Amazing Grace And the Amazing Sinking Chi.

As I was motoring down Highland Avenue the other day, I spied this sight in the 200 N. block.

Uh, oh! A church proudly displaying a Roland Chi sign. Somebody needs to inform this operation that the IRS doesn’t allow non-profits to promote political candidates, and not only that, but it really looks bad when churches do it.

Of course the idea of using a non-profit to promote his political ambition is nothing new for Roland Chi, it’s pretty risky for a church to jeopardize its standing with the IRS. What’s next for “Amazing Grace Methodist Church?” Can anybody say “property taxes?”

19 Replies to “Amazing Grace And the Amazing Sinking Chi.”

  1. That’s really bad. I wonder if this church isn’t promoting Chi from the pulpit.

    And that would really stink.

  2. IRS Code 501 (c) (3) is pretty specific about political advocacy. It is prohibited. So, hypothetically, if Roland, or his father, put the sign on the church property, are they (the church) required to remove it, or is it a simple trespass, or littering by Mr.(s) Chi?????

    1. Isn’t there something about freedom of speech and religion in the constitution? IRS Code btw is going to be challenged soon because just like our nations drug laws they are unconstitutional. Laws must be passed by congress and the President, neither this code or the drug laws have been.

  3. Jesus, our last Korean candidate sent out campaign workers claiming to be her, she didn’t live in Fullerton, and she couldn’t communicate in English.

    Now this. Sad, sad, sad. But they believe in Jesus!

  4. Apparently nobody informed the elders that churches aren’t supposed to promote political causes or candidates in the good ol’ U.S .of A. The Internal Revenue Service frowns upon it, and so do voters.

  5. One reason this racist site is spending so much time and money attacking Chi is because this is the only seat they believe their puppet can actually win. Must make you feel good Sebourn knowing that you have been abandoned by your FRIENDS because you have no chance. Does St Juliana know that your signs are up on their property. Racist site with a perjury hypocrite running it.

  6. Puppet Master Tony…question for you…what color is your skin? No…more importantly, what color is your heart? There is no racisism here..just look at the older posts against Bankhead, Jones, McKinnley, Flory, ..need I go on? You are just a dick..

  7. Take TS dick out of your mouth and put it in Sipowitz’. What female or minority has this site ever consistently been positive about like they are for Norby, Nelson, Sebourn , Thompson, and Whitaker. I rest my case. take it back from Sipowitz

  8. Bankhead, Jones, McKinley, Ackerman, Pringle, Cunningham. This blog has attacked more white guys than anyone else in Fullerton’s history. Take your phoney racism charge and shove it!

  9. Ive never said this site hasn’t attacked white people before (although they tend to be white guys that have supported people of color which this site does not approve of, but i digress) that doesn’t mean your not racist. There are certain white people that David Duke/Joe Sipowicz hates, doesn’t mean they are not racist.

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