Fullerton Voter Guide

Friends for Fullerton’s Future put together this handy voter guide for Republicans in Fullerton and North Orange County. Our voter guide covers important local races in Orange County along with the statewide primaries. It was put together with the help of a few of our trusted Friends. The statewide recommendations are passed along from our friend Allan Bartlett.

Orange County

4th District Supervisor – Shawn Nelson

Nelson will be a leading force against the unions when it’s time to negotiate out of control pensions. His voting record make shim a strong fiscal conservative who is not afraid to stick his neck out for taxpayers. Both of his main opponents are union-supported carpetbaggers who live outside the 4th district.

OC Sheriff-Coroner – Bill Hunt

Just mark the spot for Bill Hunt and watch the establishment scramble like cockroaches. This is one of the most important races in this June election.

Superior Court Judge #16 – Gerald L Klein

In the words of Attorney Bernie, we need to get private practice attorneys seated as judges. People don’t realize how important it is to keep insider government lifers from usurping the judicial powers

Superior Court Judge #50 – Julian Bailey

Mr Bailey’s opponent here, Lon Hurwitz has donated to a laundry list of national liberal Democrats.

County Assessor – Webster Guillory

Webster has done a good job as Assessor.

Clerk Recorder – Hugh Nguyen

The incumbent, Tom Daly, has been lashed over and over on this site for wasting our money and feeding expensive, do-nothing contracts to his pals. Hugh Nguyen is a great candidate.

District Attorney – None, Leave Blank

Sitting DA Tony Rackauckas could not be bothered to fully investigate the well-documented perjury accusations made against Harry Sidhu, although he did find time to prosecute Steve Rocco for a bottle of stolen ketchup.

Public Administrator – Steve Rocco

Treasurer – Shari Freidenrich

Republican Central Committee – 72nd AD

(all or parts of Fullerton, Brea, Placentia, Anaheim & La Habra)

Candidates are designated by Allan Bartlett based on certainty that candidates were Tea Party, Campaign For Liberty, and CRA friendly.

Bruce Whitaker – Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly
Shawn Nelson – Tea Party friendly
Zonya Townsend – Tea Party, CRA friendly
Rick Rios – Tea Party, CRA friendly
Marilyn Davenport – Tea Party, CRA friendly
Micheal Nutto – CRA friendly


Superintendent of Public Instruction – Alexia Deligianni


Lt Gov – Sam Aanestad

This is a no brainer. Abel Maldonado should not be rewarded for being the main reason that taxes are higher CA during the last budget cycle. Vote for Sam Aanestad.

Secretary of State – Damon Dunn

Orly Taitz  has not been helping herself in the media with her over the top stands on Obama’s birth certificate and a few other issues where she basically has taken herself out of contention because of the way she has come across to voters.

Controller – Tony Strickland

I’m not impressed with Tony’s endorsements the last few years, but he is our choice for Controller here.

Treasurer – Mimi Walters

It’s either this or leave it blank. Her endorsement of repuglican carpetbagger Linda Ackerman last year makes her suspect.

Attorney General – John Eastman

John Eastman is far and away the best conservative choice for CA Attorney General.

Insurance Commissioner – Brian Fitzgerald

The other candidate Mike Villines was the GOP leader in the State Assembly that helped deliver the largest tax increase in CA history. Don’t reward him with your vote here.

BOE 3rd District – Vic Baker or leave blank

No Republican in good conscience could support Michelle Steel anymore after what she did to Irvine Republicans. She has been giving aid and comfort to Democratic Mayor Suhkee Kang because they’re both Korean. Last time I checked, that’s not a very good reason to support anybody, especially if they are ideologically against most everything that you say you are for.

US Senator – Chuck DeVore

This is another no brainer. Chuck gets it. He understands that in the Constitution, there are less than 18 specific enumerated powers delegated to the Congress. He will be a great US Senator and he can beat Barbara Boxer in the fall.

22 Replies to “Fullerton Voter Guide”

  1. Steve Rocco? Seriously? I mean, the crazy factor alone could be why. Or simply showing that anyone is better than a Dem in that job. But Rocco? Now that would make for some interesting public defenses…..

  2. So now it must be ok to admit that I’ve secretly always wanted a chance to vote for Steve Rocco.

  3. And the hits just keep on coming. Is this a real list? Rocco, Nelson, Hunt, Bailey? Was someone sitting on the toilet backing one out, scribbling this list on the back of a toilet paper roll?

  4. devore?….please get real….anyonelooks at the most recent fieldpoll state pollingon devore?they have only been doing this since 1947….their predictive accurracy rate is stratospheric…..devore loses by the width and depth of the grand canyon…not even close in the primary

  5. Noticed Ed Royce’s name on the ballot(running unopposed)… VERY UNHAPPY w/Mr. Royce these days… Wishin he were a bit more VOCAL(like Darrell Issa)… This regime is NOT “Business as USUAL”, Eddie needs to quit acting like it is!!!

  6. Chuck DeVore? If you want to support a lost cause at least vote Green or something, your conscience will hurt less.

    Chuck DeVore, heh.

  7. Julian Bailey was a Democrat for 22 years until 3 months ago. I ask anyone reading this to please support Lon Hurwitz, who has very significant bi-partisan support.

  8. California SOS – Orly Taitz

    In the google search engine, I saw a comment stating the person was unable to find any information on Orly Taitz, other than 22 lawsuits pending against her in Orange County. Well, there is much more.

    Orly Taitz is being sued in Federal Court, PA – the case was just transferred to the Santa Ana, California Federal Court. The California Secretary of State is in charge of the “Safe at Home” program. The “Safe at Home” program protects individuals who are victims of serious crimes.

    Well this Taitz, outed a woman in the “safe at home” program, published her full social security number, date of birth, place of birth, mother’s maiden name, father’s name and other private confidential information. This information was published all over the internet and sent out by mass emailing by Orly Taitz to over a million people on several different occasions, including INTERNATIONALLY. Orly Taitz has destroyed this woman, her family and placed them in extreme danger. You can pull the documents on Liberi, ET AL v Taitz, ET AL, Case No. 09-01898. What would Orly Taitz do to other citizens if voted into the Secretary of State Office where she would have access to any and everyone’s private data?

    Orly Taitz also has a history of “targeting” and inciting violence against our Federal Judges, against individuals who do not agree with her, against our Government, she event “targeted” Damon Dunn, etc. Orly Taitz even published an Accurint report on Damon Dunn with his social security number, date of birth, parents names, etc. There is a Fraud criminal investigation pending against Orly Taitz with the Sheriff’s Dept. in California.

    This woman and her husband need to be sent back to Russia, they are horrible horrible people and will harm and hurt any and everyone.

    1. I think it is well documented that Orly Taitz is, what is the phrase.. Ah here it is, Batshit Crazy.

  9. Seriously Travis, your not endorsing Lon Hurwitz because he’s donated to Democrats…but Bailey has BEEN a Democrat for his ENTIRE flipping life(until 3 months ago!
    Chuck DeVore the man you endorse for Senate endorsed Lon Hurwitz. Congressman Gary Miller endorsed Lon Hurwitz.

  10. Hey Steve, I checked the websites of Hurwitz and Bailey. Both of them claim to be endorsed by Chuck DeVore. Strange, huh?

  11. Among those candidates who I did not know personally, the only ones I was confident in voting FOR were Orly Taitz, for CA Secretary of State, and Chuck DeVore, for U.S. Senate.

    At LEAST 50% of the postings on this blog deal with FRAUD in elections or by elective office holders or in campaign statements, or candidate qualifications, etc. much of which is within the purview of the Secretary of State.

    We see utter abuse of legal process, which has the same effect as outright crime, fraud, etc.

    Mrs. Taitz has represented in Court numerous cases brought by WELL KNOWN – RESPECTED even national candidates (e.g. Allen Keyes), many with decades long excellent reputations.

    FINALLY an actually accomplished courageous candidate (Orly Taitz) has stepped forward to serve in the exact right elective position to expose and correct the mountain of abuse of our fundamental VOTING rights, as legal citizens, and the annonomous blogger is shied by unsupportive press coverage or an Internet accusation from Mr. Crapperton ????


    I guess the reason there are no “Voter Guide” recommendations on the several Ballot Propositions is they were “too hot” or “controversial?”

    What would the Founding Fathers of America think of such cowardly unwillingness to support and elect candidates who actually fight to defend our freedoms?

    1. Rain, Orly Taitz is a nut ball pure and simple. The problem with trying to get the rest of the populace to see the righteousness of focusing on the constitution for all decisions in government is the movement too often leads with lunatics like Taitz. You think it helps move the ball forward but it does not.

      The idea in politics is to win and to hopefully get like minded people to set policy that is good for us all. Orly Taitz is some one I would not trust to run a Baskin Robbins franchise, let alone be secretary of state.

      Just because someone is koo koo enough to keep trying to file horribly drafted lawsuits about the presidents birthplace does not mean they are qualified as a candidate. If you think so I suggest you add one more to your “must vote” list. His name is Steve Rocco. He is running for Public Administrator. SOunds like just you kind of guy.

      1. CD do not be too hard on Rain. He dropped a ton of acid back in hi student days, and well, you know…

  12. if you want to continue “expeditionary economics”and”building parnter capacity” funded by our tax dollars to finance small businesses and build schools, hospitals in afghanistan and Iraqwhile our own unemployment, foreclosures rise and cuts to our own infrastructure get deeper, then don’t vote for chuck devore. if you want your taxes cut and our individual rights protected then vote for chuck devore

  13. I voted for DeVore via absentee ballot a few weeks ago. Then I saw his jack-ass pro Israel performance on the Mauve County blog where everybody was licking it up. I stopped watching and regretted my vote.

    I wish someone would proved an argument for our knee-jerk support of Israel that isn’t circular or disingenuous.

  14. You were gong strong until you actually suggested Steve Rocco. Then you lost all your credibility. Oh, wait, you lost that with your recommendation for Shawn.

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