Should the state use eminent domain to take Coyote Hills?

Newman has been handed yet another bill to pass off as his own in his race against the recall – SB714. It allows the state to use eminent domain to take Coyote Hills by force, turning it over to something called the “State Coastal Conservancy” at great expense to California taxpayers. Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva has put up a matching bill that provides taxpayer funding for some of the takings.

Fullerton property rights advocates are warning about the loss of local control and lamenting the potential undoing of 40 years of development compromises (sunk costs, perhaps).

On the other hand, preserve purists like the folks at Save Coyote Hills love the bill, which has the potential to take land from a developer and use it to expand the Robert E. Ward Nature Preserve.

Whatever your take, this warning applies – A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything that you have. Handing this issue over to Sacramento bureaucrats may not get you what you want.

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    1. The city and Chevron have not been the best stewards. It’s still an unusable toxic waste land after “four decades of compromise.”

  1. They are the rightful owners. It will set a precedent if the city tries to take away the land by eminent domain.
    Just say for example: People need cheap affordable housing, we need to build homes for the homeless, lets declare eminent domain on land where they have large lots, huge million dollar homes where just one old lady or man live in.
    we need the land, Oh! and you can use my daughters fiance’s contracting firm to do it “cheaply”, another thing you can have the citizens of Fullerton continue to pay for the wealthy owners of property in the redevelopment area.

    What is ridiculous is that the toxins are still under the housing and the nimrods want to develop it. They need to raze all the neighborhoods where the Superfund sites are, let do eminent domain on that!

  2. Something called the “State Coastal Conservancy”? It’s a state agency, there are probably plenty you haven’t heard of.

    Newman sucks and I don’t care one bit about him, but Chevron and the city are miserable stewards of that place, and that’s so comprehensively documented that I’ll let you Google it yourself. Fitzpringle has a huge boner for developing that place, if that means anything.

    1. “…there are probably plenty you haven’t heard of.”

      Now THAT is undoubtedly true. In fact, there are probably ten State agencies we’ve never heard of for every one we have. And that’s the problem with our state.

  3. Of course eminent domain should not be used. And the Oil/Gas Zone should never have been changed, either.

    Both cases are examples of government sticking its snout into places it doesn’t belong.

  4. affordable housing in OC nonexistent, homeless on the rise in record numbers, and newman pushes a bill for eminent domain so the few, the friends for coyote hills, may have at tax dollar expense, a pretty walk through dust, cacti, the rare bloom of a few flowers. Let be honest, coyote hills just another drab, semi-desert that serves only the foolish romantic.

    1. this is incorrect. west coyote hills supports extinction-threatened species of flora and fauna. but there’s zero use in trying to explain that to someone who isn’t interested in the environmental sciences, i.e. the brass tacks of how ecosystems function. btw, homelessness is not caused by lack of housing. it’s caused by lack of: mental stability, quality education; and a health care that cares only about profits.
      and newsome wouldn’t even be considering the bill if fullerton city council had done right by fullerton voters. the one and ONLY use of eminent domain i’ve EVER supported is newsome’s use of it to protect coyote hills, enforcing the decision fullerton voters.

  5. When did this blog become a full on Republican rag ripping apart Democrats at any opportunity? Tony Bushala was a big supporter of Sharon Quirk Silva, the majority of Fullerton residents don’t want Coyote Hills developed, the Josh Newman recall is a scam to unseat an elected democrat, and Josh Ferguson has absolutely no chance in an election for state senate. Give control back to Bushala, you’re a joke Ferguson.

      1. So you’re agreeing and disagreeing at the same time? What a paradox, I’m sorry you’re having to go through this dilemma ma’am

        1. What dilemma? When she was good she was good, and deserved “support.” When she blew it – which was very often – the old FFFF tuned her up good. This blog was never partisan one way or another although we have always favored those who worked toward accountability.

          BTW, I’m not tolerating post hijacking anymore.

          1. Out of respect for you, Dennis Franz and the audacity of wearing a tie with a short sleeved shirt I’ll drop it.

            I just want to see less democrat hate and more balance. We’re good people I promise, and in local government partisanship doesn’t need to occur. For example, Bruce Whitaker will ALWAYS have my vote no matter what. We need good, honest civil servants, and Bruce is a shining example of that.

              1. Ok. Well let me it lay it out for you. Myself and another person who was not you had a conversation and agreed to disagree, therefore closing the issue,

                Then you come along to reply to a post nearly a week old and make a bizarre statement in response with no constructive criticism or rational argument, which is fine – that’s why we have the internet – 1) so you can say whatever you wan, truth or not (which I absolutely support) and 2) an opportunity to debate those you disagree with in an open forum that the public has total access to.

                Unfortunately you seem unable to explain your reasoning – which again is your right as an American.

                I think the major issue I have with your statement is that you said “oddly enough I don’t believe a word of your bullshit” which isn’t ‘odd, nor was it bullshit”. Go through the city council archived videos and listen to Tony directly speak to Sharon and say he will support her campaign – AND FOR THE RECORD, Tony Bushala is a great guy – I am not slamming him in this comment thread at all)

                But to go back to basics, what part of my ‘bullshit’ do you not believe’?

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