Selected Reviews from Roland Chi’s Market

Last night one of Roland Chi’s buddies came on to our blog and tried to convince us that “the food taste great” at Roland’s market, and that the food poisoning “90% is the people’s fault.” Well, blaming others for one’s failure is a par for the course in Fullerton, but blaming the victims? That’s a new low.

If only there was a way to use the Internet to see what the rest of Roland’s customers think…

I'd like to talk about something else now.

Oh wait, that’s easy. Scroll through the supermarket reviews on the popular, and you’ll find that Roland’s friend was partially correct: most of the reviewers do like the taste of the food. But when the subject turns to cleanliness, things get ugly:

Photo of Tiffany B.“Dead Korean Halibut in a big fish tank?”
“This place is pretty dirty & smells horrible” – Tiffany B.

Photo of Ran C.“The place seems unusually dirty for a place that sells food for consumption”
-Ran C.

Photo of Andy P.“Seriously, this place is getting more and more dirtier each time I come here. The floors next to the meat department is disgusting and unsanitary.” – Andy P.

Photo of john t.“ended up buying some spoiled milk WTF my fault for not lookin at the expiration date but damn….. put that spoiled shit away!” – john t.

Photo of Eri H.“I purchased some meat to make dduk bo sam… dang the meat smelled funky when I opened the package… and it was rotten… ” – Eri H.

And so the amateur critics generally seem to agree with the county health inspectors and the DA: health standards at the Chi family supermarket have been serially ignored. Eat at your own risk, and hopefully you won’t be one of the unlucky customers who end up on the bathroom floor or in the ER.

Sadly, most of these reviews were posted in 2010, well after the DA made Roland promise to clean up his act. Can this guy be honest about anything?

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  1. I think that the big deal interest in Mr. Chi from the RINO Bankhead and McKinley and Police Union crowd is that Chi is supposed to open a similar grocery market in Fullerton, in the newly expanded (and hopefully soon to be de-funded REPEALED) Redevelopment Area.

    The RINO clever tricky secret “deals” guys of the pathetic Repuglcan Party REALLY need to be run out of town!

  2. I’ve gotta say being in that tank was way demeaning. I know I really stank the place up and it was personally humiliating.

    I blame Roland Chi and his father Kim Jong Chi or whatever the F it is.

    Being a dead fish is not what it’s cracked up to be.

  3. Just for verification purposes I want to aver for the record that Dead Korean Halibut is up here in dead pet Heaven and everything he tells me about the absolutely filthy conditions in Chi’s kitchen is true.

    1. I don’t know shit from racism. I know I was dead and Roland Chi let me float around in that tank belly up for two weeks. Jesus, that was humiliating.

    2. I’m going with Chris since he seems to be a Sipowicz but it’s probably one of Tony’s 7 personalities

  4. whats the difference between 2006 and now? He did it, which means he’s just as slimy as chi, and that makes Nelson slimy, since he approves of this guy by making him chief of staff. You cant get on one guy for doing a crime and then forgive another for the same just because it happened a little bit longer in the past.

  5. I’ve been all over the world and shopped in 3rd world markets, never in my life have I been so throughly disgusted with a super market in my life. The health inspectors should have shut them down and shouldn’t ave them reopen.

  6. Well if you care about Roland Chi doing it, you should care that your supervisors chief of staff has done the same thing.

    1. They don’t care because it’s a white male friend of theirs chief of staff. Racist site that will turn the other way with one of their own. They seem to attack women and minorities

      1. the jig is up, it’s all just a bunch of racism! exposing the likes of:

        scumbag political operative John Lewis — Racism!

        King Krook Curt Pringle — Racism!

        Carpetbagger Dick Ackerman and lovely wife — Racism!

        walking dead meat puppet Don Bankhead — Racism!

        Doc Hee Haw — Racism!

        bubblehead Pam Keller — Racism.. eh I meant misogyny

        police shill pension spiker McKinley — Racism!

        sex abuse victim outer Matt Cunningham — Racism!

        Dan Chmsnckszdsnwki — Racism!

        Tony Ratkaukas — Racism!

        How’d you guys figure it out?

  7. Nipsey, what the hell are you talking about? I do find it interesting though that 4F would attack Roland Chi for stealing signs, a Korean, but not attack Supervisor Shawn Nelson and he chief of staff, whos is white, for committing the same exact crime here And hey at least Chi’s father had the balls to do it during the day, and not at the dead of night like Nelson and 4Fs boy.

    1. “And hey at least Chi’s father had the balls to do it during the day”

      thats one possible explanation. He could also just be an idiot.

  8. nipsey, what is you opinion of Shawn Nelson’s chief of staff and Orange City councilman Bilodeau stealing signs? Are the two crimes not identical? Shoudn’t both men be attacked evenly on this site for committing this “terrible” crime.

  9. It is nice to know that Roland gave away scholarshit and contribution to church. It would be nicer if your parents payback money to ex-Garden Grove residents before this campaign. If you have any question you should ask your mom.

  10. doesnt matter if one was last week, and the other was a few years. It should be honestly noted on this site that Shawn Nelson affliates himself with people that are comfortable committing the same crimes as the “evil and Korean” Roland Chi and his father.

  11. CITY OF FULLERTON Member, City Council, Short Term
    Completed Precincts: 101 of 101
    Vote Count Percentage
    BRUCE WHITAKER 8,393 37.8%
    ROLAND CHI 6,522 29.3%
    AARON GREGG 5,200 23.4%
    ANTHONY N. (TONY) FONTE 2,113 9.5%

    Now the work begins.

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