Some GOP Central Committee Observations

Good morning. Today we pass along this anonymous letter regarding the GOP Central Committee meeting last night:

Last night I had a few hours to kill so I stopped by the OCGOP Central Committee in Irvine. There were plenty of inflated egos and asses being kissed. One person who seemed to be high on the GOP pecking order went into a tissy because they didn’t have a name tag. And then when one made, it didn’t say HONORABLE something-or-other. It was a shameless packed house with Central Committee-Elect Shawn Nelson and Harry Sidhu absent. In fact NO ONE from Harry’s 69th AD was present to vote. Nice participation!

Among the highlights worth noting, Tom Tait got smacked around for his support financial support of two Democrats for Anaheim City Council, Galloway and Chavez. But it didn’t stop there. Apparently Tait has not read the official California Republican Party Platform and answered, albeit honestly, to that effect on his GOP endorsement application.

Frankly, how can a candidate walk into a Party’s Central Committee and ask for their endorsement when the candidate admittedly has no idea what the Party stands for (or against)? This makes Tait appear to be a massive RINO! But that’s OK because he’s a nice guy. 2/3 of the Central Committee agreed that he was a nice guy so they gave him the OCGOP endorsement. Proudly, all but one of our 72nd Assembly District representatives on the Central Committee voted NO to Tait’s endorsement.

Maybe the OC Republican Party should make all of the applicants for endorsement sit down and read the Party’s Official Platform.

A Concerned Voter

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  1. Sounds like a Spitzer kind of thing..but there was a very cocky looking Chi there standing in the back of the room. So much more to report on admin..

  2. Half the crowd was running for something and the entire 69th District membership was absent.

    Tait seemed surprised that about 1/3rd of the voting members opposed his endorsement. But then a group which can endorse him and do-nothing slob like John Collins (dressed for bowling) who can’t still spell Republican means their endorsement is meaningless.

  3. I also noticed, Tait’s $200. per hour facebook editor/consultant got his gender WRONG (or aybe not???) and had to update it recently!

  4. So what? Quite frankly the local republican party has always had a lot to answer for, and it’s always been the intent of the blog to be an equal opportunity hairball thrower.
    Fiscal conservatives usually fall apart when you ask for their credit score and history. So toss that litmus test out. Quit using that hackneyed phrase, and just give intent and results.
    If in fact, it turns out that Libertarians, Dems, Greens, or Repubs are running good candidates, FF would let you know. As it stands now, toss all the hairballs you want at Tait.
    We toss them equally at all.

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