2010 Fullerton Voter Guide

The generally non-partisan bloggers here at Friends for Fullerton’s Future have come up with a handy election guide for Fullerton voters. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or independent voter, everyone hates to see public resources mismanaged and squandered by political opportunists, bureaucratic excuse-makers and drowsy incumbents.

These recommendations are based on a preference for candidates who represent the principles of limited government, personal freedom and courage to stand alone when necessary.

Fullerton City Council – 2 Year Seat

Bruce Whitaker

Bruce has always been independent and principle-driven, and he has proven himself to be a real tax-fighter. His past victories have already saved Fullerton residents over $150 million in unnecessary utility taxes.

Fullerton City Council – 4 Year Seat

Greg Sebourn

Greg’s platform centers around cleaning up waste in local government and bringing fiscal sanity back to Fullerton. He has already called out several wasteful projects and agencies on our blog and his own while proposing very reasonable alternatives.

Barry Levinson

Barry has shown courage in publicly denouncing Redevelopment boondoggles and he promises to rein in ridiculous public employee pensions. His background as an auditor may come in handy, too.

Fullerton School Board

Chris Thompson

Chris has courageously challenged the school bureaucracy on behalf of children more than any parent in the history of Fullerton. He will truly be a voice for children and taxpayers on the Fullerton school board.

Beverly Berryman

Beverly is easily the best of the current school board members, and has voted against bad policies and tax increases when necessary in the past.

Measure M – Term Limits

Yes on Measure M

Term limits are on the ballot as a response to Don Bankhead’s 22 years of representing city staff instead of Fullerton taxpayers. Measure M will help counter the often overpowering advantage of incumbency.

Orange County Supervisor – 4th District

Shawn Nelson

His opponent is a perjuring carpetbagger who sold out to the public employee unions.

47th Congressional District – South Fullerton

No Recommendation

Both Loretta Sanchez and Van Tran have way too many core faults to make them even mildly acceptable. One of our bloggers suggested a write-in vote for himself, but he is a dog. Consider choosing an alternative candidate.

50 Replies to “2010 Fullerton Voter Guide”

    1. Term Limits is an insult to Democracy. If you don’t like ’em, vote ’em out.

      If you like ’em, keep ’em.

      Simple…not that difficult if people get off of their booty and take part in the Democratic process.

  1. You might as well forget about NOCCCD. Any group with Molly McClanahan on it is hopeless, utterly hopeless.

  2. Levinson:It seems only Redevelopment matters. Very myopic.
    47th Congressional: No Recommendation! How bold! Take a stand, FFFF is not usually timid, No Recommendation let’s others decide the future.

    1. Hey, bro.’ I took a stand. Write in my name. I’m dead and I’m a dog and I don’t live in the district and I’m more qualified than either of these two crooks.

  3. I’m surprised at Levinson being recommended however it’s vote too. Van Tran is what we have and 1 term of Van Tran is better than another term of Sanchez.

  4. Thanks for the recommendations! Hey, what about all the state props. Make it one stop shopping for your fans! Please. Thanks.

  5. Greg? Has an attitude that doesn’t sit well with constituents and a habit of accusing them and more. Barry does not seems to be getting some of the things that is important.
    Jessie is a better choice.

  6. If wanting to promote the arts, preserve open space, cut bloated pensions, and increase affordable housing make me a “bold-faced liberal”…guilty as charged.

    I have one recommendation for this blog. If you really care about Fullerton’s future, try offering some actual solutions instead of simply mud-slinging.

    Perhaps this blog is less about Fullerton’s future than Tony Bushala’s financial interests.

    1. Jesse I have also wondered why Tony does this. Could there be a financial gain for him? That’s all they do here is call names to people who disagree or if they are in a minority.

    2. Yeah Tony has a lot of financial interest in attacking the idiots who run this city.

      “Affordable Housing?” What does that mean? To our house-acrats it means relocating poor people and moving less poor people into grossly subsidized eyesores that give them something to manage.

    3. Yikes. Fullerton needs to promote the arts more. A lot more. I’ve been on that god-awful Art Walk.

    4. Solutions: I think Travis has offered solutions. That is to start getting people into office that recognize that gov’t is not ‘the solution’.

      Your ‘noble’ ideas…..they aren’t solutions. They are desired end-states. How would you get there, Jesse? Details, kind sir!!!

      1. Hey Saltydog (a nice cocktail, by the way),

        If you go to my web site, you can read about some of my solutions, but here are a few ideas:

        1.) Promoting the arts: Fullerton already does this with the Museum Center and the Muckenthaler, so I don’t think I am coming out of left field with this idea. I think that Fullerton should advertise the Art Walk, for example, more prominently on their web site, to bring a culturally-minded crowd to Fullerton on the weekends, an not just drunk college kids. Many cities do this–Long Beach, LA, Santa Ana, Pomona, etc.

        2.) Preserving Open Space: West Coyote Hills is one of the last, large natural open spaces left in North Orange County, and is home to several native plant and animal species, including the native California gnat catcher. I believe City Council should be more pro-active in seeking state, federal, and private grants to preserve this land as an open space, for future generations to enjoy.

        3.) Cutting Bloated Pensions: If you read this blog, you know ALL about this issue, especially with regards to Mr. McKinley. Pensions should be fair, and not place an undue financial burden on taxpayers. I am for cutting pensions. This is, by the way, both a state and local issue.

        4.) Affordable Housing. Fullerton is way below the number of affordable housing units that the General Plan dictates there should be. I would be for using Redevelopment Agency funds responsibly and compassionately. Instead of re-paving Lions Field or moving a McDonalds, I would use this money for its stated purpose–to “improve blighted areas.” This could mean more affordable housing units and also renovating existing units that are in need of repair.

        This is not a radical idea. Government can actually help people. If you have ever been on unemployment, used medicare, driven on a road, or called the police, you have benefitted from government. I’m not proposing some kind of socialist state–just a responsible and compassionate use of governement funds–to benefit everyone, and not just wealthy developers and property owners.

        There you go.

        1. “a culturally-minded crowd”

          Well, I have to confess I’m missing something here. What does culture have to do with Fullerton’s Art Walk?

          1. Hey Art Walker,

            cul·ture   [kuhl-cher]
            noun, verb, -tured, -tur·ing.
            the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.
            that which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc.

            Here are some fine galleries/venues involved in the Fullerton art walk:

            PAS Gallery: http://www.2pas.org

            Hibbleton Gallery (Voted Best Art Gallery in Orange County in 2009 by OC Weekly): http://www.hibbleton.com

            Max Bloom’s Cafe Noir: http://www.maxbloomscafenoir.com

            Otto Shop: http://www.shopotto.com/

            Out of Vogue: http://www.outofvogue.com

            Violet Hour Studio: http://www.violethour.com

            Graves Gallery: http://www.gravesgallery.com

            Those are just a few of the 30 venues that participate. Read about more at http://www.fullertonartwalk.com

          2. Here are just a few of the over 30 fine venues of the downtown Fullerton Art Walk (www.fullertonartwalk.com):


            If you want the Fullerton Art Walk to be better, join me in the attempt to get help from the City. For the past 8 months, it has been a grassroots endeavor. We need patrons and supporters!

        2. Jesse, you place an overemphasis on the arts. This is tacky, IMHO, given your ownership of an art studio. You can’t have it both ways; either every candidate is bad for promoting their self-serving interests or you need to drop the emphasis on the arts. I realize the art studio isn’t making you wealthy, but it’s difficult to look the other way when the arts are #1 on your list of issues.

          No problem with your stance on Coyote Hills. And I’m happy you want pension reform.

          Affordable Housing is something that really grinds my gears. I feel it’s largely discriminatory and open to fraud. Discriminatory because it makes too many assumptions and provides long-term incentives for people to remain poor. The janitor at my work was due for a raise – but refused it – because his income would have exceeded the threshold for affordable housing.

          I have a friend here in Fullerton who became unable to walk a couple years ago. They had to pay $20,000 for an emergency house remodel to accommodate his wheelchair. They had to sell his car and take out equity on their home. Meanwhile, his wife is working 60-70 hours per week to pay for medical costs and food.

          Jesse, you said, “government can actually help people” but in this scenario, they couldn’t care less. My friend is as poor as anybody living in “affordable housing” and it’s bound to get worse (in a HURRY!) with the lack of medical insurance.

          There’s a profound difference between healthy, poor people, living in affordable housing, and my friend who is lower middle class. These poor people have the chance to better themselves with education and experience to improve their socioeconomic status.

          My friend, on the other hand, has no chance whatsoever. Since he can’t walk, and no longer has a car, he can’t commute to a job like others can. In many ways, his quality of life is rapidly deteriorating.

          So, Jesse, why should these poor people be rewarded while people like my friend are given the cold shoulder? Wouldn’t it make more sense – and benefit far more people – if affordable housing was abolished in favor of a program that discounted or eliminated water/trash/sewer fees for certain income brackets and/or those with disabilities?

          I await your response.

          1. Hey Steve,

            I think there is a difference between people who promote their financial self-interest, and people who promote the community’s interest. If I was in the arts for the money, I would not be in the arts. For the past two and a half years, some friends and I have run a gallery that has made us NO money, has cost us lots of money just to keep our doors open. So, why do we do it? Obviously not for the money. We do it because we sincerely believe in making the downtown Fullerton community a better place. As I state on my web site, “My personal values transcend the desire for wealth.” I want a better world, not a better car, or house, or whatever.

            If elected to city council, I would most likely give up my financial interest in Hibbleton, so as to avoid any conflict of interest, which is kind of ironic because doing that would actually SAVE me lots of money. Not that that matters much to me.

            Regarding the affordable housing issue, I am still learning, and I was saddened to read about your friend who did not quality based on his disability. Does he not, however receive social security disability benefits. Has he checked out: http://www.disability.gov/?

            I think affordable housing should be reformed to include those with disabilities, and I think your friend should have received affordable housing assistance. I do not disagree with you.

            Regarding your idea of abolishing affordable housing and instead eliminating water/trash/sewer fees for low income and disabled people..I think that’s an interesting idea and one I would look into more. I don’t think it’s an either/or situation. Perhaps we could do both, to a degree.

            The fact of the matter is that the City of Fullerton has used Redevelopment money for things it was not supposed to be used for (Putting astroturf on Lions field??!) and ignored those (like your friend) who could really benefit from it.


        3. I think you’re liberal ideas are a joke. If anything the last 18 months have shown up they simply don’t work. This state is another example of those very same ideas not working. Your hand made signs are cute and your run for office hopefully will go the way of Doug Chaffee, nowhere.

          As for the government helping people, name one time.

          “responsible and compassionate use of governement funds–to benefit everyone” this is not possible because government funds are my money and my children’s money. I believe I know how to spend this better than the government. Your ideas will lead to higher taxes and a less productive work force.

          1. How about every time you flush the toilet after you take a shit and the sewer system takes it away from your house.

          2. What does that have to do with a working sewer system that takes away your shit? I quote “As for government helping people, name one time.” You would rather have your shit back up into your bathroom?

        4. A couple of questions if I may:

          1) What is your effective federal tax as a percentage of your gross income? A rough estimate is fine.

          2) What is the highest individual effective federal tax rate currently?

          3) What is the average corporate effective tax rate currently?

          3) What is the source of government funds?

          I appreciate your indulgence.

    5. Yes, the fact that you would use the coercive force of government to “promote the arts” makes you a liberal. But at least you are honest about it.

  7. What about Burbank? I really enjoy seeing his big Red Truck parked around town with his banner taped to the side windows.

    Wait….Red Truck…I am hero?…Maybe…

  8. Travis thank you for letting me know who the right people are to vote for. I see that you recommend Whitaker who is a puppet for Tony and a personal friend. You also recommend Sebourn who is blogger on this site and a personal friend. Oh wait you recommend Thompson who is also a blogger and a personal friend. The only one I don’t get is Levinson. You recommend Nelson of course who is a neighbor or ex-neighbor of Tony and a personal friend. So if you’re a personal friend and a blogger for this site is how you get this grand endorsement. Thanks again

    1. Tony has a lot of great friends.

      And what do you have besides poor writing ability and a “bloated pension” (see Jesse Whathisname, above)

    2. “The only one I don’t get is Levinson.” Levinson writes here under a “clever psuedonym”.

      Every election cycle, candidates come out of the woodwork to beg Tony NOT to attack them. Just ask Chaffee… How did he get a hall pass?

  9. Jesse La Tour (my real name, not a clever pseudonym) :
    Here are just a few of the over 30 fine venues of the downtown Fullerton Art Walk (www.fullertonartwalk.com):
    If you want the Fullerton Art Walk to be better, join me in the attempt to get help from the City. For the past 8 months, it has been a grassroots endeavor. We need patrons and supporters!

    Excellent in arts? You’ve gotta be freaking kidding me. The “galleries” in downtown are almost all a joke.

  10. Jesse,

    For the most part, I believe people promoting their financial self-interests can be mutually beneficial to the community. Think about it. The more disposable income we have, the more Fullerton restaurants and businesses can benefit. As they thrive, so does the tax revenue coming into the City. Whether people are greedy or not, this city needs wealthy tax-paying residents in order to survive. That’s the bottom line.

    I commend you for keeping your art gallery open despite the lack of revenue. I’ve been in a similar situation before with a hobby business. At times it was quite stressful juggling the need for income vs. my dedication and personal time. So forgive me if I offended you for promoting the arts. I’m sure you sacrifice a lot to keep the doors open.

    With that said, I think it’s safe to say that the arts are nowhere near the top of the priority list for Fullerton residents. For me personally, they fall dead last.

    Pension and spending reform is No. 1 on my list for the simple reason California is screwed if we wait too long. I think you would agree that the Arts in Fullerton, Coyote Hills, Affordable Housing, and many other things will be trivial if California and local municipalities collapse under the weight of fiscal irresponsibility.

    I don’t think it’s absurd to expect a mass exodus of Californians to other states if jobs (and tax revenue) continue to disappear. The results will be catastrophic because the tax burden on the remaining population will increase, even if spending decreases or remains constant. Fewer people to pay taxes = Higher tax rates.

    I don’t know the specifics of my friend’s disability income, except that whatever he receives is not enough for his care. This is exacerbated by his wife working more hours. He needs a home healthcare nurse to be there in her place, which equates to more expenses.

    My friend’s example is just one instance I know about. I’m sure there are hundreds of people facing similar circumstances in this city. My viewpoint is that Affordable Housing should be 1) eliminated completely, or 2) diverted to people who TRULY NEED assistance by reason of disability.

    Affordable Housing, as it exists today, is a crutch that enables many recipients to REMAIN poor. Unless the recipient is disabled, there is no excuse for this. These people need a proverbial “kick in the ass” to learn new skills and better themselves, not to remain intentionally reliant on government subsidies. Besides, we have it VERY GOOD in Fullerton in terms of educational opportunities.

    I don’t know whether my idea to reduce or eliminate water/trash/sewer fees is feasible or even a good idea. All I know is that it’s something more Fullerton residents could have access to, as opposed to the very small number of folks in Affordable Housing.

    With city services being slashed because of declining tax revenue, I believe it’s both unfair and unethical to extend assistance for housing to, what, 500 (?) people when the City has over 132,000 residents. I say use the money we have to benefit the greatest number of residents.

    Lastly, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the Astro turf installed at the Lions’ Field to eliminate the costs of watering and mowing traditional grass?

  11. Let me get this straight. Anonymous is sure I address this blog under a pseudonym.

    No Anonymous, I only write to this blog under my own name. You should try it some time.

    The other point I would like to make concerns my endorsement by this blog. One blogger questioned why I have been endorsed, not being a close personal friend of the people who run this blog. Here is a thought.
    Maybe they endorsed me because they believe I would make a good council member.

    I also agree with the Friends for Fullerton’s Future goal of “supporting candidates and causes that promote intelligent, responsible and accountable government in Fullerton.” I would definitely second that motion!

    1. You are friends with Tony. You’re desperate for any endorsement and took this one out of desperation. Have you read this blog and their content? If you agree with this racist site there is no way you will even crack the top 4 in the council race.

    2. You’re lining up with a bunch of assholes on this blog plus your willing to waste a lot of city money on a pet project like the Fox in enough reasons to not vote for another attorney.

    3. I know these guys and Tony and Barry are not personal friends. I’ve spoken to Seabourn and Whitaker about it as well. Barry is not in this club.

  12. “Lastly, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the Astro turf installed at the Lions’ Field to eliminate the costs of watering and mowing traditional grass?”

    I imagine that by “traditional grass” you mean, uh, grass.

    There’s an interesting thing about artificial turf, it’s very expensive to install and doesn’t last very long. You overspend up front, save some water, and replace everything in a decade or so at another great cost. It is an example of false economy, both financial and environmental. Grass, the “traditional” varietys that was there in the first place, was on balance the best possible option, so of course the City brain trust did something else. Didn’t they budget something like 250K a year to maintain this Frankensteinian obscenity?

    The cost of redoing Lion Field (and illegally damaging historic Hillcrest Park in the process, nice touch fellas) was a complete and utter and ongoing hemmorage of money to cater to the important softball constituency (talk about absolute lowest priority). Aw fuck.

  13. Chris Thompson! Are you kidding me? You want the man who pulled his kids out of public school on Fullerton’s school board? How much is he paying you to suggest him?

  14. Maybe he didn’t like the product you were selling. Yet he still had to pay for it.

    Or we could have the typical dimwitted school trustee that likes to spend the first 45 minutes of every meeting handing out gold stars for unparalleled excellence in this or that nonsense.

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