Dereliction of Duty. The Case of the Missing Media.

The only reason FFFF sprang into existence was because the people who pretended to be professional reporters stubbornly and steadfastly refused to do their jobs.

Their jobs. The jobs to which they accrete a professional aura, a sanctimony, self-righteousness, and institutional importance that demands as a concomitant an objectivity that is exercised in the public interest.

Of course all that stuff is pure bullshit. Oh, yeah, these people want to be treated as if they actually performed a function that allows them to claim an official title: “Fourth Estate.” But in reality their work is almost never objective, never diligent, and often downright incompetent. And the closer you get to tour own community the worse it gets.

The Great Unwind.

But back to FFFF. We started in the fall of 2008 because F. Richard Jones, the Braying Donkey of Raymond Hills, the man for whom no issue could not be used to spin off, dervish-like, on an insane rant, was getting a free pass. Twelve years of insulting people from the dais, weird, barnyard rantings and raving, backtracking on key issues, and generally insulting the collective intelligence of the City was ignored.

And this being Fullerton very little has changed. Consider 2010.

The chicken was ready for plucking.

Does “the press” inquire into how candidate Roland Chi got rung up on criminal charges by the DA for serially ignoring health inspection failures? Or ask why he is using a 501(c)(3) to prmote his political ambitions? Or even ask this miscreant how long he has actually lived in Fullerton?

Hey, that vest was not designed on company time.

Does “the press” ask Pat McKinley about his $215,000 pension payout – far more than he ever made actually working – and his ability to make rational pension decisions?

Aw, Hell. Close enough.

Does “the press” ask Aaron Gregg why a guy who skipped out on $75,000 in back taxes and stiffed local creditors though bankruptcy is qualified to manage the city’s $100,000,000+ budget?

The Mayor's Prayer Breakfast took longer than anticipated...

Does “the press” inquire into what appears to be Don Bankhead’s increasingly diminished capacity to participate in, let alone conduct, a public hearing?

Of course our local reporters never said boo about the carpetbaggery of Hirsute Sidho or Linda Ackerman, either.

For some reason people who work for the Times and the Register would rather look the other way than admit that the emperors have no clothes on. What are they afraid of?

And so we soldier on…

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  1. Idiots like Mickadeit inflates the egos of Schroeder, Probolsky and others so he can get free cigars and liquor at the Balboa Bay Club is ridiculous.

    Blogs like FFFF and others are doing the good work and should let the newspapers go on the endangered species list.

    1. It is amazing to me that people keep getting hung up on McKinley’s retirement. That is the only negative I have seen about him. He was a police officer for 20 some odd years for 2 different agencies. They pay into their own retirement. Police Officers do not get social security when they retire! Whose fault is it that the police officers retirement system is run better than social security. Don’t blame McKinley because he was smart and paid into 2 different retirement systems and is collecting on it. He needs to be on the council to keep Fullerton safe. We need more police officers and fire fighters to keep us safe. The more money that is cut the less of both we will have out there and the less likely the citizens will be to have safety and prompt response!!!

  2. The Press hardly exist anymore. They lost huge amounts of revenue from classified ads to the internet. They also went on a buying spree twenty odd years ago, sweeping up local papers and incurring crippling debts in the process.

    They are lazy or overworked, take your pick. Anyone knows that the best way to get a story in a local newspaper is to write it for them and send it over with handpicked images to boot. They simply don’t have the staff for in depth reporting anymore, and they aren’t going to get them back anytime soon.

    Why not write about the Fullerton council races? Gosh, they’d have to talk to ALL of the candidates! Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair! There’s no time to interview nine people when they can just run a press release from the Lion’s Club or Habitat for Humanity or tell parents where their kids can get a free icy fruit drink today (really! check the website). There is always room for any easy crime story too. Who, what, where, when, why..

    If we’re lucky we’ll get a side-by-side comparison of where the city council candidates stand on the issues, written by the candidates themselves, of course. Say that sounds like what another local paper does anyway, so why bother?

  3. The political class in Fullerton LOVE the absence of a real journalistic presence. It hides them from their constituents. People like Bankhead and Catlin avoided televising their meeting for years for the same reason: they are afraid of looking stupid. And they have a lot to be afraid of.

    But why not blame the Good Folk of Fullerton? I went to a News Tribune public forum about 10 years ago and the only thing the idiots there wanted to do was make sure their stupid clubs got their pictures in the rag – no doubt wedged between the real estate insert and Jackie Wilson’s addle-brained restaurant reviews.

    As in most of life, we generally get what we deserve.

    And now, back to the zinc mine.

  4. I love Dr. Heehaw. He come up to the cabin in dead o’ winter once and sewed up my hog when he got stuck in the barb wire down by the crick.

    The hog got stuck not Doc Heehaw.

  5. It’s all true. Thanks for helping us help ourselves. Sadly, the idiocy will continue until there’s nothing left worth saving.

  6. Tony or Joe, or Jan Flory’s Dog or whatever name you write your articles under; you can spend your daddy’s money and open your own newspaper and report what everyone else won’t about how fucked up Fullerton is, or how fucked up Orange County is, or the State of California is.

    Do it Tony, you can right all the wrongs with your paper. Then better yet, you can tell us all how to fix all of our problems. I think You should run for Fullerton City Council and set Fullerton straight. Fix us, make us whole again. Do what Bankhead, Jones, Keller, Quirk at least had the balls to try and do. You on the other hand just hide behind this blog and bitch and complain. You’d get a first hand shot at fucking over the cops and firemen. You’d stop the silliness of the City Hall.

    Fucking run and spend your dad’s money on something that might actually make a difference.

    You won’t, you’re scared and you let all your friends do the heavy lifting for you while you dump all your cash into their campaigns. In the end they all leave you for higher office and you have to buy new friends so they can do the heavy lifting for you once again.

    Grow up Tony, Joe or whoever you are this week. Drop a set and run for office.

    1. Us cops like to talk big when a bunch of us got the drop on ya with out guns out. Or when we post anonymously so nobody will know we’re blogging on company time.

      Really most of us are just overpaid hoodlums – with a GED – hardly different than the class of folks we try to arrest.

      FFFF – FPOA members will never solve the crime of the stolen signs – even though you’ve given us the evidence all neatly wrapped up with a bow.

      But we’ll have a Krispy Kreme in your honor!

  7. There Is no need for every individual interested in sane, responsible government to run for office. Complain all you want Freak, but this website has done more in the last eighteen months to expose incompetence and corruption in Fullerton than anyone else. What else you got?

  8. Tony has the money and what he believes the “clout” in the City of Fullerton, so why not run for office? You just complain and whine about everyone and everything. No one can do any right in your eyes but Shawn Nelson and Norby. Everyone else is cast aside as GED carrying boob that doesn’t matter.

    As far as exposing incompetence, maybe you did and maybe you didn’t. All I know is that nothing has changed because of it. Nothing. We also exposed that Tony isn’t afraid to spend his daddy’s money on all of his little PAC’s with silly names.

    Tony take the arms of all your bloggers that you hide behind and pat yourself on your back for a job well done.

    Bushala for Fullerton City Council. It has a special ring to it. Run Tony Run.

    1. Hey asswipe, why don’t you explain how the phony Norby “domestic violence” case got into the hands of Norberto Santana.

      That wasn’t you by any chance, now was it?

  9. I put up with the dreadful Barbara Giasone for years and before that the equally dreadful Jackie Brown. And then there was the City Hall publicist Mimi Ko and a cast of young wannabes who didn’t know what they were doing and fell into line quickly.

    Lately we got Adam Townsend – yet another completely mindless regurgitator of City hall press releases.

    Old and young, all pretty useless.

    Who or what do we blame? Ourselves as pointed out, above. The vicissitudes of corporate decisions?

    For years places like Fullerton actually had weekly and even daily papers. They had to report something, even news once and a while. Guess only a few of us miss that.

  10. Now that we know that over half the bloggers on here are Tony trying to appear important and making it look like others agree with him, this site has even less credibility than it did before! Of course, not sure how you get less than zero, but Tony, congratulations, you managed it.

    Hey Joe, I mean Tony, I mean Jan Flory’s Dog, how much of your OWN money did you spend on your little PACs this year?

    How do you support Bruce Whitaker, who works for Chris Norby? Aren’t they both “trough feeders” by your own definition? Your hero, Norby will have THREE different pensions!

    Tony, you are a sad, angry, entirely negative person. You contribute nothing to Fullerton other than tearing down. You can’t formulate a coherent argument to save your life. Sorry the property values of your daddy’s land decreased so much during the recession, but I think you’re still doing ok. Ok enough to spend a fortune spewing venom all over Fullerton.

    Doo doo head

    1. A visit from one of our fave FPOA gang, a gang that can’t even solve a crime when you give them all the clues!

      Bushala is worth the whole FPOA put together. he’s for the community. You people think the community if for you – to keep shearing every labor negotiation.

      The good thing for us is a that a fiscal melt-down means that the cookie jar lid is finally coming down on you people.

      Who knows. You may have to start working ’til 65 just like the rest of the people that pay for your exorbitant retirements.

  11. So sidhu is a rejurer still? Tony voted illegally in the last 4 elections? Why don’t you write about that?

  12. We forgot about a few other candidates that we should beat up.

    Thompson-Blogger-bully-pulled kids out of FSD-believes all the shit that comes out of Nelson-Tony’s puppet

    Whitaker-No morals to allow Tony to spend all his money in such a negative way to try and buy a council seat. Biggest puppet and trough feeder-Blogger

    Sebourn-Could hack it as a police man but wants to use his academy graduation as a way to convience voters he’s a good guy and expert on LE and Fire. Blogger-Puupet and wishes Tony would spend a few bucks on him.

    Nelson-Lawyer-bar owner with Francis multiple times over-pension flip flopper-sexual predator crusader-overall arrogant ass-Blogger

    Norby-sleeps with bums-married 4 times over-spends funds on shitty motel rooms-blogger nutball

    Tony-AKA Geppetto spend some money on something positive but you use poppy’s money on shit bags that will try to benefit financially. RACIST SITE

  13. When one does not fear his adversaries in politicts they are just ignored. How much time does Ed Royce spend on his opponent? Norby versus his?

    The time spent on this blog by detractors proves Admin’s point not the other way around.

    The joke is on any fool that spends his time glued to every post here only to claim it is all irrelevant and ignored.

    The real hostility is coming from the critics who, for pathetic reasons of their own, tune in here religiously.

    Go write your own blog whiner. This blog is the funniest and best in the county and that is why you keep coming back mutiple times every day.

  14. U tell em Hollis, as a fullerton lifer, I endured the sanctimonious, the hypocrites, the professional welfare recipients who mask themselves as fullerton’s collaboratives, commissions,coalitions, grassroots political activists who all oddly monetarily benefit from the unwitting tax payers. I have seen in the past 2 years , FFFF expose the insidious corruption of our politicians and their cronies. and not only has FFFF exposed these filthy people, it has knocked them down. Keep up the good work, because the honest, hard-working tax paying residents of fullerton need FFFF.

  15. Tony just exposes the “insidious corruption” of his and his buddies political enemies (many who have a brown skin color). A great example would be the never ending attacks on Roland Chi’s father for stealing signs, but nothing mentioned about how Shawn Nelson’s chief of staff who was caught doing the same thing. If you have ever seen tony bushala in person you would see what a pathetic little creep he is, driving around in his F-350 compensating for a lot of things. And Joe is just a lush who cant get a real job if his life depended on it.

      1. Didnt Snow Hume get busted for sign stealing? How can the writers of this site demand anyone be held accountable unless every case of sign stealing in the history of the town also be discussed in the same sentence? After all, Snow’s case was only 16 or 18 years ago. Hell thats so recent some of our council members were already at retirement age then and one of them was already up for his first re-election.

        1. You idiot. The Snow Hume case was so long ago Pat McKinley wasn’t even drawing his first pension when that happened.

      2. You post shit from all over OC. Are you trying to say that Nelson who represents Fullerton and his staff had no no nexus to Fullerton. You probably are since you and him used to be neighbors and great friends.

        1. Hey Puppet Master, you really need a temper tantrum time out.

          Take a few deep breaths and repeat your mantra: I am Hero and Deserve.

        2. Muchacho, you’re not helping your case with this kind of cry me a river response. Man up and get a hold of yourself.

    1. The DA prosecuted the Orange sign stealing case. Why aren’t they prosecuting the Fullerton case Compton? It’s a legitimate question and you bring up and good point.

      Are you defending the sign stealers or are you suggesting they ALL should be prosecuted?

  16. compton, why don’t you post your photos of shawn nelson’s chief of staff doing the same criminal act as roland chi’s father.
    compton, maybe if you trashed your victim mentality, you would have reasons rooted in facts and not your misperceptions for disliking individuals

  17. Tony=Joe=Jan’s little dog=ect, Why do you hid behind these candidates that you act as a Sugar Daddy for? Why don’t you run yourself or at least one of your personalities? Why such negative signs that you don’t even place your name on them littering our city? What is in it for you? My guess it’s financial$$$$$

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