Red County Scrum

Good news for OC Republicans who frequent blogs: looks like my buddy Chip Hanlon let my other buddy Allan Bartlett post again. Sha-zam!

Bartlett’s near  re-inaugural post makes for entertaining reading. It’s all about some dust up between Mike and Mary and a conservative drinkies hour with Chuck Devore as the featured attraction. Now I personally can’t imagine anything more dreary than drinks and Chuck Devore droning on (except maybe no drinks and Chuck Devore droning on), but that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

What’s really fun is the comments thread where the insiders have at it.

Damn, do we finally have a fun Republican blog in town?

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  1. Damn the pissy Cunningham goes after Bartlett.

    Cunningham wants to keep this under the rug by encouraging Bartlett to have a private conversation about the e-mail with Mary Young. No way! We are not going to follow the Cunningham playbook rules.

    Mary Young should have rise above it and let this Mike guy have the event, but nooooo.

  2. I hope they give Bartlett a chance. He really does provide an alternative to the repuglican noise machine.

    Typical that Cunningham wants the keep to the “call me” “let me explain” horseshit. That’s how propaganda machines prop up their bosses.

  3. Mary Young? Would that be Fair Board member Mary Young who was part of the crooked crew that tried to commandeer their own ship, and that surreptitiously hired Dick “I am not a lobbyist” Ackerman to lobby the Legislature?

    That woman is either really stupid or really crooked.

    And she’s some sort of officer of the OCGOP?

    All I can say is wow!

    1. Yes, the same Mary Young on the Fair Board who was part of the crooked crew. She is BOTH stupid and crooked.

      It makes many wonder what did she get from being on the Fair Board. What kind of living does Mary Young do? So many pondering questions about Mary Young!!!

  4. Just so I’m clear, Mr. Self righteous has decided that after selling republican opinion for all these years he is the moderator for how discussions are to be handled? Jeez Jerbal, I guess its hard to sell the soul of the party by way of your “opinion” pieces if the troops get to voice their own opinions.

    Bartlett is a clear threat to Jerbal because he won’t tow the line for the pugs and he won’t take money to advocate. Welcome back Allen!

    Now let’s keep an eye on that irritating Jerbal deleting posts like the old days.

  5. So let’s see, Mary Young, bespangled enabler of the OC Fairgrounds Swindle, berates this young Tea-Party fellow Mike Manzig as being “not a good Christian” because he went ahead and planned a Conservative Happy Hour without checking with her first, and then compares him unfavorably with great Christian Dean Grosse, who as I remember lost his mayorship of Los Alamitos for sending out racist e-mails of President Obama replacing the White House Easter Egg Hunt with WATERMELONS all over the White House lawn. Yeah, can’t you be more Christian like that, Mike?

    1. As far as I can tell, it goes like this: take some half bright knucklehead and put them on a board. Then start milking the old cow for all she’s worth. Fair Board, OCTA, all sorts of “special” districts. The income stream can be huge. Just ask Pringle or Ackerman or any number of good repuglicans.

      1. LOL, a reference to how she was dressed at the next-to-last Fair Board meeting I attended. It was pretty memorable.

        We derailers talked to her, she tried to convince us of all her great intentions,she is lovable, but the fact is she has gone along with all of Dave Ellis’ crooked schemes. I had no idea she was such a playah in the Party,

  6. Maybe Mary would like to join Matt and I for cocktails in Suite C. We get together regularly to talk about how smart we are. Sounds like I better send her a Facebook friend request right away so she can canoodle with us at our next “Drinking Pompously” event in Suite C.

  7. Hey LapBand Dan can I come too? I mean free drinks in Suite C with you and Matt sure beats mooching drinks at The Quill.

  8. Anonymous :
    I like Chuck, too. He was one of the smartest people in Sacramento. Good policy guy.

    I think that falls under the heading ‘damning with faint praise’

      1. Norby voted for Able right out of the gate and is pretty much spent a life-time in office. He is no Chuck DeVore.

        But he is more entertaining especially if there are adult beverages.

  9. Vern Nelson :
    Nah not star-shaped, just lotsa colorful shiny … rectangles I think. You are getting bogged down in minor details, Mr. Major.

    His first name is Major. Please call him Major Major.

  10. Geez Louise…..
    Jerbie is still around? Hanging out in the Jerbie cave with Jonny “I do love the Flesh” Flashman?
    Man, I have been away for a long while……..But Jerbie is still running around with Flashboy in their parkranger suits in the OC Parks….but when he does have to tinkle, with her permission, he runs to Suite C (the Commode) in the Jerbie Cave……it does get pretty ctrowded in there with Urell and Fleshboy…….

    Man oh man oh man

  11. SCR,

    Why are you hating on my soulmate Matt? You are just jealous because you never get invited to Suite C for cocktails. Of course I never did either when I was a repulsive fat slob.

  12. Tweet Tweet. A little bird said…….

    “did Matt Cunningham REALLY graduate from “:THE GWU”. ? or did he wash out of CSUF?….Hmmm More lies?

      1. Agreed that GWU is mediocre.

        That is Steven Greenhut’s alma mater.

        Friend of mine knew him there. Said he couldn’t get laid if he was running through a womens prison waving a handful of pardons.

        Now he is lionized by conservatives.

        Says a lot about those who believe in him.

        1. Congratulations. You have now shown your true nature.

          Greenhut has a family. What do you have besides an overworked right hand and pitifully small braincase?

  13. Thanks for sharing this blog with me Allan… I like the folks over here much more than RedCounty!!

    The fun has just begun kids & sooner or later, the establishment will learn NOT TO THROW SAND AT THE NEW KID IN THE SAND BOX!! I have friends who hit back with big yellow TONKA TRUCKS! Gotta love the visual… now make them South Park characters… makes me laugh every time. 🙂

    I hope that you can all make it to the March 3rd event, as it’s blowing up into a monster!! We should now be live streaming it nationally, as AFP wants to promote it. Fun stuff!! Woo hoo!!

    1. Ah Shucks. Not all folks at RedCounty are that bad. Though, there are objective reporting from time to time, but yeah the establishment doesn’t like the truth and it hurts!

    2. Mike, welcome to our humble little blog. You may not wish to associate with us. We are widely held to be “fringe.”

      We do battle with the entrenched forces that promote mandatory do-gooderism and repuglican gluttony.

      Viva la Fringe!

  14. John Drew said: “I know that one of the secrets of success in politics is the ability to get along with others.”

    I agree – and to that end this whole sorry episode should not have been played out in public – very poor form.

    1. If the OCGOP is going to elect whack-job dipsos as officers maybe their squabbles should be publicized.

    1. I prefer my party’s officers to be intelligent, generally sober, and principled.

      But you go right ahead with that wack/hack thing. It seems to be working for you.

  15. All this because a guy wanted to have a happy hour where people listen to a speaker? I dont get the acrimony on the Red County site. Is it that someone might have had a good time? Networked with other like minded people?

    If the republican party (or any party) has self motivated people that are willing to throw social events to attract and interest party members how is that anything but a positive? Extinguishing a spark of excitement among the faithful is not the way to grow the organization.

  16. Hollis,

    All of this is because someone took an issue which should have been handled privately and used it to grandstand himself (again).

    1. Tardif,

      What should have been handled privately?

      The fact the old bag called him a “Bad Christan”? The bullying into shutting down the event?

      Look what happened THE MINUTE it was exposed…The “ussual suspects” called on thier own “noise machine” to counter it. rather ineffectively, I might add.

      This stinks of the rotten exclusivity that permiates the county GOP. If we need to go through Mary and matt to have drinks, imagine what we’d have to do to ……….you get the idea.

      Here’s some advise Mike:

      “Sometimes in life, you have to kiss ass. but, you NEVER have to suck dick”.

      As soon as you and your wannabe’s get that the party will be in much better shape.

  17. LapbandDan :SCR,
    Why are you hating on my soulmate Matt? You are just jealous because you never get invited to Suite C for cocktails. Of course I never did either when I was a repulsive fat slob.

    Deart Dan Chmmylew-in-ski aka Lappy Band Dan

    There are too many people in Suite C in the Jerbie Cave….Lets see—Bishopric Todd, Johnny Boy Urell, Jonny “I love the Flesh” Fleshman, Jerbalito Cunni-tonguewash-ham, Danny “yes I wear a blue dress in suite C” Chimmy-lewinsky, and CHrissy “the Pimp” Preeeevattttt……..

    What an awesome group…..all in Suite C of the Jerbie Cave…..we should all be so enamored and jealous of this closed group….

    What do FFF readers think this group of clown heads do in the privacy of Suite C? and remember keep it clean or it goes down the commode in the center of Suite C

  18. Comrade Vern, I love you!

    Remember I did sing just for you: “I need someone to love”

    However, I can’t tolerate your hate for my country and its constitution….. moron mongoloid.

  19. Tony Serra said: “What should have been handled privately?”

    Reply: Mary’s emails to Mike Munzing should have been handeled privately.

    This should have been handled behind the scene in a professional manner. But no, the grandstanding drama queen Allan Bartlett had to display his dirty laundry for all to see.


    1. junior aka Mike Tardif,

      Funny how you don’t seem to mind when folks like Claudio Gallegos, Chris Prevatt, Dan Chmielewski and even yourself use private emails in attacks against Art Pedroza and myself.

      What a hypocrite!!!

  20. Farsical,

    I was not asked “Why” – I was asked “What” – which I replied to. However, in my reply I referred as to “Why.”

    You need to work on your sense of logic and your understanding of the English language.

  21. Red Herring said:
    “Ditto. If I want to hear neocon drivel I really need to be liquored up good.”

    Red – What makes you think that I am a “neocon” ??

  22. Sean H. Mill said:
    “junior – Funny how you don’t seem to mind when folks like Claudio Gallegos, Chris Prevatt, Dan Chmielewski and even yourself use private emails in attacks against Art Pedroza and myself. What a hypocrite!!!”


    I would not expect you to understand the difference between petty personal grievances and an issue which has a negative effect on an entire political party in Orange County.

    1. junior aka Mike Tardif,

      So you pick and choose when it is okay to air out personal email’s and when not to. If you are slamming Art and Sean it is okay, but if you are exposing the hypocrisy of the GOP it is wrong.

      Were you okay with Matt Cunningham’s exposing the names of pedo-priest victims too?

  23. Sylvia,

    I will respond to you in a manner similar to your “unique style.”

    The democrats are communists who eat their young.

    1. junior, well maybe not all republicans are war mongers, but the ones who are should rot in hell.

      Were you happy when your leader George Bush invaded Iraq? Were you supportive of that tragic war?

      I do agree with you that many “democrats are communist”, but to write that they “eat their young” is stretching it a bit.

  24. Admin said: “I believe the reference was to Chuck Devore. Jeez.”

    Admin – If you are referring to Sylvia’s comment and my subsequent response. My response would have been the same whether her comment was directed at me or DeVore.

    Sean Mill – FOAD

    1. “Sean Mill – FOAD”

      Atta boy junior aka Mike Tardif. When you take a hypocritical and undefensible position like you have here, resort to hostile vulgarity.

      Thanks for playing fella.

  25. “junior aka Mike Tardif,”…… Hmmmm

    Mill, you have nasty habit to “out” people for what ever reason.

    Should I out you?

    Who you rely are?

    You are barging about your black girlfriend, yet no one ever seen you to be accompanied with any female…… How do you explain your sexuality?

    Do you have healthy and legal sexual life?…… Hmmm

    1. Fiala,

      You have an unhealthy obsession with sex. Is that what led to your arrest and conviction for spousal and child abuse?

    1. Well, real Ringo Star once defended me:

      In Ringo Starr’s 1978 TV special, See

      Use the cursor to forward movie to 5:56, you will see laser tunnel and invisible me helping blowing a smoke in right bottom corner.

      I was waring white jacket that day and you could see me in the picture behind the tunnel moving so they stop filming and call my name to take off the jacket. May LASER MEDIA boss, a Jew, Ed Aswack start yelling at me like if it would be my fault. Ringo Star step immediately in and defended me that it was not my fault. However, my Jewish boss told him to shut-up claiming that it was his lasers doing the show. Ringo got pissed and after the retake took hiss show elsewhere.

      One day I must write my memoir.

  26. Every six months or so, an algae bloom of Santa Ana bloggers washes up on the shores of Fullerton. Please apply chlorine.

  27. Sean H. Mill said:
    “Fiala – You have an unhealthy obsession with sex. Is that what led to your arrest and conviction for spousal and child abuse?”

    Admin – The discussion has seriuosly deteriorated. I would suggest that it is time to put an “88” to this blog article comment thread.

  28. “Fiala – You have an unhealthy obsession with sex. Is that what led to your arrest and conviction for spousal and child abuse?”…… Yes I know and that is why I have, prior to 2004 Mayoral election election, call a news conference to disclose to my constituency by crimes…. over 10,000 Santa Ana voting citizens confirmed that it was cool.

    However, have you Mr. Mill disclosed your taboo sex crimes?

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