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Have a listen to last night’s KRLA 870 radio show, where OC GOP leadership candidates Allan Bartlett and Deborah Pauly are interviewed about the current state of the Republican Party in Orange County.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Martha Montelongo Show with Chris Thompson – 1/15/2011″]

The elections for the GOP board take place on Monday night.

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  1. These people are as crazy as Tony!

    Thirty Thousand people were murdered in Mexico last year and Tony’s paid puppets think the people of Mexico have it made? Coast-to-Coast with George Noory is looking for new sponsors?

  2. Thanks for sposoring and “advertising” the radio program. I listened to the first half (live) dealing with the OC Republican Party Central Committee officers election.

    Chris did a good job of focusing the audience attention. He listed the ACTUAL Republican Party principles (which so crystal clearly recite conservativism, beginning with authority from our Creator – ABOVE the dictates of mere men) and in his examination of the two candidates, Chris ensured each contestant the opportunity to respond and self identify his or her philosophy (that, to my mind is the essence of all current-future elections-discussions of Repoublican candidates, since we have suffered such RUBBISH of unprincipled or vacillating or even anti-principles/platform positions espoused or more likely hidden by our many RINO candidates and officeholders).

    Also, Chris was forthright and brought out the risk and horrid result of departing from principled examination of candidates (in favor of “star power”), in his mea copa admission of having voted our horrid phony RINO governor into office, over a long proven candidate, Tom McClintock.

    Of the candidates interviewed, I found Allen Bartlett to be the clearly legitimate winner on the basis of his assessment of what any principled officeholder would and should do in the face of such a total FAILURE as the currewnt crop of phony RINO useless Republcian party “leaders” has delivered. not only in this last election in California, but for the past decades of horrid candidates. Mr. bartlett noted that the existing Republican party leadership should all RESIGN from their positions. i whole heartedly agree.

    Mr. Bartlett sounds like a man who understands what he is representing as a small businessman, limited government-oriented Republican representative and leader.

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