The Priorities of Organized Labor

Like their brethren among the ranks of the public employee unions, it appears the non-government unions want to grab as much government gravy as they can, too.

Here’s a mailer sent out by labor unions for Lorri Galloway. Same brainless jobs, jobs, jobs theme as Hide and Seek Sidhu, but with a decided emphasis on make-work jobs for union members earning very high prevailing wages.

See, we’re in a budget crisis. So what’s the solution? Jobs! Say what? It takes a few mental bends to figure it out, but presumably people with jobs will pay taxes and increase tax revenue. But wait! Where on Earth are those jobs going to come from? Galloway knows: they come from projects funded by current taxpayers. In other words, ya gotta spend more money to make money. The typical big government refrain. Will it ever break even? Of course not, but who’s keeping track?

Naturally, those “living wage” earners will also need a place to live and Lorri probably has a plan for that too – more subsidized low income housing, of course!

Of course the unions have no more conception of what a County Supervisor does than do Harry Sidhu or Lorri Galloway.

You know, I really just don't get it.

Supervisors ARE NOT in the jobs creation business. They are supposed to be there to manage the County government.

And why can’t people like Galloway look at government¬† from the taxpayers point of view? That is: to provide necessary County services efficiently at the best value? Instead its all about satisfying the government workers and their demands. And that’s exactly why the State and the local governments of California are so completely screwed up.

It’s pretty simple. Galloway wants to go to work for the unions, and they are already working for her.

5 Replies to “The Priorities of Organized Labor”

  1. Mr. Peabody, well said.

    The problem with being a union member in the private sector is that when it rains, or the economy tanks, you are out of work. Hopefully you saved some of the $50+p/h income for the down times. Public employees, on the other hand, are there for life. It is near impossible to fire a county employee…been there, seen that!

  2. So rain, shine, heat or storm, good times and bad times alike government (union) employees are in the money on our (regular folk) dime, that sounds like Rome just before it came a tumbling.

  3. Yes, that is exactly correct. Now, will someone please pull this union-made knife from my back?

  4. Just like Sidhu, jobs, jobs, jobs… Do either of them realize that it isn’t the job of the supervisors to create private-sector or even county jobs??? Job creation comes from entrepreneurs, not politicians. However, I think we have all seen more than a few jobs killed by politicians.

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