The Joke’s On You!

I got an e-mail today from a friend of mine from Anaheim who isn’t all that politically active, but who saw the 4th District Supervisor WAND forum and has seen the videos of Hide and Seek Sidhu on our website.

One is the loneliest number.

Shock and dismay would be two good words to describe this woman’s impression of Sidhu. But I’ll let her speak in her own words:

I am aware that money is really all it takes to run a political campaign, but I have to say I am really and truly amazed by the campaign of Harry Sidhu. I know he doesn’t live in the district and I know he made up several addresses in order to run in the 4th. Okay. That’s pretty awful.

But what’s really bad is that the man is completely incoherent, has no grasp of any issues, and can only read what has been written for him on index cards. It’s pathetic. I would feel sorry for him if he hadn’t brought this embarrassment on himself. In fact, I really doubt if the man has a sense of shame at all.

At the WAND forum all I heard from this character were platitudes of the emptiest kind and even most of those were irrelevant. His performance at the GOP Central Committee meeting was humiliating  – and embarrassing for everybody.

Keep up the pressure on this candidacy. You are doing an great job exposing this empty suit for what he is – an over ambitious, ignorant carpetbagger.

P.S. You can use my name.

M. Rodriguez

Thanks, for that. I couldn’t agree more.

3 Replies to “The Joke’s On You!”

  1. I will create jobs, jobs, and then….let’s see..,.yes, more jobs will come. And then I will find all of the waste in the government that there is to find.

  2. Its good to see an ordinary citizens take on Harri’s vacuous talking head. I was starting to think that his deceptive and absurd mailers might have some effect. M. Rodriquez’s letter proves that the voters see through that type of political scare-tactic marketing.

  3. I have heard this same thing from so many people in the 4th who had no clue what a Harry Sidhu was. Now he has become a joke.

    Seems like his campaign has slowed way down too, I think he knows its over.

    Maybe he is making “Join Harry for 3rd Dist Supervisor” signs in his garage.

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