Transportation Boondoggles Belie Sidhu’s Self-applied Stick-on Labels

“Tough-minded advocate for streamlined efficient government.” That’s how 4th District Supervisor candidate Harry Sidhu describes himself in that dopey Fullerton News Tribune ad he bought last week. We also read that Sidhu claims to have “fought to eliminate excessive and wasteful government spending.” No examples, of course, to support the statements; evidently we are expected […]

Sidhu’s Wacky News Tribune Ad

I came across this sort of  goofy Harry Sidhu political ad in the News Tribune the other day, repeating the mantra of his paid blog monkeys that Sidhu has “represented” 40% of the 4th County Supervisorial District by being on the Anaheim City Council. Harry and his “team” must be really concerned that the carpetbagger […]

Oops. Sidhu Did It Too.

A few days ago I did a post about how Tom Daly’s campaign for 4th District Supervisor received a contribution from Sharon Quirk’s campaign account and how the County Code prohibits that. Turns out Harry Sidhu was the similar recipient of a fellow politico’s largess. On August 16, 2009 he received $250 from “Marty for […]

Harry Has A New Friend

The day after Harry Sidhu announced the formation of the “team” to run his carpetbagging, fake residency-based campaign for the OC 4th District Supervisor race, a seeming spate of commenters popped up in the local bloggery to promote Sidhu and attack Shawn Nelson’s career choice. Good lord!  It was like watching bacteria multiply under a microscope. Here at […]

They’re Baaaack!

Yup. Those bad boys in the white van were spotted in the  Linbrook Bowl Lanes parking lot yesterday. The mescaline and the revolving bowling pin may have provoked some transcendental moments, but apparently the fellas got down to work because they forwarded an audio file. There is a lot of interference on it that sounds like the crashing […]