Gordo Gets Greedy

Dressed for success...

Andy Warhol once famously said that everybody gets 15 minutes of fame. Apparently Thomas Gordon got his when he popped up on the Red County blog a couple of months ago with a semi-literate attack on Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson. Gordon is a low-grade goon from Santa Ana who is evidently acting as some sort of flunky in the Hide and Seek Sidhu jailbreak. Whether he is being paid in cash or El Pollo Loco chicken has never been made abundantly clear.

Naturally, we had some fun with Gordo here, here, here and of course, here.

Later we ran into Gordon at the NUFF blogger’s forum when he tried to intimidate one of our bloggers and ended up with a face full of Chris Thompson.

Damn. Busted again.

Apparently these brushes with notoriety have not provided sufficient celebrity for Gordon. The other day he started making obnoxious and gratuitously obscene comments here under the name “Major Nelson.”¬† Busted. Well, hell we tolerate all sorts of stuff here, even the rantings of a useless nutjob and Sidhu stooge.

Apparently a sense of desperation is setting in on the three-wheeled Hairball Handcart, and with a fourth place finish looming on June 8th the small fry are getting agitated.

What kind of mileage will it get?

But seriously Thomas, if you want attention you’re going to have to start using your own name again, even if it results in another shower of ridicule. And another tip: if Sidhu is going to pay you to rip on Nelson you’d better be smart enough not to get busted. Of course intelligence is not an attribute widely ascribed to the Sidhu team members.

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  1. This is an epic battle between looking like as big a goon as he actually is. Close call here but what a sack of sh*! this guy is. Nothing like a 6’4′ 300lb + guy taking his look from the cover of the Aryan Nation website and then acting the part of bully on the web. The only thing disconnected here is his lack of courage to use his name. Sort of a thug poser. Thomas, do you have a pair of Doc Martins that lace up real high like the skinhead at Huntington Beach pier?

    Thomas the Goon, we already know you circulated the central comittee paperwork for Sidhu but did you have to go out of your way to prove you were his tool?

    Now to add a little salt in Thomas the Goon’s self inflicted wound. Didn’t you just state that Nelson, a tort lawyer last I checked, defended a pedo priest? Intelligence may be in short supply with you but you just defamed a guy that sues people for a living. Good luck with that. Let us know how it turns out.

    1. Uh yeah…that is exactly what Gordo just did.

      #18 by Major Nelson on May 14, 2010
      …..”then Shawn Nelson defended a pedophile priest as his lawyer.”

      Assclown as a tag team.

  2. Was this predictable or what? Sidhu has quite a crew, Billy Turner and this ape. Should the crew a guy assembles during an election be an indication of who he would surround himself with in office?

  3. Well, that figures. I should have cottoned on to the incompetent writing style.

    He thinks Sidhu is some sort of linguistic genius. Maybe he was counting on a job as Harry’s translator.

  4. Poor Gordo. Pretty soon his stock will be at zero, if it isn’t there already. Consigned to total irrelevance by his own stupidity.

  5. El Gordo Loco is planning on running for the Santa Ana City Council this November. He has already filed the paperwork with the FPPC to start raising morning. I guess he is counting on Harish contributing to his campaign.

    He is running for re-election to the GOP Central Committee in June. He recently failed to get the CRA endorsement even though he is an active member of the CRA.

    This guy is a complete joke and obviously a big of a coward as I always suspected. Afraid to post using his real name.

    For the record the guy is a public employee, working for LAUSD. On more than one occasion we have caught him blogging from his LAUSD computer.

  6. Mill
    the harish crap you spout is really quite old and trite. Googling your name shows that this crap is prevalent theme you speak. You are nothing but a male version of Sarah Palin.

    Get over your self importance

    1. “the harish crap you spout”

      And what would that be? Referring to the perjuring carpetbagger by his real name?

      “Get over your self importance”

      You must have me confused with Dan Chmielewski, Chris Pervatt, Jerbal Cunningham or El Gordo Loco himself. There no more self important folks in the blogosphere than they.

  7. I never thought I would be willing to walk precincts in Santa Ana but if Thomas the Goon Gordan runs you can count me in.

    Who’s running against him (as if it matters)?

    1. He will be running against Sal Tinajero. Sal is a teacher at Fullerton High School and has done some wonderful things for the students there with the nationally recognized speech program that he has developed.

  8. Mill,
    i dont have you confused with those four…you are just as much a stupid fool as they are…

    if i have to explain it it to you, you are far more stupid than i thought

    1. Where are “the racist overtones on this site”? Is it the references to the aryan nation or Harish or both???

  9. #10 and Kid,

    Let’s see, his name is Harish, he lives in Anaheim Hills (OUTSIDE the district), he has claimed residence at THREE DIFFERENT LOCATIONS IN 16 months.

    Why would’nt, based on that alone, you find it fair to question his sudden name change?

    This is not racist, it’s demonstrating that HARISH “HARRY” SIDHU will say and do anything to qualify.

    The one thing he has yet to do: WIN!

    I say send the fat pig home: RIGHT BACK TO ANAHIEM HILLS!

  10. Hate to break it to the kick ass reporter Sipovitz pretends to be, but Thomas Gordon isn’t Major Nelson. I think it’s Tom Daly

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