Mickadeit Already Running Cover For Lame-O DA By Floating Trial Balloons?

Three days in the monkey cage left lingering damage...

Yesterday,  OC Register homunculus and repuglican lackey-chronicler Frank Mickadeit wrote up a story about possible contenders to a Todd Spitzer 3rd District Supervisorial run in 2012 – as a prelude to a Spitzer DA run in 2014.

The big names – outgoing assemblyman Chuck DeVore and Dick Ackerman deserve special attention, and we’ll get back to that in a bit.

But first let’s relish Mickadeit’s effort to stir up anti-Spitzer sentiment for the benefit of our Do Nothing DA who is actually endorsing serial law breaker Roland Chi in Fullerton’s city council race. As is well known, Mickadeit dances to the tunes fifed out by GOP bigwig Michael Schroeder and his wife, DAs spokeshole Susan Kang. In return for providing this entertainment Frank gets to smoke cigars and sip brandy with the Schroeders.

It seems not unlikely that besides the congenital name-dropping instinct, Frank is throwing out these big names as a counter to Spitzer’s own vaulting ambition, as in: not so fast Todd, boy.

Will nail down the Eagle Scout vote.

DeVore wouldn’t be a bad supervisor and might actually bring some refreshing relief to a County operation dedicated to doling out medical and social services compliments of the federal government. But he needs a job. Now.

Dick Ackerman? Well he does live in a “top secret, gated community” in the 3rd District which s a far cry from his claim to have moved to Fullerton last year so his old lady could run for the State Assembly. Apart from that he’s got some explaining to do. Such as the Pacific Policy Research Foundation scam we reported about here, years of RINO accommodating votes, his dubious behavior vis-a-vis the OC Fair sale. He’s also 70 and we sure have seen enough geriatric retirees at the County over the years.

My top-secret gated estate is in the right district. Now if only that white van would quit following me around.

Worst of all, is Ackerman’s perpetual backing of the worst kind of liberal, staff-stooge candidates here in Fullerton.Pro-Redevelopment, big government chuckleheads like Don Bankhead, Doc HeeHaw Jones, Pat McKinley, Aaron Gregg, and a long list of similar tools, simply selected to keep the scary Dems out – Democrats whose political philosophy is practically indistinguishable from Ackerman’s RINO herd.

The fun part of this is that either one of these worthies running would put a serious crimp in Der Pringle’s master plan of putting Orange’s dreary RINO Carolyn Cavecche into that seat.

16 Replies to “Mickadeit Already Running Cover For Lame-O DA By Floating Trial Balloons?”

  1. Mayor Carolyn Cavecche was the chair of OCTA during the 22 freeway widening. She lead the way to open access for the car pool lanes. We can now enter and exit the carpool lanes safely along the entire stretch of the freeway.

    1. Her promotion by Pringle makes her a non-starter.

      Her record in Orange is that of a mediocre, staff-driven “conservative” in the repuglican mold. Not much different than any of the rest and in no way worth advancing.

  2. Does anybody know if Mickadeit always wears his knee pads, or only when Repuglican power brokers snap their fingers? The guy is such a supplicating sad sack

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha! It really pisses off ole Tony Bushala/Joe Sipowicz when things are happening outside of his little sandbox where he has ZERO impact!

    Mickadeit isn’t name dropping or floating trail balloons. Ackerman has been thinking about the 3rd for a couple of years. And there ain’t a thing Bushala & Co. can do about it.

    Stick to hitting the bong, Tony!

    1. Cunningham, resorting to fake names on our blog again? You are a sad little man. Nobody reading the lame stuff you write on you blog?

      You pugs are terrified of Spitzer and you should be.

      In two years Flackerman will be 72. Not bad for a 3rd District supervisor or even a Fullerton City Councilman. Maybe he could get you your $200 an hour passing out toothbrushes job back although!

  4. Actually Frankie may be performing a public service.

    Spitzer running for Supe running for DA is pretty obnoxious thought.

    Still, Ackerman? A fundamentally bent sleazoid.

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