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We’ve just received a message from our good Friend and former Red County blogger Allan Bartlet.

Hello FFFF readers.  It’s nice to write for a blog that appreciates independent thinking.  It’s nice not to be told what they can and can’t write about or what stories they can and can’t link to…but I digress.  It’s official.  I am no longer going to be contributing anything else to Red County as long as the taint of Matt Cunningham shilling for the ultra liberal bureaucracy Children & Family Commission is still over there.

I come before you today though to report excellent news from OC Republican Central Committee.  Last night was Scott Baugh’s finest hour as Chairman of our party.  It was a short meeting as Central Committee meetings go, but what it lacked in duration, it made up in substance.  Chairman Baugh started by making some remarks about how great it was that the party has been vindicated for
endorsing Shawn Nelson last month.  He put up on a projector for all the members to see, the over the top/lying hit pieces paid for by the county employee and sheriff unions on behalf of Harry Sidhu & Lorri Galloway.  He then proceeded to have an impromptu fundraiser for Shawn right there during the meeting! Someone from the audience shouted he would match the first 30 $50 donations to get the ball rolling.  For the math challenged, that’s $1500.  It then started feeding off of all the energy in the room to fight back against the government unions.  By the end of the night, Scott told me that we had raised and gotten commitments for almost $100k for Nelson for the party to do member communications on his behalf.

I couldn’t help but notice that he kept looking at Matt Holder during his presentation as if to say…”game, set, match Matt”.  I think it’s fair to say that the gloves came off last night.  You see as everyone knows, John Lewis & Matt Holder are running interference behind the scenes to help Harry Sidhu.  If Harry gets elected, L&H and the unions will have one more friendly vote for all their lobbying business, which BTW is very substantial.  The campaigns they work on are more or less “loss leaders” for them.  They make their money on the back end.  If Nelson gets elected, that’s two solid votes against them for any business they wanna try to get through the BOS.  They would have to be perfect with the remaining three votes.  We know they have Janet & Bill Campbell in their back pocket, but Pat Bates has endorsed Nelson.  You see where all this is going?  Like someone once said…”follow the money”.

Anyways, I just wanna thank Chairman Baugh for his efforts last night. It’s not been often that I publicly give him props, but I definitely wanna praise him when he deserves it.

Thanks for that, Allan. We’ve been pretty tough on both Baugh and the GOP Central Committee in the past. But it looks like things are really changing for the better and an expression of appreciation is in order!

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  1. Glad to see you finally leaving Matt and John’s paid commercial for Harry Sidhu and friends. I hope you stick to your guns.

    I, and a few others I associate with, quit going to Red County a long time ago to read there political news. Even though it’s officially named “Chip Hanlon’s Red County”, it is crystal clear it is actually Matt Cunningham, and the man he shills for, boss John Lewis’, personal message board for their issues and clients.

    They literally get paid to post blogs as if they are unbiased posts and reports.

    Their credibility has become a joke…not to mention how they do ethical business. Just a bunch of phonies that shill for WHOEVER pays them too.

  2. Allan,
    I am happy to see you posting here!

    If you keep this up, I will have to find someone else to be upset with. I am glad a room full of Republicans could actually agree to spend a lot of money on a worthy endeavor, rather than some pretty award. That is the leadership OCGOP needs.

  3. This Bartlett guy sounds sincere. No wonder he didn’t last at Red County. He’s got the type of voice where readers will follow him wherever he goes.

  4. The Lewis Machine is fighting for its sleazoid life. The Barbre and Cunningham legs have been severed and Daly, even if he gets re-elected will never last out a term. Carona all over again. We need to get rid of Hide and Seek Sidhu once and for all. And then make sure Campbell’s goose is cooked.

  5. For months, the FFFF and OJB along with OC Weekly have been calling out Cunningham’s hypocrisy.

    But, by and large, the OC GOP (at least the Meg County wing) and the public at large have seemed to look the other way, while their cheerleader profited from OCCF.

    Perhaps your even keeled approach that will convince folks that the people behind this (Jubal, Hanlon, Chemilinwski, Lewis Prevatt and Holder) are merely in this for THE MONEY.

    They are crooked and without conviction.

    The latter, seems abundant in the Bartlett DNA.

    Good Luck AB!

  6. Wait just a second, Allan.

    ” I am no longer going to be contributing anything else to Red County as long as…”

    That makes it sound like your departure from my site was your decision. It was not. It was mine, and despite how you might characterize it in forums such as these, you know full well why I tossed you.

    Despite my best efforts to stay in friendly contact with you, our productive meeting last week and our cordial ongoing email correspondence, you keep shitting right on my head publicly.

    Amazing, your lack of relationship skills. Astonishing, in fact.

    I come here for once in my life and I see this. Classic, absolutely classic.

    1. Chip, welcome to our humble little blog. Not that I want to get involved in a Red County hair pull, but really – from everything I’ve heard, and I do mean everything, Allan Bartlett is a stand up guy. Even people who don’t agree with him on certain issues say the same thing.

  7. Chip,

    “you keep shitting right on my head publicly.”

    Maybe you’re just a shit-head?

    Face it. You dumped Bartlett when you should have dumped Jerbal.

    The new OC GOP blog is going to finish off your increasingly lame “Red-Assed County.”

  8. Yeah Chip, you “suspended me temporarily” without even telling me. I had to try and login and then come to find out later you had disabled it a few days prior and then you were gonna wait until I tried to login and couldn’t. That’s chickens***. I chose to get out of there permanently before I started getting tainted anymore by RC’s downward credibility spiral. I wasn’t going to carry yours or Matt’s water any longer. Spin all you would like. Your golden boy OC editor over there isn’t so golden when he’s getting mocked & shamed day after day of more C&F Commission revelations. You could end it all and get the blog’s credibility back, but you have decided to circle the wagons. That’s your choice.

    You’re not one to lecture on relationships. Anyways, I’m happy to collaborate when we can, but spare me the self righteousness.

  9. The OC Central Committee is completely disfunctional…they used to be America’s Most Republican County, now they are a broke joke. A pox on the houses of Baugh, Lewis, Barlett and the rest of those selfish insiders who have forgotten the volunteers and no longer have a professional staff or voter registration and get out the vote efforts.

    1. Lumping Baugh and Lewis together is one thing but placing Bartlett? You must be confused…

      But you are right that they take for granted ALL of the volunteers who help with the Get Out The Vote efforts. Many people are forgotten the moment the election results are published. The losers want to forget all about the entire ordeal while the winners like Sidhu contemplate their next office.

  10. “the winners like Sidhu contemplate their next office.”

    I think you meant to say “losers like Sidhu contemplate their next office.”

    1. That depends…He won his council seat (hence winner) so he continues to office shop. If he eventually looses his current seat and does not win the 4th (he is certain to loose the 4th) he will be completely out of options and will have to go back to flipping birds on the grill. I wonder if he’ll make Poor Billy Turner an assistant manager with all of the rights and privileges such a title may hold…

      1. Win or lose Sidhu will continue to shop around. Which is why i really relish the idea of a Sidhu defeat in June. He can drop the pretense of living in the 4th, quit the Central Committee for the 69th (if he even wins that – doubtful) and start planning his big run for the Board of Supes in 2012 to replace Campbell.

        And that will really mess up Lewis and Campbell and Caveccche, et al. Hell, I may even support him when he turns on the ‘pugs!

  11. I would also take harry sidhu more seriously if he was running for the third dist…out of his own real residnece.

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