The Lights Have Gone Out on Lucky Way

Jeez, it almost looked habitable...

Yes, the house is dark at 2215 Lucky Way, Anaheim, CA.

The neighbors will tell you that, yes, someone was living there. Once in awhile they would catch a glimpse of a squat little kid whose infrequent visitors called “Yo, Billy Dude!”

The grass looked green, so somebody was paying the water bill, alright. And there was that one party with loud speed metal blaring. Once in awhile a pale round face peered out from behind the red velvet drapery to surreptitiously survey the neighborhood.

Two cars used to be seen in the driveway. The same two cars. They never moved. But now the cars are gone and the house is dark.

Sunset has descended on Lucky Way.

11 Replies to “The Lights Have Gone Out on Lucky Way”

  1. That can’t be. If this were true it would mean that the witers of this blog were right and Harry Sidhu really was a perjuring carpet bagger. The Fullerton Police Union certainly would not stain their credibility by backing an actual fraud. No, you must be talking about the wrong house. Harry Sidhu lives in the 4th, he told us so.

  2. NOOOOOOO BILLLYYYYY. Now you have to get a real job!

    Maybe Sidhu can get you in on some chicken broiling action. Make sure you mention your college degree.

  3. idiot, billy didnt work for sidhu after the primary. i believe he’s celebrating tom taits vicotory, since he was his campaign manager

    1. I heard that Little billy was sent to get coffee. And now he’s unemployed (and unemployable) until the next time some repuglican runs for office (2012).

      Let’s hope Little Billy’s mom didn’t rent out the basement to that homeless guy.

    2. You seem to know a lot about the Sidhu effort (or lack thereof).

      Care to confirm Harry is fast asleep in his own bed tonight at the Lucky Way address? Or would you like to admit that he is a job killing ego manic/carpet bagger that has no problem committing perjury and never lived there?

    3. My poor kid is too dumb to eat pizza, let alone “manage” anything. I couldn’t even teach him how to get the wrapper off a candy bar.

  4. It’s a known fact that Sudhu was staffing his fake Lucky Way address with $10 an hour imbeciles.

    #2 pays more for peacock chow than his campaign workers. His campaign manager Chris Jones was quoted today saying Poor Little Rich Boy just didn’t have enough money!!!!!

  5. Say Good Night Harry,
    Lucky way was not the “good omen” you might have time..listen to your former friends and run in your own district!
    “Good Night”

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