GOP Vice Chair Candidates Duke It Out on the Radio

The Martha Montelongo Show, Co-Hosted by Chris Thompson will be kicking up the dust in the OCGOP 1st Vice Chairman Race this Saturday night at 11PM on 870KRLA.

One of these things is not like the others.

Martha Montelongo and Chris Thompson (current Fullerton School Board Trustee and Orange County Republican) will be hosting a forum between Deborah Pauly and Allan Bartlett in their challenge against Jon Fleischman for the 1st Vice Chair of the Orange County Republican Party.

Jon Fleischman was invited, but he says 11PM is past his bedtime. Does he have this thing in the bag? Will he decide to down a Red Bull and change his mind? The forum will occur on 870AM KRLA beginning at 11:00PM this Saturday, Januray 15th. Listen live online at

Has the OCGOP really gotten its mojo back or is REVOLUTION within the Party inevitable? Tune in on Saturday night!

24 Replies to “GOP Vice Chair Candidates Duke It Out on the Radio”

  1. 11pm past his bedtime is full of bull and such a crock!

    If Fleischman can’t make the time for a radio show, but manages to smooze people at CRP Conventions and other functions way past Midnight, then he is not suited as OC GOP Vice Chair.

    A leader of political party organization knows full well that it is a 24/7 duty where the rank and file stands with him/her to fight for party platform and positions.

    It will be nice for once that Fleischman sits down like everyone else instead of pacing the floor by burning shoe leather at OCGOP Meetings, perhaps Monday night he will finally sit and realize that he isn’t as popular as he think he is.

  2. Did he really say it was too late?

    What a pussy. This guy was openly part of the Corona Cabal. The OCGOP gets what they deserve: Closet Gays, philandering Husbands, Pedohile defenders and bigots.

    I still am at loss as to how these positions are filled. Can any county GOP member (registered Republican) go and vote?

    1. Only Central Committee members vote. So we vote for Central Committee members in general elections, they represent Assembly Districts I think. And we send them as our reps to the Central Committee where they then vote for the leadership. So we may not vote for the leasdership, nor are we even allowed to speak at the meeting, but the public (as long as you are a Republican) can attend and watch. Funny how they have never asked to see anyone’s special Republican Secret Decoder ring, they just let you right in. So you can attend, but not vote.

  3. With regard to Team Carona, Fleischman played the part of Josef Goebels (Schoreder was Martin Bormann; Jaramillo made a great Hermann Goering)

    Oh boy, now wait for the hate mail!

    But Hell, a low-life propagandist is a low life propagandist.

    1. Actually, Joe, the comparison between Team Carona and the national Socialist leadership is apt. Although their crimes were committed on a comparatively petty level there are some interesting parallels: incompetence, twisted, dingbat leadership, rampant cronyism and an under-informed populace that just wanted problems to go away.

      And that swine Fleischmann was there every painful step of the way. Actually, so was Baugh. And Jerbal, too.

      REPUGLICANISM at its worst!

      Oops! Left out Lewis!

  4. “This guy was openly part of the Corona Cabal. ”
    Jon was Carona’s information/PR specialist for the OC Sheriff’s Department. He is the guy that spun Carona and eventually spun him too tight. Jon is the one that came up with and fabricated so much of what we thought was the sheriff. Instead, it was just a lot of smoke and mirrors. Also, didn’t Jon Fleischman write one of those apologetic letters to the Federal judge so he would go easy on Carona at his sentencing?

    Poor Jon, it’s hard to keep a story straight with so many lies over so many years.

    Jon Fleischman + Scott Baugh = Carona II

    No bueno!

  5. Reminder to Self: Calculate the fact that Tony may place red X’s over the faces of prospective guests of the show.

  6. Either way you go Alan Bartlet is a south county tool that writes for Red County and Powder Blue.

    The only one to support in this race is D Pauly.

  7. Wow. I have really arrived to be called a South County tool. Thanks Watcher. I actually consider Irvine to be more central county, but I guess anything south of Santa Ana is considered “south county” by Fullertonites. Go Hornets!

  8. I am down with whoever believes the government should not involve the police in marijuana control. Remember to ask them both that question please.

  9. He might have gotten kicked off Red County but I doubt it was for telling the truth. He is in over his head and has never stood up to Baugh or the party since being on central committee. This guy needs to let the hot one be 1st vice chair and stop splitting the vote. Even Allan is smart enough to realize that him and Pauly stand from the same thing, Pauly has the support that Allen doesn’t. Drop out so Pauly can have this one, don’t worry your time will come Allan and Irvine is totally South County you stupid tool!

  10. “has never stood up to Baugh”…wow

    Why don’t you call or email the chairman up watcher and have him go over with you all the stories of me getting after him behind the scenes when he has stepped over the line or was about to step over the line. I’ll give you a little tidbit here of one instance this past term.

    Fleischman had made a motion in Exec Comm to give Cong John Campbell the party’s coveted Legislator of the Year Award and it passed almost unanimously in Exec Comm. This was right before Scott’s big “manifesto” speech this past January. I found out about this and called Scott the next day to give him a heads up that I would be objecting to giving Campbell this award because of his pro TARP vote, pro auto bailout vote, and pro cash for clunkers vote. He proceeded to yell at me for at least five full minutes how I was a “gawd damned sonofabitch blogger” and other choice curse words. He said I didn’t understand the situation and he was trying to take care it, LOL. So after all his screaming, I said as long as he makes this thing quietly disappear, I will not object and embarrass him in front of 500 Tea Party activists at the upcoming meeting. Campbell never did receive that award.

  11. Wow Allan you’re still going to split the vote and you’re a tool. Pauly is the only one qualified that has some amount of respect in the OCGOP Central Committee. Drop out now so that you don’t allow fleischman another term you ignorant tool!

  12. I think Fleischman is a tool. He and Matt Cunningham our not true republican. We need to get rid of these idiots.

  13. Thanks Rabble.

    So let me get this straight: one needs 27 votes to win a seat as a leader (Chairperson, 1st Vice Chair etc…).

    It goes to figure that since 17 of the 53 Central Comittee members are current of former elected local officials them self (ie. Brett Franklin) that the incumbants are fairly safe in thier reelection bid. It’s called payback.

    Now Flashman might be selfish and crooked, but he’s not stupid. He is’nt going to do ANYTHING that brings attention to him (ala a radio show) and risk an otherwise sure thing.

    In other words, the outcome has been baked in the cake.

    1. dkm, more than likely you are correct.

      Elections for these types of organizations are typiclly a kabuki dance.

      I have no doubt the OC GOP is no different.

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