It’s time for a Friday break. Here is council hopeful Jesse La Tour and his garage punk band called “Chicken or Fish.”

“We are here to shred your faces off and challenge your political views.” Fun stuff.

Due to the equal-time rule, I may be obligated to post punk rock videos made by any other council candidates, too. Send them in right away.

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21 thoughts on “Awesome.

  1. Wow, I hope his teaching is better than his music….kind of scary…I know we need a change on city council, but that may be a bit radical.
    Definitely fun, though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear powers that be…please make these guys put their shirts on!
    Actually it would be hilarous to see Bankhead and Jones reaction to this one…

  3. I also always wondered what is crawling around in Jesse’s beard… eewwww…and I’m not against beards, but his is gross! He needs a makeover.

  4. Chicken or Fish?

    Sweet Irridescent Jebus.

    At first I thought it was going to be a something about Roland Chi’s filthy market.

  5. ha, I’m in Chicken or Fish and this is the first and probably the last press we’ll ever receive.

    We’re admittedly the worst band in Orange County, so don’t take us too seriously. It is nice to see that the two times Jesse has been mentioned on this blog are in regards to chicken strips and his punk band.

    Also, if anyone is interested Chicken or Fish is playing a show tonight at the Hibbleton Halloween party, so stop on by.

  6. I’m wondering how much chicken or fish these guys have eaten. A better name for the group might be Pizza and Beer or Hamburgers or Hot Dogs

  7. I kind of like the message. A couple of pudgy slobs goofing around, drinking beer and demanding free health care.

    Wait, it’s supposed to be ironic, right?

  8. Sorry Travis. Those guys (and gals) are beyond suck. Particularly the drummer who can’t keep a beat and only knows how to use one hand on the snare.

  9. Concerned Fullertonians,
    I am one of the shirtless slobs in Pizza or Beer… wait, I mean Chicken or Fish. I forgot that elections are about keeping trim and being ashamed of our bodies. Thanks for the reminder. I will stop listening to John Mayer when he tells me that my “body is a wonderland.”

    Thanks for looking out!

  10. keep rockin guys, dont listen to these d-bags, there just sad little men, full of hate, that feel batter when they can bring someone else down.

  11. If this is the worst thing Jesse has ever done it’s still better than being most of the other candidates in the race.

  12. Jesse’s liberal sensibilities probably can’t do us much harm on the city council and he’s reasonable enough that you could have a serious talk with him about the failings of Fullerton, especially regarding the redevelopment boondoggles. Can that be said of most of the other candidates?

    There might be better candidates but there are certainly worse ones.

    As somebody who has participated in two Art Walks in Fullerton (for better or worse), I’ve seen firsthand Jesse’s willingness to talk about an issue and his willingness to try and bring people into Fullerton.

    Yes, the “arts” might not be what Fullerton needs as a cure-all for our problems but I’ll take an organically grown art walk sponsored by local business owners, and the guy who organized it, over Amerige Court, the Transit Depot and The Fox Fiasco and those who stand to profit from the destruction of Fullerton any day and any election.

    1. Joe Z, excellent points, all.

      Jesse would certainly be a million freaking times better than the senile Bankhead and the clueless Cueball which is, of course, setting the bar awfully low.

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