Like Father, Like Son? Sign Thief May Already Be on Probation… for Food Poisoning!

There’s an old adage that goes: the apple never falls far from the tree.

Remember when we traced the “No McKinley” sign thief’s white van back to Roland Chi’s supermarket in Garden Grove?

Tomorrow's Special in the dumpster?

Well, multiple sources have identified the photo below of the Fullerton sign thief as a close family friend of Roland Chi; very close, in fact. These people have identified the miscreant as Roland Chi’s own father, Jong Sik Chi, who is also the co-owner of Roland’s filthy Garden Grove market.

Busted. Again.

Well, that would explain an awful lot. Like the use of the family vehicle to commit another crime. Could it really be true?

If so, Chi senior may have wandered out onto thin legal ice.

See, according to the court documents linked below, the Elder Mr. Chi can hardly afford to be breaking the law. Senior Chi is still on probation for the 2009 AR Supermarket food poisoning incident, and the first condition of his plea agreement specifically commands him to Violate no law(s), or else.

Read the plea agreement

Presumably that would include petty theft and vandalism. In fact, according to an amateur translation of this court document, violating the terms of his probation could put him back on the hook for 2.5 years in prison!

Roland Chi’s entire campaign operation seems to built upon chronic and congenital dishonesty, disregard for the law, and criminal activity. There seems to be no connection between the Roland Chi Family and anybody’s standard of ethics.

You just couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

36 Replies to “Like Father, Like Son? Sign Thief May Already Be on Probation… for Food Poisoning!”

  1. Roland Chi seriously think he can let others do the dirty work for him to just get elected to Fullerton City Council.

    Uhhhhh…I wonder what would Assemblyman Chuck DeVore would think about all of this…after all Chuck endorsed Chi. Mmmmm.

  2. But can we really blame “Roland” for the way he brought up? Wouldn’t it be better to place blame on TV or on crooked American consumer culture?

    Poor Roland is just young boy and is not responsible for all that has happened to him. He is just victim of racism.

  3. Will the insanity never cease? Please Fullerton, send this family back to the dumpsters of Garden Grove where they belong.

    1. No, Ackerman endorsed Aaron Gregg as a symbol of his appreciation for Gregg’s history of donating to carpetbaggers like Linda Ackerman and Harry Sidhu.

  4. Ackerman still hates Whitaker from the Great Fullerton Recall days when they debated each other and The Flack argued the Boohoo Party Line.

  5. As much fun as this has been unless the cops do something it’s all for nil. I think the real issue goes back to why the police are police in this town…I am Hero but if it comes to anything but writing tickets I want nothing to do with it.

    Makes you wonder if firing the Police Department and bring in the Sheriff to run things for a while isn’t a bad idea. We could reset the pension system in Fullerton without a police union and bring in a Chief that will actually enforce the law. If Fullerton continues to do nothing about the area south of commonwealth we will be the next Santa Ana, Los Angeles and San Fran.

    1. Interesting idea. We would have to absorb a lot of OCSD overhead, but we could lose the Chief and maybe a captain or two.

    2. As a Fullerton Tax Payer I would rather the police spend more time addressing the serious problems of this city (robberies, assaults ect) rather than Tony’s illegal sign thefts.

      1. You don’t pay taxes, asswipe. You don’t own anything and you don’t have a job,

        Come on. Admit it. And quit drooling on yourself.

        1. Joe, I think that guy is a cop. You can tell by the illiteracy. But I doubt if he pays taxes in Fullerton. Fontucky more likely.

          Hey Puppet why don’t you go beat up a Mexican.

  6. You guys didn’t complain about Meg Whitman spending millions of dollars …… poor Chi wants to become a councilman with meager hundred grand cash investment.
    Just give him little break wouldya?

    1. What kind of a break does he need? You want the truth covered up? At least this site has been genuine with all candidates.

  7. Any efficiencies gained from a sheriff swap would quickly be sucked up by the AOCDS behemoth. Still, it’s a valid bargaining chip if things get too awful.

    1. I think things have gotten there already. The Sheriffs dept. is only a temporary thing. It’s kills the local police union and allows a conservative city government to set up a pension and pay scale similar to one of the military and based upon the median salary of the residents in Fullerton. 50% pay after 30 years and a partial health benefits. If the cops have a problem with this then we hire someone else. There are plenty of people who want the job just like firefighters. Plus at 50% of the median salary for Fullerton residence, who says they can’t invest just like you and me. I would take that deal anytime.

  8. more :Nice, but how do we compete with other cities for good people? Or are we then stuck with crooked low paid cops?

    Easy. You fire the crooked ones.

    Are you implying that big paychecks are the only thing keeping our cops from being corrupt? Shame on you.

    There are good cops and bad cops and the rest are somewhere in between. The only way to fix that is to fire the bad ones, not pay them more.

  9. Roland Chi ran amok on the Garden Grove Planning Commission.

    Don’t be fooled by this guy who couldn’t make it in Garden Grove so he needed a new place for his Korean Biz Pac’s and friends–none of who are from Fullerton.

  10. 92833 zip code has the highest concentration of asians of all zip codes in the city of Fullerton (about 25%). Likely most of them are Koreans and I believe it’s true that Mr. Chi lives in this zip code. I am not a racist but I doubt unknowing caucasians will vote for a guy with the last name of CHI. I don’t care how many signs the guy has. This election is shedding needed light on the Chi family indiscretions. The are not interested in quality, only quantity. Regardless of the outcome of this election, I will not spend another cent in his market and I will pass the word about the unhealthy conditions. November 2nd, hurry up and get here so we can squash this guy named Chi.

    1. FINALLY, someone who makes perfect sense. CHI will scare all the old people on the hill for sure and that’s who votes.

  11. Wow i can’t belive all these hater comments and posts. You guys really want this guy to not get on fullerton council. Well not me im voting for him. 🙂 hes a great guy even though you people waste time to make him look bad

    1. Let’s review “great guy.”

      1) Poisoned 11 people
      2) 93 willful and repeated health code violations
      3) Prosecuted by DA had to give DNA sample
      4) Uses non-profit to promote political campaign
      5) Aids and abets sign stealin’ papa

      No, I’d say Great Guy Chi wasted a lot of time making himself look bad.

      FFFF is just taking the time to shine the spotlight on Great Guy. And that ain’t no waste.

  12. Hey Michael, you sure have the cut and paste thing down. Good for you. Now let me just get this straight, this site is trying to make Chi look bad by, uh, making his dad steal signs? And the people who got sick eating poison Chi food brought it upon themselves (did the DA buy that explanation)?

    Damn that’s good, Chi hasn’t even been elected and he’s already dodging any accountability for anything. In that respect he was tailor made for the Fullerton City Council.

  13. Theft of Whitaker signs etc., Make a Police Report,
    I did. Had secret mark on mine. If we all do it, it will
    prove FPD needs to go and the City contract with the Sheriffs Dept.

    1. FPD might claim they were occupied doing more important public safety things instead of chasing sign thieves. Then force them to produce the police reports which show how every single officer was swamped 24/7 by heroic crime fighting that they couldn’t be bothered to address this.

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