I hate to be pedantic, but you have perpetrated one of my pet peeves.

      You are incredulous.

      It is incredible.

  7. Allan, I applaud those efforts. Good that there are folks in the GOP who believe in the sanctity of the vote via a secret ballot.

  8. Done deal. I just got back the party’s Exec Comm meeting. All officer elections Monday night will be done by a paper/secret ballot. Members on the committee will be free to vote their conscience now.

  9. hey! i know where i’ve seen whitacre, hes that guyed i spotted 5 bucks for gas, but the little creep never paid me back.

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