The Strange Case of The Doug Chafee Hit Piece

Not long ago this hit piece against Doug Chaffee hit Fullerton mailboxes.

Standard crapola. But notice who sent it? California Homeowners Association? What the Hell is that? Well, let’s take a gander at who just plowed some dough into this obviously bogus outfit for the purpose of hitting Chaffee:

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Whoa! That’s not our local “firefighter” union. Who is it? And why do they give a damn who is on Fullerton’s City Council? Why are they contributing to an IE hit piece in Fullerton? Fullerton’s fire crew are already backing RINOs  Bankhead and McKinley.

Hmm. Let’s reflect upon what’s going on up in Brea right now, where the “firefighters” are making a big stink about joining the Orange County Fire Authority.

What’s going on here? Is there something we should know about any deals behind the scenes?

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11 thoughts on “The Strange Case of The Doug Chafee Hit Piece

  1. So the firefighters think they’ll get a better deal from two Republicsns like Bankhead and McKinley than they will from Democrat Chaffee. Unions generally back Democrats, but this time they have two ex-cops who will hand them whatever they ask for. What else could they ask for?

  2. Some day I’ll fill the voters in on WHY Fullerton’s candidates are running and why certain people are supporting them. You would be shocked if you could follow the money trail…but you can’t.

  3. That is a Dave Gilliard controlled committee. They’ve been mailing in Orange, Tustin, Westminster and now Fullerton.

    In Orange they did mail against Caveeche. I don’t think the OCPFA has any interest in Fullerton. They probably contributed to the Orange portion to help Dumitru.

    1. Jeff, $2500 bucks is a lot of money to spend just to do somebody a favor and possibly make a permanent enemy.

      Still, thanks for the Galliard tip.

  4. that says a lot about still worthless Republicans Party. Their boy McKinley gets their support while the “Heros” are hitting the Democrat behind the scene to save the “heros” absurd pensions.

  5. They just mailed in Irvine the other day against one of our GOP endorsed candidates Lynn Schott. This makes sense because Gilliard is Cong John Campbell’s consultant and Campbell is only helping Jeff Lalloway here in Irvine and he voted against Lynn Schott’s endorsement at central Committee.

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