The Strange Case of The Doug Chafee Hit Piece

Not long ago this hit piece against Doug Chaffee hit Fullerton mailboxes.

Standard crapola. But notice who sent it? California Homeowners Association? What the Hell is that? Well, let’s take a gander at who just plowed some dough into this obviously bogus outfit for the purpose of hitting Chaffee:

View the Late IE Report

Whoa! That’s not our local “firefighter” union. Who is it? And why do they give a damn who is on Fullerton’s City Council? Why are they contributing to an IE hit piece in Fullerton? Fullerton’s fire crew are already backing RINOs  Bankhead and McKinley.

Hmm. Let’s reflect upon what’s going on up in Brea right now, where the “firefighters” are making a big stink about joining the Orange County Fire Authority.

What’s going on here? Is there something we should know about any deals behind the scenes?

Selected Reviews from Roland Chi’s Market

Last night one of Roland Chi’s buddies came on to our blog and tried to convince us that “the food taste great” at Roland’s market, and that the food poisoning “90% is the people’s fault.” Well, blaming others for one’s failure is a par for the course in Fullerton, but blaming the victims? That’s a new low.

If only there was a way to use the Internet to see what the rest of Roland’s customers think…

I'd like to talk about something else now.

Oh wait, that’s easy. Scroll through the supermarket reviews on the popular, and you’ll find that Roland’s friend was partially correct: most of the reviewers do like the taste of the food. But when the subject turns to cleanliness, things get ugly:

Photo of Tiffany B.“Dead Korean Halibut in a big fish tank?”
“This place is pretty dirty & smells horrible” – Tiffany B.

Photo of Ran C.“The place seems unusually dirty for a place that sells food for consumption”
-Ran C.

Photo of Andy P.“Seriously, this place is getting more and more dirtier each time I come here. The floors next to the meat department is disgusting and unsanitary.” – Andy P.

Photo of john t.“ended up buying some spoiled milk WTF my fault for not lookin at the expiration date but damn….. put that spoiled shit away!” – john t.

Photo of Eri H.“I purchased some meat to make dduk bo sam… dang the meat smelled funky when I opened the package… and it was rotten… ” – Eri H.

And so the amateur critics generally seem to agree with the county health inspectors and the DA: health standards at the Chi family supermarket have been serially ignored. Eat at your own risk, and hopefully you won’t be one of the unlucky customers who end up on the bathroom floor or in the ER.

Sadly, most of these reviews were posted in 2010, well after the DA made Roland promise to clean up his act. Can this guy be honest about anything?

Mickadeit Already Running Cover For Lame-O DA By Floating Trial Balloons?

Three days in the monkey cage left lingering damage...

Yesterday,  OC Register homunculus and repuglican lackey-chronicler Frank Mickadeit wrote up a story about possible contenders to a Todd Spitzer 3rd District Supervisorial run in 2012 – as a prelude to a Spitzer DA run in 2014.

The big names – outgoing assemblyman Chuck DeVore and Dick Ackerman deserve special attention, and we’ll get back to that in a bit.

But first let’s relish Mickadeit’s effort to stir up anti-Spitzer sentiment for the benefit of our Do Nothing DA who is actually endorsing serial law breaker Roland Chi in Fullerton’s city council race. As is well known, Mickadeit dances to the tunes fifed out by GOP bigwig Michael Schroeder and his wife, DAs spokeshole Susan Kang. In return for providing this entertainment Frank gets to smoke cigars and sip brandy with the Schroeders.

It seems not unlikely that besides the congenital name-dropping instinct, Frank is throwing out these big names as a counter to Spitzer’s own vaulting ambition, as in: not so fast Todd, boy.

Will nail down the Eagle Scout vote.

DeVore wouldn’t be a bad supervisor and might actually bring some refreshing relief to a County operation dedicated to doling out medical and social services compliments of the federal government. But he needs a job. Now.

Dick Ackerman? Well he does live in a “top secret, gated community” in the 3rd District which s a far cry from his claim to have moved to Fullerton last year so his old lady could run for the State Assembly. Apart from that he’s got some explaining to do. Such as the Pacific Policy Research Foundation scam we reported about here, years of RINO accommodating votes, his dubious behavior vis-a-vis the OC Fair sale. He’s also 70 and we sure have seen enough geriatric retirees at the County over the years.

My top-secret gated estate is in the right district. Now if only that white van would quit following me around.

Worst of all, is Ackerman’s perpetual backing of the worst kind of liberal, staff-stooge candidates here in Fullerton.Pro-Redevelopment, big government chuckleheads like Don Bankhead, Doc HeeHaw Jones, Pat McKinley, Aaron Gregg, and a long list of similar tools, simply selected to keep the scary Dems out – Democrats whose political philosophy is practically indistinguishable from Ackerman’s RINO herd.

The fun part of this is that either one of these worthies running would put a serious crimp in Der Pringle’s master plan of putting Orange’s dreary RINO Carolyn Cavecche into that seat.

2010 Fullerton Voter Guide

The generally non-partisan bloggers here at Friends for Fullerton’s Future have come up with a handy election guide for Fullerton voters. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or independent voter, everyone hates to see public resources mismanaged and squandered by political opportunists, bureaucratic excuse-makers and drowsy incumbents.

These recommendations are based on a preference for candidates who represent the principles of limited government, personal freedom and courage to stand alone when necessary.

Fullerton City Council – 2 Year Seat

Bruce Whitaker

Bruce has always been independent and principle-driven, and he has proven himself to be a real tax-fighter. His past victories have already saved Fullerton residents over $150 million in unnecessary utility taxes.

Fullerton City Council – 4 Year Seat

Greg Sebourn

Greg’s platform centers around cleaning up waste in local government and bringing fiscal sanity back to Fullerton. He has already called out several wasteful projects and agencies on our blog and his own while proposing very reasonable alternatives.

Barry Levinson

Barry has shown courage in publicly denouncing Redevelopment boondoggles and he promises to rein in ridiculous public employee pensions. His background as an auditor may come in handy, too.

Fullerton School Board

Chris Thompson

Chris has courageously challenged the school bureaucracy on behalf of children more than any parent in the history of Fullerton. He will truly be a voice for children and taxpayers on the Fullerton school board.

Beverly Berryman

Beverly is easily the best of the current school board members, and has voted against bad policies and tax increases when necessary in the past.

Measure M – Term Limits

Yes on Measure M

Term limits are on the ballot as a response to Don Bankhead’s 22 years of representing city staff instead of Fullerton taxpayers. Measure M will help counter the often overpowering advantage of incumbency.

Orange County Supervisor – 4th District

Shawn Nelson

His opponent is a perjuring carpetbagger who sold out to the public employee unions.

47th Congressional District – South Fullerton

No Recommendation

Both Loretta Sanchez and Van Tran have way too many core faults to make them even mildly acceptable. One of our bloggers suggested a write-in vote for himself, but he is a dog. Consider choosing an alternative candidate.

The Criminal Mentality

It’s sort of funny how the “public safety” unions are always telling us that if it weren’t for them everything would be chaos, a sort of post apocalyptic nightmare with all savage criminals roaming the highway and all the structures aflame.

Thanks, FPOA!

Along with this nonsense, we get the image of these people as superior moral beings, giving of themselves to make our lives better through their tireless and limitless self-sacrifice.

So what can we make of the fact that Fullerton’s Police and “Fire” unions have endorsed the unendorsable Roland Chi?

Roland Chi. The creep who poisoned a dozen people in Garden Grove; who ignored over 90 health code violations; who plead nolo contendere and had to leave a sample of his DNA with the DA to dodge prosecution; who illegally used a non-profit charity to promote his campaign; whose very own father was caught red-handed stealing campaign signs.

Roland and Dad. Don't judge us by what we did to you. Judge us by what we say we will do for you.

Oh, yeah. That Roland Chi.

So why are the Fullerton agencies who are always promoting their exclusive powers to preserve public safety to exact ever greater concessions from the taxpayer, supporting the serial law-breaker Roland Chi? If it isn’t self-interest over the public good, then what, O what can it possibly be?

Like Father, Like Son? Sign Thief May Already Be on Probation… for Food Poisoning!

There’s an old adage that goes: the apple never falls far from the tree.

Remember when we traced the “No McKinley” sign thief’s white van back to Roland Chi’s supermarket in Garden Grove?

Tomorrow's Special in the dumpster?

Well, multiple sources have identified the photo below of the Fullerton sign thief as a close family friend of Roland Chi; very close, in fact. These people have identified the miscreant as Roland Chi’s own father, Jong Sik Chi, who is also the co-owner of Roland’s filthy Garden Grove market.

Busted. Again.

Well, that would explain an awful lot. Like the use of the family vehicle to commit another crime. Could it really be true?

If so, Chi senior may have wandered out onto thin legal ice.

See, according to the court documents linked below, the Elder Mr. Chi can hardly afford to be breaking the law. Senior Chi is still on probation for the 2009 AR Supermarket food poisoning incident, and the first condition of his plea agreement specifically commands him to Violate no law(s), or else.

Read the plea agreement

Presumably that would include petty theft and vandalism. In fact, according to an amateur translation of this court document, violating the terms of his probation could put him back on the hook for 2.5 years in prison!

Roland Chi’s entire campaign operation seems to built upon chronic and congenital dishonesty, disregard for the law, and criminal activity. There seems to be no connection between the Roland Chi Family and anybody’s standard of ethics.

You just couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

Amazing Grace And the Amazing Sinking Chi.

As I was motoring down Highland Avenue the other day, I spied this sight in the 200 N. block.

Uh, oh! A church proudly displaying a Roland Chi sign. Somebody needs to inform this operation that the IRS doesn’t allow non-profits to promote political candidates, and not only that, but it really looks bad when churches do it.

Of course the idea of using a non-profit to promote his political ambition is nothing new for Roland Chi, it’s pretty risky for a church to jeopardize its standing with the IRS. What’s next for “Amazing Grace Methodist Church?” Can anybody say “property taxes?”

The Lineup, Part II

Here’s a picture we found depicting Roland Chi and some other guy who looks a Hell of a lot like the the little creep who was caught stealing campaign signs, here.

Thumbs up, good buddy!

Drat the luck! We can’t read Korean. Can any body help out here? Who is Mystery Man who was caught on film stealing signs, stashing them into Roland Chi’s van, and then driving to Roland Chi’s store?

Maybe the Fullerton Police Department can help out here, since crimes are being committed and it’s their job to stop criminals. We’ve already supplied them with lots of clues, but so far we’ve heard nothing but a deafening silence.

Sharon Quirk-Silva, Another Serial Endorser?

I guess elected officials get some kind of a kick out of handing out endorsements to other candidates.  Recently I called for Shawn Nelson to choose between Bruce Whitaker and Roland Chi, both of whom he had endorsed before they ran against each other for the same two year city council seat.  I was encouraged to see that Nelson referred to Whitaker as the “only” candidate who would fight for pension reform on Whitaker’s recent campaign materials.

But it seems that Shawn Nelson may not be the only elected official having trouble picking a favorite.  Bruce Whitaker’s campaign website lists among his endorsers Sharon Quirk-Silva of the Fullerton City Council.  Funny, Roland Chi’s latest mailer carries a glowing endorsement of Chi by Quirk-Silva, complete with her smiling picture.  What’s the story here?  Did she dump Whitaker for Chi, or is she just trying to make everyone happy?  Can no one in this city just tell us who they want to win the damn election?